Cameron's Place Arcade v2.0 (yea this place still exists)

corner of harbor and mcfadden in santa ana ( @ mcdonalds plaza)


mon-fri: 11am-11pm
sat-sun: 10am-11pm

CURRENT UPDATES (from last time of edit):

cvs2: works

1st mvc2 cab: works

2nd mvc2 cab: p2 side is fucking weird. random shorts that happen in random bursts, and for some weird reason EVERY time i try to ROM. roundhouse likes to get crazy every once in awhile too. i have no idea whats wrong. i feel like i must have reported short being messed up somehow on this cab way too many times. someone else tell them to swap out short and roundhouse on p2 side. i dont want to do it.

KOFXI: works?

KOF2k2: no idea, i never touch it, however im pretty sure the sound is almost always busted.

Tekken 5:works

initial d: works

killer instinct: works

super puzzle fighter 2 turbo: duy’s girlfriend is lonely. wont you keep her company?

if anything breaks tell the blonde woman or scottish shaved man and they’ll fix immediately.

Kof 2k2’s sound has been acting up the last few times I went. Any updates?

OmfJezuz. Minh, I can’t believe you made a thread for such a shitty and bean’d out place!


1.the left marvel cab has this weird thingy where the border around the screen (like a picture frame) fell down and now you cant see the life bars LOL.
2.i dont think anyone there wants to play against me in cvs2 anymore.


If some peeps from cameron’s want to help me out with a BIG console party in San Bernardino i would be thankfull. There will be free pizza and drinks for everyone. I place is huge and can easy fit over 150 people.

XX_Duu Mah_Xx: Nice, place is not improving whatsoever. My plan is coming together very nicely! NO MAMES GUEY! DUU MAH, ANH KUK, BAY DAY!

MagnetGenocide: Hey, I’m down for that console thing. I could possibly gather up some 3-4 people to go for it. What do you need? PM me instead with the info and details.

sweet all i need is to make sure that nobody used the place that weekend and we are ready to go!

yeaah! I stopped coming for a while but now im starting to go again, cause it’s on the way home from school (santa ana college). i’m usually there between 3-5pm, mondays & thursdays playing marvel. i noticed there’s still the same old people too! daniel, the guy in the wheelchair, etc.

we should advertise this place & get more people to come haha. I noticed more have come, but for intial D

Anybody wanna play some 3s with me? :sad:

But I call 2nd player side though, cause the 1st player stick is stupid. :wgrin:

What’s up man!! I haven’t been to Cameron’s since last year. It’s been a year and I haven’t touched a machine, but I am willing to play third strike (I didn’t even they had one :P) I used to play Cvs2 there, but I guess no one plays there any more. I am down for some 3rd strike matches. I can play on Mondays and Sundays :stuck_out_tongue:

XX_Duu Mah_Xx

Hey dude, do Cvs2 players show up once in a while?

I haven’t played that game for shit in a year and I really want to play it sometime. When do you usally go? I know you are good competition. I remember playing you a few times. You are the Asian dude with long hair, right?

Peace out!!


erick: cvs2 number has dwindled a bit. alotta those guys seemed to migrate over to tekken 5. marvel however is picking up. seems like a ton more people are playing marvel in the afternoon. no one even shows up for cvs2 till like 6 or 7.

i generally go whenever im bored and not doing anything, which seems to be like every day now. =/ usually something like late afternoon.

oh and yeah i was the asian guy with long hair. its shorter now.

i think you had spiked hair or something?


3s machine has been taken out.

apparently TOP INITIAL D PLAYERS GARRA and X are now frequenting camerons. like omg im going to buy both of them blow jobs. which brings us to the next news point.

hooker season has arrived at harbor and mcfadden! the warmer weather has brought the hookers from north as harbor and 1st over to camerons arcade to frequent! so dont be shy guys! you know you want to butt fuck.

great update minh, haha. yes hooker season is here! the main owner of the place (woman) said that so many people were requesting IIIstrike so she got it… and barely anyone played it so she took it out and replaced it with Killer Instinct. who requested it and didn’t play it much? she was a bit dissapointed, heh.

yep, marvel still is going strong

new faces are showing up for marvel.

new kids are showing up for initial d in large numbers.

i see people playing killer instinct from time to time.

lets have a panic park tournament. who’s down for this shit?

kevin i never see you there for marvel. camerons is probably the last place in orange county where you can find daily marvel competition. (although alotta that competition plays like colossus and guile and dr. doom and silver samurai) still that shit can be hard to get around. cameron’s marvel players > me

Hey it’s cool to know there’s an arcade in the irvine/santa ana area… I’ll be coming here possibly next month or even sooner. Ill post up when im come because I’m in this area alot. Nothing like arcade games and pho afterwards:wgrin:

yo minh, i’ve been coming there a bit less now due to my new job, but whenever i go it’s sometime mondays-thursdays in the late afternoon/evenings. about 1-3 times a week. how about you?

yeah, I definitely noticed the intial D machine getting new faces/tons of plays. They made a smart move to get it, afterall it’s one of the hottest driving games :smokin:

first post updated.

p91: post up sometime before hand when you’re coming so i can be there. best times for cvs2 is usually after 7 or even 8 sometimes.

kevin: me i just whenever i need to get outta the house for a bit.

unkless u like playing ur games with some stupid random handicap [like broken fierce or sumthing], then by all means go. waste of ur time if u ask me, but hey if u dont take my word for it. plus everyone there sucks on top of it so, i dont bother anymore due to controls and competition.

[launch short fly short rocket punch]

whoa this sounds like an awesome plan. i could gather up to 4-6 people with sticks, converters, dreamcasts, and games such as mvc2 and 3s. when are you planning on setting a date for this day?

Come on, lets stop playing MvC2 and play CvS2. In other good news I beat Minh today cause he thinks he’s so cool with his Ume c.roundhouse with Bison.

And I still hate you guys for never playing 3s when it was there…sigh.

Oh for an update, the sticks are working fine now on CvS2 and both MvC2 cab. Also my gf needs competition in Puzzle Fighter she sucks but she knows how to pick Ken; in white color too.

c.roundhouse should have worked. your sagat lied to me.

first post edited.