Camelot Thread Pt II

why’d that last one get closed? Oh well. Who’s goin to the weekly? I probably can’t go tomorrow.

Are they having 3s this week? If so I’ll go

Im going for guilty gear, since CvS2’s 2nd player side is messed up. The most important button doesn’t work :frowning:

Pyro: 3rd Strike was still broken last night when i went. I doubt it’ll be fixed in time for the weekly.

Bullet: gg’s last night too man, i was the one using slayer. btw axl is so gay :mad:

Yeah gg’s man =D i beat that guys axl but then he used potemkin and we went back and forth i think he beat me 3-2

What time do people show up on thursday i wanna get some practice in b4 the tourney

selfsci and power are the two guys i notice everytime i show up at like, 5.

last time, paul lee, watson and some ff cats were there hella early.

guess who’s running SvC instead of CvS2 tomorrow, since CvS2’s fierce doesn’t work =P

I’m for real though, because i know how much Team NSJ wants to play SvC.

so look for me to sign up for SvC :x

honestly, i’ve been sitting at the reply screen forever, i dont know how to come back to that.

yah right .

dude, i talked to your homie about it. the guy that was talking with you by the helicopter game yesterday and since i’m gonna be by ggxx and we’re not having cvs2 or 3rd strike, why not? Despite the hatred in this world, I’ve been feeling like a nice guy lately. time to man up and prove you’re camelot’s best :eek:

btw there will be a vote between everyone who signs up, to decide whether secret characters will be banned or not.

oooooooooooooooooooooooook I guess :confused:

but make the entrance fee 10 bucks :evil: j/k

damn…since CvS2 is rather fucked up @ the moment…i don’t think ima go tomorrow(thurzday)…plus i gotz to go to this homecomin’ shindig…have fun tomorrow nite fellaZ!

they fixed 3S on the good machine, but last time I checked, it was set at .50, so that just sucks. Corner cabinet is still fucked up, but only a quarter.

fierce doesn’t work on CvS2 big machine. wtf.

kenny, fuck svc. have a thumb game tourney instead. :smiley:

i’ll run ST and alpha 3? i guess i heard from requests for A3 im sure valle and watts would join if it was there . if i can get 10 for a3 i’ll run that.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Fuck yeah thumb war OWNS ALL!!!:lol: :lol:

Everybody go tonight. :slight_smile:

…wrong game sucka…

yeah, really. lol.

learn it.

love it.

well…since i wasn’t able to go to the weekly tonite…would anybody mind fillin’ me in on anything interesting that happened tonite that i missed ?..thanX…

i don’t feel like running tournies anymore because fags keep saying im fixing the brackets when they see me do it random. That’s pretty gay
i think someone else should run them and ppl accuse me of stealing from the pot, since IT’S SO MUCH.
fuck that
im not running that shit no mo
on another note mike ross is a rapper for ball’r records