Cammy Alt2 is pretty badass

Maybe I’m going overboard with this one, but whenever I use alt2 color#3 or #5, my combos are flawlessly timed, tkcs never flops, and my execution is superb. Accident? Coincidence? I think not. Alt2 is just as badass as it looks, in more ways than simply dressing up.

If you dont got alt2 outfits, get em. Instantly makes you a Cammy Owner (or at least think you are)


yeah you’re going overboard haha. Although i do like colors 2, the brown one, and 9 for her alt. The solid gold one is starting to grow on me too.

brown definately is boss. Gold makes me feel like an XMen character, cant get down with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like a Grammy when I’m the gold one. When I say that I mean the actual award.

i just wish there was an all black one or black with silver shin guards :(. did we really need 2 different greens and blues.

lmao Touche’, i kept scrolling through the color schemes thinking “where the hell is the black”? For some reason, CapCom LOVES green, teal, turquoise and blues on Cammy. Really Capcom?

Come on guys. Complaining about Cammy’s alt 2 not having enough good colors is like complaining about Seth’s U2 not having enough invincibility frames.

The alternate costume is alright.

Could use some roller blades on it, idk.

Alt2 Green is my favorite so far, followed by Alt2 blue/gold. Can’t deny ST Bison colors.

wasn’t complaining was just stating that they put 3 different shades of blue/green id definitely would have like to see one of those replaced by a standard character color in black. not to mention 4 and 9 are pretty much the same exact thing.

Either way i’ll be rocking that ups Alt2. what can brown do for you?

I use hot pink lol

green ninja turtle cammy or nothin.

Since I use Alt2, I’ve never lost against any dictator. :wow: :woot:

Honestly I really do like alt 2 fav. colors 1, 5, 6, it’s actually a small part of the reason that cammy is now my sub character and yes my main is dictator lol

wearing that costume makes me feel like losing isnt an option. Also I like the light blue color I wish she had a black one too it was my favorite with Alt 1

black cammy forever

Alt2 costume in hot pink = Cammy Gaga

Cammy’s Alt 2 mindf*cks me. It makes me wanna spam HK and perform psycho crushers and scissor kicks o_0

red alt 2 is the way to go

reppin that gold on alt 2 but I still stick with og 10 mainly unbeatable