Camelot MvC2 Team Tournament Results 2-7-03


Paul Lee (Storm/Sent/Commando)
White Power (Mag/Storm/Doom, Mag/Storm/Psy)
Clockw0rk (Sent/Strider/Doom, Storm/Strider/Doom)

2nd Team RiCo 1

Trance Man (Mag/Cable/Sent, Storm/Sent/Commando)
Deus (Mag/Storm/Sent)
S3nTiN3L (Sent/Cable/Tron, Spiral/Cable/Sent)


Rio “sKiLLmAtiC” (Sent/Cable/Cyke)
Ken I (Mag/Storm/Psy, Cable/Doom/Iron Man)
Some guy that left early, forgot his name/characters

4th Team RiCo 2

Dasrik (Blackheart/Doom/Commando, Doom/Storm/Cyke, Blackheart/Sentinel/Commando)
Joe Zaza (Wolverine/Sent/Wolverine, Magneto/Doom/Strider)
Justin K (Gambit/Morrigan/SonSon)


Junior B (Sent/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sent/Cable)
Cesar H (Magneto/Cable/Cyke, Cable/Storm/Doom)
Martin V (Magneto/Cable/Cyke)

5th Team Valencia

JaminisX (Blackheart/Sentinel/Jin)
Jared (Magneto/Cable/Cyke)
Matt (Storm/Cable/Cyke)

I’m positive I got alot of the characters wrong, so please correct me!

Tournament ran smoothly. I was really disappointed in the turnout cause the people who usually show up on Fridays at Camelot anyway weren’t there. You know who you are. :mad:

Anyway, thanks to everyone who did show up. Good games to everyone. I’m gonna try to get these things going monthly, so keep your eyes peeled on the pacsouth/tournament forums.


“Team We Wish We Had Skillz prevailz”!!!

Clock: I’m a scrub… :frowning: Maybe one day I will have skillz.

Everyone Else: Good gamez today, shit was pretty fun aside Ceasar ownin’ up all of us. :frowning: :lol: Good shit mang.

Wow, Team HP 5th? :eek: That’s a surprise.

Anyway, grats Paul, White Power, and Clocky.

How come the #1 team didn’t have the all mighty gun on their team? :frowning:

sorry that i couldn’t go, my mom didn’t wanna take me, she went to some bs thing

good job white power, clock and paul

i tried to get there, but i think that one day of sbo woulda been better cuz everyone was there

Congrats to paul lee (i thought u left cali already), white power, and clock. hold another team tourney

Clockw0rk, good job on running the tourney and you look hella sexy with hair.

Lots of highlights, definitely one of them Team RiCo taking a set in the finals, mostly with the magic of CarTRON! Carlos is the MVP of RiCo this month fer sure. :slight_smile:

I liked seeing Jamaal play with BH. Shit was bomb.

Indeed, Clock was lookin’ extra attractive with his hair.:cool:

Yea, Jaminis’z BH is fuckin’ tight!!! His Sent knowz how to fight Cablez, he was all up in cablez grill. I must learn how to do that.:bluu: Maybe one day I will have skillz.:frowning: :frowning:

Sounded fun. I wish I could’ve been there, but midterms weren’t pretty last week and it wouldn’t have felt right going.

good games to everyone.
im also glad Rico got up there at this tourny.
Tron=too good :smiley:


god damn tron lol

Oh, character corrections:

Cesar used Cable/Storm/Guile in one game.
Jose used Mags/Sent/Bonerine in one game.
I didn’t actually use Doom/BH/Commando in tourney. I prolly should’ve.

team HP didn’t go to comelot that day.