Cammy Battle Outfit Mod Request

Hello, i just registered here! Sorry if i seem too noob, but i don’t know where to post requests or if requests are available, so, if not, feel free to close the topic and sorry.

I’d like so much to have this costume in my game, but can’t find any port anywhere. Could some modder give it a try, please? I’d be so grateful to see it real. Thank you.

The maker of this model allowed it to be ported:

Can somebody help me, please?

You could literally Google this stuff. If it’s any help, I know it’s on ModderBase and definitely on DeviantArt. Look there. You don’t need adaptors. Just download it under ~mods

I’ve been trying for days, but can’t find any. Deviantart has only models or mods for SFV, i’ve been looking there. Modderbase has only mods for 5 as well. If you know any link, please let me know. Thanks for the answer.

Oh damn I didn’t notice it’s for USFIV. My b. But I doubt you’d find anything there either.

No problem, mate. It happens. What i hope is someone to make it real.

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I did what i could, but i lack knowledge about modding to carry on, so i’m sending what i could do about Cammy Battle Outfit. I believe i rigged it correctly, but i’m not able to import it into the original model.

If somebody wants, feel free to port it. I’d be so happy to see it comes true.

No one can help me, please?

Dude it’s been 7 months since you first posted the request. Does your horniness know no bounds?

I’m just asking for a mod i really want, mate. No need to be rude to me for that.