Camelot Thread Version three point IZZO

Cuz the last thread was wierd and got overtaken by a bunch of ppl I dont know, heh. Anyways my main questions are:

Does Camelot have Capcom Fighting Jam?
Does Camelot YET have an A/C?
How have they been maintaining their sticks as of late?


Does Camelot have Capcom Fighting Jam? No
**Does Camelot YET have an A/C?**I don’t think so but it’s been rather chilly these days.
**How have they been maintaining their sticks as of late?**sloooooooow as usual.

Has Sentinel been unlocked in the big Marvel machine yet?

Are There People Going To Cgl For Games Other Than Ggxx!?

Hello. I just wanted to post in the new thread. I mostly play Jam in GGXX, shotos in CvS2, or Yun in 3S. Everybody come for GGXX comp with the various locals during the weekends! :clap:

HAHAHAHAHAHA I aint been there in a while but I hope ur kidding lol.

going today yay

will they get CFE/J?

I wish I was. I went there in early September and Sentinel wasn’t unlocked. He (It?) was unlocked on the smaller machines but those are so goddamn dirty and probably infested with gonorrhea or something. I’ve passed up free games on the small machines because I don’t want to touch the controls.

Sentinel is unlocked on the big screen… I think everyone is…I don’t see too many people playing that game anymore.

lol i saw clockw0rk playing msp at cgl once. i was like “wtf happened to team clock?” hes all, sent’s not unlocked yet. lol that was hilarious

Does ne body actually go to camelot for marvel?!?!?!

went there like a week ago. yeah it still is ass. but everyone is unlocked in the big screen. yay! yay!!!

that was me, not clock lolol…

oh shit! first Mike Ross and Chris Schmidt, and now Taiji and Clock. That would explain why Clock hasn’t been around to any tournies while Ace has been goin to every single one.


hahaha funny story.

reminds me of my mixup with magnus and aero heh.




i was at camelot yesterday, and i asked the guy if they were getting cfj… hes never even heard of it… T_T sorry, random rant

so far, only super arcade and family fun has CFJ. :frowning:

damn them i want to play more warzard characters…