Camelot weekly results 3/19/04

1st. Deuce 'faust’
2nd. Hang 'eddie’
3rd. ???

1st. Kenny Guerra K hibiki/cammy/blanka
2nd. Don Sneddon P cammy/sagat/vega
3rd. Clockw0rk K random mid tiers

1st. Pozzle
2nd. Junior B
3rd. Clockwazzle
4th. Ace “beast” vallega

I got the brackets


  1. David Tu “Deuce” Faust
  2. Hang Zhao “konquer” Eddie
  3. Jonathan Bigalbal “Selfscience” Anji

I couldn’t understand the rest of the fucking bracket. It’s all messy… i think justus wiped his ass with it or something.

MvC2 (12)

  1. Harry Potter “picolo” Storm/Sent/CapCom or Cyke
  2. Manuel Bermudez Jr “Aero” Storm/Sent/Cyke M/S/S
  3. Daniel Maniago “Clockw0rk” Sent/Strider/Doom
  4. Ace Vallega “Taiji” MSP
  5. Carlos Alvizo “S3NTIN3L”
  6. Orko
  7. Mike Ross “TheGreaterForce” top tier/top tier/IM
  8. Jose Lafaurie “Joe Zaza” Double Wolvie/Sent ???
  9. Justin K Gambit/Morrigan/Sonson ???
  10. Justus “Chunli’s Pimp”
  11. Joshua Magno “Def1n1tely”
  12. David Tu “Deuce” Sent/Cable/CapCom ???

CvS2 (13)

  1. Kenny Guerra “kennywood” K-Cammy or Sagat/Hibiki/Blanka
  2. Don Sneddon “GhettoD” P-Vega/Cammy R2/Sagat
  3. Daniel Maniago “Clockw0rk” K-Kyo or Ryo/Geese/Sagat R2
  4. Lawrence Chaffold “DJ Jago” K-CBS K-Iori/Sagat/Blanka R2
  5. Jonathan Bigalbal “Selfscience” K-Ryu/Chun/Sagat R2
  6. Minh Vo “Xx_Deus_xX” K-Yama/Geese/Bison R2 or Sagat R2
  7. Carlos Alvizo “S3NTIN3L” A-Rolento/Chun/Sak R2
  8. Alfred “overmind” C-iori/rolento/???
  9. Harry Potter “picolo” A-Sagat/Sak/Bison R2 K-CBS
  10. Christopher “Qwazy” S and N groove teams
  11. Ace Vallega “Taiji” A-Chun/Sak/Bison R2
  12. Justin D. C-groove team ???
  13. Peter H. N groove team ???

Sticks were ass, but good turnout for a short notice. GG’s and see you at Regenncy tomorrow.

gg’s to everyone, potter is the beast…

that shit at dennys was the funniest haha

Wow, Kenny wins a tourney. Isn’t that your first one? Regardless, GJ!

gg’s dude, you served my ass in cvs2. Doesn’t matter anyways because THE DIARY exists, that shit is filthy mcnasty.

hehe thx :slight_smile: Your sakura still owns me for free.

cvs2 had more people than marvel! wtf.

Good job to those who placed!

nice work pozzle.

thx ma. gl in AUS, bring me back a kangaroo and a koala. play the knife spoon game with ekin, lol. Show them how to stunt.

apologies to potter for my friend andrew (the crazy guy making a lotta noise)… i think his crazy ass threw you off your game:rolleyes: :lol:

st. hardkick owns:lol:

it’s coo man, that shit was funny i was fuckin around anyways. =]
fuckin yama owned my ass.

my son!!!1

damn, i’ll try to make the next one. didnt know this shit was goin down! latez