Cameron Arcades 2v2 Team Tournament 10/25/09 Results

Here are the results for 19 Teams:

  1. Gootecks (Gootecks/Balrog and Ken I./Rufus) - $133
  2. World’s Strongest (Duy/Balrog and Minh/M.Bison) - $38
  3. AndyOCR (Jason/C.Viper and Richard/Balrog) - $19
  4. M.A.R.S.
  5. Ume-Techthrow
  6. ChuAtDaCow
  7. Blaxicans
  8. dontknowyet
  9. The A Team
  10. Miguel
  11. Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals
  12. The Fedups
  13. Beef Kimchi
  14. OZGORD
  15. KYCrew
  16. Vega
  17. Time To Get Paid
  18. Derrick
  19. Juan

Thank you everybody for coming. Even with a little mishaps such as people being a little MIA at times, things ran pretty smoothly. Next time I think I’m gonna run the team tournaments as 3v3, not sure yet.

Again, thank you for coming and I’ll see you guys next time. Probably gonna run a singles tournament next month. I’ll keep you guys posted.

good games

Good shit Duy!

Duy, tourney ran smooth, good stuff. :party:

GGs gents! Congrats Gootecks…Never did see Ken I though…

Gootecks wants his 3rd Seed back!

damn i thought there was a cap to this??

God dangit, Duy. Can you stop eliminating me from tourneys? :arazz:

I also want to thank Andy for sending all the crazy teams into the loser’s bracket early. :pray:

Good games to everyone else also. :smiley:

@ mtsac kid: There initially was, but there were only 3 more teams who wanted to get add in who were there. So I took them in anyways.

@ Richard Nguyen: Hahahahahaha, I really thought you guys were gonna beat us. You and Jason got me hella scared.

Hhaha, and I like your sig. Very fitting for today. :smiley: You didn’t even really need it though!! You always seemed to win anyways.

This is Cameron’s… home of upsets and heartbreaks
gotta earn them wins :smokin:

good stuff. Damnit Duy, I had to screw up at the last second! haha.

Thanks for hosting it duy, hope you host more soon.

ggs to everyone, i gotta work on my execution

GGs everyone. Thanks Duy for carrying me =D

GGs fellas

gg’s and fix the sticks urgently

Yeah, they really need to fix the sticks and buttons on 1p and 2p side.

I couldn’t do CCs correctly it was weird… we’re talking about alpha 3 right?

SF4 sticks felt fine imo.

Dude, seriously the sticks friggin’ suck

on the 3s cabinet.

Lots of peeps are saying that the 1p side sucks and the 2p side sucks even worse for the sf4 cabinet. But I think they’re both good and there is barely even a difference between the two.

good shit everyone

losers was stacked like crazy!

sorely disappointed with my performance today though, jorge and I will be back next time with a vengeance!

maybe it wasn’t the sticks. It could’ve been the players? Anyway gg guys. Big ups to jason, richard, duy, minh, andy, thomas (you didn’t fail me), and maysam. LQ FOR THE WIN BABY!!!

gg everyone! i had a good time for my first ever tourny! i feel better now that i saw the 2 teams i lost to got 2nd and 3rd haha. wens the next?!? lol i went to lq toom, i just graduated a while ago

GG’s. Props to Ken I for going to the wrong venue and trying to cover his ass about it.

Ken, you’re the best!