Cameron's Arcade 2v2 Team Tournament 10/25/09 (714 Area)

Sorry guys for the no-reply in this thread. I’ll update the main post.

I will take early registrations and reservations for spots here but you guys have to be there at 12:30 to cash in or else your spot is going to go back up on the fly. Reason is that I don’t want a bunch of preregistration no-shows.

Edit: There are currently 9 pre-registered teams.

bump it
need more players
come to camerons!

I’m pretty sure we’ll discuss more teams at Gunz’s meetup tomorrow…

Or is it today?


bumpity bump

I’ll be there with Viscous aka That Cammy Guy.

Team M.A.R.S.

The A Team- Casey and Tim

Dumbass teammate haircut prompt impromptu name

Signing in–

wakasashe and Robb

Team- The Fedups

so much purple… so much…


Hey Duy, sign Joaquin and Kevin up
Team Vega


I forgot our characters will be:
Ken and Zangief

Sign me up.

shglbmx + ??? = ???

lol bump this shit again…

i pray to god that the sticks will remain the condition that they were tonight until the tournament… fucking mashers!


Oh noooooo, still need a partner before spots fill up!

Main page updated with teams.

Remember to be there before 12:30 pre-registered teams!!!

I might also consider increasing the cap to 24 teams, since this shit filled up so fast.

Keep it at 16. I got school monday man!!!

sign me up.

Redrapper + B.lee

Team Name: Time To Get Paid

add warren (evilelvis) + Dustin (best socal guile) = team dontknowyet.

Front page edited with the new pre-registered teams.

1 team left.

AHH I have to be on that last team! Who’s gonna be my partner!

ask lulu smack