Camlot Marvel Weekly 7/25/03

1st ClockWork
2nd Junior B
3rd Ceaser
4th Sin
5th Devil X
5th Potter
7th Kaising
7th Jose Garcias
9th Ace
9th Paulee
9th Ken I.
9th Power
13th Hang
13th Justin K
13th Dj-B13
13th Josh
17th Tony G.
17th ShadowHalk
17th Def
17th Dash
17th Martin Wong
17th Duce
17th SelfScience
17th ID
27th Carlos
27th Spman
27th Marneto

Taiji will post the result on apex later on, gg everyone

ID got FUCKED UP!!! :lol:


btw, how was tomb raider saif? :lol:

u suck Dan;) . Where was Tong Ho at? i got super lucky Devil X.:slight_smile:

nah there was nothin lucky about that , i was expecting you to keep cable/cyc and then you switched to cyc/cable, i didnt adjust and i took cyc lightly. this is the second straight tournament a cyclops has kicked my ass, gotta remember his jump rh is better than cables

good shyt to all the players see youll next week :slight_smile:

gj clock, i’ll have the fabolous french toast and just a water kthx?

rofl Shadowhalk uhh its shadowhawk:D

Still better then SPMAN.

He’s beasting in the NW

:lol: :lol: :lol: