Camerons place part 2

cvs2…12 ppl

ralph 1
john dog 2
minh aka xx dues xx 3

mvc2 9 ppl

Jose 1
Daniele 2
carlos 3

enjoy fuckers

bracketing was done ALOT better and good ways except for cvs2 [no comment] this could be the last tournament bcz of the drama that happened with john dog =/

Drama? Fuck, I missed the whole thing. It doesn’t surprise me though :stuck_out_tongue: Oh man, please don’t stop Cvs2 now. Props to the winners. Ralph won that shit? Pros to ralph.


Wow, that roll super guy made it at tops again, great stuff. Also good to hear Minh placed 3rd place; I better go ask him about all of this drama that happened.

Don’t stop now, the fun just started.

alright guys i think i got the hang of the brackets now so i think i can handle both tournies and meaning no stupid help man those cvs2 brackets so im willing to give it another shot if ppl like john dog end up causing problems like last time thats it im done then no more tourneys at camerons place…

What the fuck did he do? I mean, it doesn’t surprise me, since he is always loud and shit, but what happened? I missed the whole drama. Please don’t stop the tournies. I’ll be there for Friday’s tourny is there’s one. Take care guys and don’t cause problems :stuck_out_tongue:


alright john dog i said to him he can take care of cvs2 brackets turnd out he fucked up losers brackets its hard to explain if u dont understand brackets well so if u lost in the winners finals of brackets he put u all the way in the beginning of the losers brackest then my boy minh pointed it out to me and he started to get fiercively by taking the clipboard away from me like it was his tournament i was like wtf!!! ok fuckers its MY TOURNAMENT if this shit happnes ONE MORE FUCKING TIME ITS DONE NO MORE CAMERON TOURNIES!!! this is no joke im throwing another one on friday to try it out agn ill take care of brackets i guess and please guys wen i have brackets one question at a time cuz too many ppl coming at me saying “hey whos next whos next!!!” liek 8-9 ppl for both games im like fuck u guys calm down and if u guys cant read brackets ill help just ask and ask nicely and anymore attitude liek john’s there will def be no tourney and i didnt wanna say anything but since john was in losers the iwnner of the tourney only had to beat him once since he’s in losers bracket they get 1 round instead they played liek 4/7 im like u fucking tards and serious guys be patient with the tourney and sign up ON TIME im not kidding please guys its hard enuff throwing a tourney with ppl coming in late so this friday will be the last one if anything bad happens agn and if i show up late ill show up round 4’ish or so cuz i have skoool n im still a minor so heres the bottome line…no fights no arguing no taking control over anything and just have fucking fun…

lol i dont know if he did it multiple times or once cause he asked you “lemme see it” (maybe you didnt hear it), cause he wanted to show & explain brackets to me & why it was unfair. i’m 100% positive he didn’t mean it in That way, he just wanted to teach & show a friend some thing about brackets cause im a noob and i didn’t undrestand much until now, hope that clears everything up. keep those tournaments coming, i like watching the matches

lol. HAVE FUN OR ELSE. right?

you realize him explaining to you about brackets is like a gay man giving you tips on how to pick up women.

my point… he has no idea wtf he is talking about.

whoa whoa whoa.


the rest of us do.

and if hes reading this i got no beef with him or anyone. mistakes were made and we’ll correct them for next time.

OMG hahaha. Hope I can participate this Friday. I don’t understand brackets, so I don’t know about the drama :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, keep those tournies coming. Is there anyway for 3rd strike to be there some time? I mean, that game is the shit :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you finally sumone proved it

nam: stop getting hit by roll super and take 1st already.

and minh needs to take 1st or 2nd as well…


i keep telling people… roll super is the future. i swear it. ask bean even. he knows its power.