Cameron's Arcade Tournament 9/20/09

Here are the results for the 9/20/09 singles tournament (32 players):

  1. Andy (Dictator) - $112
  2. Hugo101 (Dictator) - $32
  3. Duy (Boxer) - $16
  4. DJ Vest
  5. OG
  6. Andrew
  7. Jorge
  8. Shglbmx
  9. Charles
  10. Gunz
  11. Johnny
  12. Alex
  13. Thomas
  14. Richard
  15. Jason
  16. Sonny
  17. Mark
  18. Luis
  19. Brandon
  20. Hieu
  21. Edgar
  22. Otachris
  23. Lina
  24. Omar
  25. Juan
  26. Newton
  27. Nam
  28. Miguel
  29. FeoMex
  30. Aaron
  31. Eric
  32. Phan

Thank you everyone for coming and I hope you guys will come to the next tournament when I throw one. I have not yet decided on a date but the next tournament will be a 3v3 Team Tournament.

I am so sorry the tournament lasted like 7 hours. Next time I’m running a singles tournament, I’m gonna put Losers Bracket as a 1 game thing, no more 2/3 for Losers. It’s my first time running an arcade tourney so sorry if things didn’t run too smoothly.

Again thank you everybody for coming and see you guys next time. Feel free to drop me a PM for future tournament suggestions and/or tips on how to run the tournament much smoother. See you guys next time.

Shoutouts to Hugo101 and DJ Vest for being sooo solid and overall cool guys.



Thanks for running the tournament Duy. I thought it went pretty smoothly. My Akuma needs serious work, hopefully it’ll get better as I start coming to Cameron’s more often.

**I accidentally left my camcorder at the arcade. The owner said she didn’t have it and the TO said he didn’t have it either. If you know where it went please get in touch with me. Thanks. It has the recorded matches from the tournament.

The owner said someone who was running the tournament took it with them.

update: The owner also said it was on the computer that had the brackets. And that was the last time she saw it.**

I’ll keep backtracking my own steps, but I think I left it there.


Hey Game,

I stayed after for casuals with a few of the guys. From what I heard DJ Vest is holding onto your camcorder and notepad.

Thanks for coming out and giving cameron’s place some exposure!

And thanks Duy for running this thing! I gotta get a team assembled for the inevitable 3v3!

OK thanks, I’ll try to get in touch with him later tonight.



i was there supporting andy and thomas! good times, ill be sure to join for the next one. Ameer told me about it last minute so i went and watched! good times

Shoutout to duy that won by a handicap joystick lol… dude gg’s and hey we were top 4 overall…hey you got to show up for my friday night beatdown…

wow i suck…

Whoo, Andy!!! I called that you and Hugo101 would be in the grand finals. And you won! Friggin’ sweet man!

Oh, and thanks Duy for organizing this whole tourney and getting 3rd! I will be so down for that 3v3 tourney.

Hhaha, Alex, you didn’t make top 8. :smiley:

a 2on2 team tourney would be better to start off…at least 24 teams cap…mid october you can announce it…

Dang I just rewatched my matches. I should have won, I had the guy scared and failed to realize it. I wish I heard the guy in the background going “rushhh himm he’s scared”…instead I just sat there zoning…bleh. I was just too tuned in or something to hear anyone. Then got caught in the end by a super when all he had was a pixel of life.

Learned something new at least.

<<<<<<< proof that even a crappy Sagat can place alright in a tourney lol.

My first tourney, good experience, taught me what i need to do and where i am with my gameplay, and most importantly where i need to go.

Thanks for running it Duy! Nice meeting everyone that i met there, the Street Fighter community is pretty friendly.

ggs i had fun
thanks for the support even though the crowd sometimes got confused of which bison i was

Yeah totally dude. If Hugo hadn’t told him to use kicks on that super he would of whiffed it. Wack ass balrog. Also, cross ups were owning his ass!!!

This guy speaks the truth. I wasn’t nervous or scared, just kinda confused. Plus I also forget to hit the kicks. GGs though Newtybar. GGs to you all and thanks SGHL for showing your girlfriend how to slap me around with stupid blanka. I really pulling for her to win against Sagat though. Stupid cross-upsss… Big ups though to Coach Hugo and Cutman DJ Vest. Sorry I don’t listen and next time there will be cheesecake…

Good shit Duy! With that lame ass Rog…

That was my first tourney, had fun. My balrog got deztroyed by Andy =[
im definetly down for another. thanks for putting it together.

GS Andy.:tup:

ya no one would watch the screen before the fight would start and we all thought u were still rocking the blue and gold outfit so when u won we thought u had lost the first set!!