Camelot Thursday Night Weekly CvS2 1/12/06

Camelot Thursday Night Weekly 1/12/06

  1. albert “pigadoken”
  2. eric “zomg hella good” choi
  3. minh vo (me)
  4. jesse “ucrollerblader” gan
  5. eugene “doesnt play c iori anymore and i dunno his last name/handle”
  6. bill “that other deus” wellman
  7. james “misterbean” im
  8. japanegro
  9. luka “samoan runt” levu
  10. “dentron”

albert loses in winners bracket to eric. then plays me on tilt and still beats me 2 games. comes back from losers to beat eric ftw.

MvC2 Results

11 entrys.

1st Stony starks AKA The Rillest
2nd Jally Bally AKA Pigadoken
3rd Fernboi AKA Bullshit combos all day everyday
4th Wes aka Wengis
5th Duc Jr
5th Justus

All I can remember for now if someone has the bracket post up the whole thing =]. I had mad fun. Good seeing Japanegro again.

god, i love complaining during a match because it makes it HYPE. jp. good shit y’all. i like showing my anger when i’m missing shit. =]


good shit dip…dip…dip…dipsettttttt

so it was nice to finally have a tourney of some sort but seriously, you know all of sf is dying when we can’t get a single scrub to enter… maybe everyone’s homework should be to find 4 scrubs at their local arcade and bring them to the next tournament. Seriously even if everyone sucks it’s really good for the scene, I think if we find even 1 more person who wants to start playing competitively or thinks it’s fun we’ve done our job. that being said, next time there is a tourney i’m going to try to bring a shitload of ucr commons scrubs. GG’s all, except duc jr. in marvel cause you beat my ass pretty bad

Eric Choi is still alive???

minh on rays sn:

i totally agree with you jesse. scrubs have disappeared from the scene and we all seriously need to do our part to gather more heads into the community. with the dying of arcades in general it gets harder to pull people in. i dont think it helps either that there arent any fliers for tourney events or anything. anyways i will try to get my scrubco to go to tourneys, too bad they’re mostly 3s’ers but better than nothing. everyone please go find scrubs. we need them to add money to pots.