Camelot Weekly GGXX results 10/16

  1. Combofiend (bridget)
  2. Selfscience (anji, dizzy)
  3. Genghis (baiken, faust)
  4. Deuce (faust)
  5. Ken I. (potemkin, ino)/ Power (testament)
  6. Josh (millia)/ Justus (venom, testament)

21 people. Combofiend beat me in winners finals. Arcade closes so me and Genghis didn’t get to play.

Josh vs. Combofiend was a dope ass match.

Good shit everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you guys to stop the beasting. Just stop it…

Yeah, Josh’s match with Combofiend was way too intense, probably the best match I’ve seen in a while. Props to those two. :cool:

Damn i wish i woulda seen it i came right when they got done he told me it was real close

Josh’s Millia is too good!

Marvel Results

1st. Pozzle
2nd. TheZooKeeper
3rd.Jose Garcia
4th. Duc (he didn’t want to be put on results so i put power)
5th. Ace “Jesus assist is a batch” Vallega
5th Combo fiend

jesuschrist. Hang went into full “we gotta save time so i’ll beat you fast like a beast” mode :frowning:

btw my last name’s Guerra ;p