Camelot Results 1/8/04


sorry i had to make a cut off, there was too many people trying to sign up and time was running out :smiley:


1st Ace (msp)
2nd Junior (mssA)
3rd combofiend (team fiend)

gg all! we’ll do this again next week


This actually went down? I thought the Camelot weeklies died like an overworked ho. Oh well. Good job Ace. See everyone at the regency Saturday.


Finally, the return of camelot weeklys!:evil:

Keep this shit going Devil X and GG’s to everybody, especially that beast taiji. See everyone at rfc.:sweat:


congrads to all that placed, you guys are having to much fun over there:D


gg’s to junior and combofiend… those were some crazy matches :smiley:


congrats taiji on ya BEASTY MSP



Hold that shit down with MSP, taiji- good shit:evil:


Dang, nice job Ace. :cool: