Cammy Artwork (in game model)

Hi guys. Thought i’d share with you some artwork i’ve just finished. Its roughly the specs of next gen consoles so in an idealised world this should work as an in game model. Anyway here’s a few images and a video turn around can be found at [media=vimeo]18960783[/media] enjoy :slight_smile: (also no idea how to get these images to show instead of the links but no matter:/)

Wow, very nice! :tup:

That is amazing!!!

Oh great, I see what you’re up to.

Other than the kinda fugly face, doesn’t look too bad though.

Also everyone needs to never say “next gen” again. The 360 is over five years old at this point.

Whoaaa Awesome!

cheers guys, also next gen is a handy way of seperating ps3/360 with the wii, but yeah your technically right:P

Good body and good ass. The only obvious problem is her face. I think her eyes are too big, her nose too small, she needs bigger cheeks (or not) and a reworked chin.

Dude, excellent! I’m always admirable of folks who can do stuff like this, because I cannot.

Keep it up!

I would stab so many people to see a walk cycle on that thing. D:

How did you make this? I was was into 3dsmax when I was younger, used to use it to make bullet chase in counter strike, but that’s about as far as I got :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! This is really amazing!

Recently I ran across the closest real life Cammy I’ve seen so far. Not sure what links I can post here since it’s NSFW but in the image set she has dual ponytails. If you wanted to go a little more realistic for the face IMHO she’d be an inspiration. Very good work on the 3D model.

Do you mean the girl in your avatar? She’s definitely hot and she gets Superstar’s (that’s me) seal of approval as a RL Cammy candidate. I think I’m gonna steal/rob/plunder your idea and have my own candidate wink