Camelot Weekly 10/30

1st potter
2nd genghis
3rd the greaterforce
4th umm yeah
5th Tommy Woodland
5th ytwojay

1st Deuce - faust
2nd Ken I - potemkin
3rd Jesse - sol
4th Hang - sol, johnny
5th Def1n1tely - millia
5th Varun - baiken

1st Paul Lee - dunno, prolly ken III
2nd Ken I. - prolly Makoto
3rd Hungbee - Oro
4th Genghis - ?
5th Mike Burke - Hugo
5th GhettoD - prolly Alex

1st Genghis
2nd Joe
3rd Hungbee
4th Clockw0rk
5th Psycobetabuckdown
5th Kennywood

GG. I can’t bring a disc out if my life depended on it. Deuce’s faust is scary.

dont forget…
4th place was duc do aka paul lee

potter, fix my name on the apex… it was spelled ave lol, thanks

One of these days I’m going to beat you… :depress:

ok, ave

You have a big head.