Cammy #5 Special Backup Story (Naughty?)

I mean sure those pics of Cammy are all super hot, but in that last pic while she’s naked in that funky capsule dealy and I guess the bubbles are like covering her nipples, but … I mean come on… dude, coughlitoris! Those bubbles aren’t doing the best job of hiding her downstairs. I guess she shaves? Whatever, 'scool with me. I figure if you’re gonna go that far you may as well just draw in the nipples right?

Well, you can practically see the nipples on every other page of that backstory, anyways…

Hyung Tae Kim is the man when it comes to art. That’s his style. Beautiful women with pointy breasts. He does War of Genesis, Magna Carta, and other art. He is superior.


Strategically placed bubbles are so great. :lol:


You childish pervert… It’s art!

right on!

Tis a good short. Tis good art. Tis good T&A also. Long live ye nipple coverin bubbles.

Uh, yeah, great art, nice story, am I the only one that sees CLIT here? Maybe it’s a just printing error in my copy. Just seems weird to draw clitoral detail but emit nippular detail. Am I crazy for thinking it looks like a sneaky way to get some fan service past the censors? Are there censors? It dosn’t need to be all porno, but nudes are always cool. I mean I’m down with nudes in comics, that’s cool.

what exzactly are you complaining about? i don’t see a problem with showing a little nudity in comics.

nipples, coochie, whatever, nudity has been more apparent in comics. Because comics ought to be classified as art isn’t it? Or that art can’t include hudity? Maybe we shouldn’t have figure drawing classes. But that would toss out my daily naked peiple.
Just ranting! DOn’t mind me!

se I’m all for naked people and nudes. I’m an art student myself. I guess I just didn’t expect to see clit. I was like, “am I the only one seeing this?” I showed my friend and he thought I was crazy, then again I’m not sure if he’s ever seen female genetalia.

well, some friend you are.:cool:

lol! The first page of this story is probably one of the most blatant, non subtle, in you face example of thong enhanced TnA I’ve ever seen in a comic.

I loved it! :smiley:

Oddly, enough, I barely noticed the nipple/clitoral bubble thing :confused:

LOL, this thread is so jokes… especially Deddjay’s post!

shes like 13 when she works 4 bison…:bluu:

16, actually.

I wonder if Bison would ever recruit women older than sixteen to be brain washed doll agents.:lol:

Really? How can you tell? I couldn’t find it anywhere in that issue where it states her age.

That’s TiamatRoar you’re talking to! He’s the “keeper of SF canon knowledge” …

Check out the URL in his signature.

DA GAME wants to know does anyone have pictorial proof of Cammy’s nakedness?