ive seen quite a few games where the game feels more zoomed out…(on youtube etc)
i was wondering how this is done… ive bin playing around with
the hud settings with no sucess so im asking :stuck_out_tongue:

i do have a full hd lcd (if that has anything to do with it)

Examples of the effect you describe?

Have you thought about aspect ratios?

something like this maybe…


but ive seen clips that looks even more zoomed out

must be ratio i guess?

A mixture of ratio and resolution. Normal 480i is zoomed out, 780p is zoomed in. Its very important that it doesnt effect the with of the game, because that way players can stan much more far from each other, wich will change the gameplay a lot.

You’re not imagining things.

This is a combination of SFIV’s output (720p) combined with how some models of LCD televisions handle displaying images. Quite often the image is cropped which costs you some screen real estate (in the case of Samsung TVs, around about 2 inches of screen space is missing).

There is a fix for this (depending in your television) available in a thread I made a while back:

I hope this helps answer your question.

Note that this is not specific to SFIV - it will help all games where your television is cropping the image.

i c!! that was a good read!!

hmmm when i get home ill test it out… but i have a LG tv with hdmi connected… :frowning:

This one is in 5:4 ratio, in this case the original resolution was 1280*1024:

I also play on an LG with HDMI.

To get the zoomed out effect, keep your HDMI cable connected but change the aspect ratio (XBox 360) to 4:3. The horizontal field of view is the same (so it plays the same), but the resolution is shrunk to 420 and fits between black bars. The vertical field of view is increased to see more of the stage above the chars’ heads and below their feet.

The funniest thing I’ve encountered is that playing with RCA cables on a 4:3 TV doesn’t make the same correction. The ends of a 16:9 view are just cut off to fit in 4:3. This allows characters can stand halfway off the edge of standard def screens. So the “zoomed out” correction, to my knowledge, isn’t available with the hardware it’s designed for.

This screenshot is in 1680*1050 (16:10 / 8:5 ratio):

Oh WOW!, thanks for the link. I need to fix this ASAP… I think I have the same model TV as ParryAll. I also have the 360 and PS3 version and notice a big difference in colors and the PS3 seems to be not as sharp? Is that the way it is or related issue or maybe my PS3 is not setup properly. I’ve been using HDMI since day 1.

Big Thanks to Gamogo!!! I now have my 360 and PS3 pictures exactly the same. This is fantastic.