Camelot MVC2 results 4/15/04


apex isnt working for me, i’ll just post the bracket here and someone else can put it up if they want the points. tournament didnt finish junior b was in winners , sin was in losers score was 1-1 when the machines turned off. this bracket is extremely difficult to read! and its all outta wack because of the uneven numbers. this is the best i can do if someone has a problem with it post!

1 JuniorB
2 sin
3 potter
4 combofiend
5 devilx
5 mike ross
7th ken eye
7th papa
9th y2j
9th reset (as far as i can tell only j and reset got 9th)
11th Dr. Spoc
11th rob
11th Ace
11th Josh
11th Mr. Power
11th Deuce
17th Jeremy
17th Joe
17th Phat Toi
17th Justin
17th Aris


good shit to pozzle and junior b


who the fuck want it with that nazzle pazzle NOBODY LIKE MARTHA STEWART


Ken I >:|



congrats to the placers



the marvel cabs at cam are pretty dope:D
But Fuck…all your other cabs are UTTER SHIT:fury: :mad: :depress:




heh, Camelot cabs are good when they work.

Anyway, good this to Jizzle/Sizzle/Pizzle.


another potter top 3, but hes still not good enough for the team WC. it’s ok potter, maybe next year.

he’s on his A game dog, B you can’t See him.


umm… cabs are getting worse and worse, so qwazy should look for that in that tourney he’s gonna throw because they hellllla suck…

big dazzle: i was trying new teams…

devil X is getting gozzle fa shozzle…

K.I. aka the answer was tearing it up, he was repping RUN to the fullest, after all he is starting 5, and averages the most wins. K.I. is the heart and soul of Run.