Cammy Beginner Stuff

Please don’t mind me. I’m at work bored, and I took some notes last night while i was practicing and watching videos. I’m an extremely scrubby Cammy, and i’ve only been playing a week with her so i’m trying to get her down. The notes I took were basically stuff i noticed other people doing, and blank spaces I need to fill. I see questions on this stuff all the time, but the answers are generally spread out all over the place and I though it would be nice to have it consolidated into one spot. I’ll delete this in a bit once I get a little more advanced, but for now I really need something i can look at, and wanted to ask you guys if you can help fill in these gaps since my knowledge is extremely limited…

Thanks in advance to any one who can help.

Cammy Beginner Stuff


Combos (higher the number the more dificult)
[SIZE=3]C2-[SIZE=3][FONT=Helvetica], MKSA[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][FONT=arial]C3-c.lp cs.hp,HKSA[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]C4-[FONT=Helvetica]fs.lp, HKSA[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]
C5-sMP, cMP, c.MK, HKSA
C6-cLK, cLP, sLP, cMK, MKSA
C7-cLP, sHP, c.MK, HKSA
C8-csMP, c.HP, c.MK, MKSA (Sako)
C9-csMP, c.HP, fs.MP, MKSA (Modified Sako, works on entire cast i believe, but 1f Links)

Simple Block strings
BS1-cLP, s.HP
BS2-cLK, cLP, cLK
BS3-cLP, WH cLK, cLK, cLP, sHK
BS4-BS1, cMP, sHK

Simple Counter Hit Setups
CH2-BS1, Walk forward sLP, WF sLP, CH EX TKCS (saw Alioune do this… might not be as simple as i though lmao)

Simple Counter Hit Combos
CHC2-CH3 or CH4, U1

Safe Jump Setups
-From cHK
-From Forward Throw
-From Back Throw
-From HKSA (quick rise)
-From HKSA
Meaty Setups
-From cHK
-From Forward Throw
-From Back Throw
-From HKSA (quick rise)
-From HKSA
Simple Cross up Setups

-HKSA, Forward jump (quick rise)
-Back throw, w Jab, XU, jLK

-afterHK SA
–meaty (XU?) MK STRIKE



–Whiff meaty jLK, whiff MK Strike, go for back throw throw
–Whiff meaty jLK, CMP whiff , XU jLK (MAX RANGE)
–Same thing, but drill instead of cross up

Simple SAFE DRILLS from block strings

cLK, cLP, Back Dash, safe LKSA
cLK, cLP, cMP, Back Dash, safe MKSA
cLK, cLP, cMP, Back Dash, Safe HKSA

Simple Options after safe drill

I think my biggest problem is trying to prioritize what to do with Cammy. i want to keep my opponent in block stun for the entire match, counter hitting every attempt to get out. I need to post some vids of me playing. maybe i’ll do that to night and you guys can see how i play. I don’t know. I’m just having a hard time with it so I want to organize my thoughts and strategies. Thanks for the help so far guys. I’m still reading around, and will add to this list very shortly.

Hope this help some of the newer guys like me…

You have to have patience man and take your time. While many rate Cammy as high tier, she is an execution heavy character. I have been playing Cammy forever and i wish i could keep good players in block stun the whole match haha. While you are asking the right questions, i don’t think someone is going to be able to come by and answer all of them specifically. So much of it is trial and error. To play Cammy well it really helps to have a strong and growing knowledge of the matchup’s and the game in general. You have to make the most of every opportunity with her.

Hmmm actually I’m kind of enjoying exploring the forum on my own. Some questions are harder to answer than others though you know? I’ll update this as I find out new info especially if it pertains to beginners like me. But in the meantime ill accept any help anyone sends my way lol.

Patience really isn’t an issue… I’m a makoto main you know? I guess what I meant was that when match start sounds, I’m so confused. If the opponent is standing there hurling fireballs (shoto) or poking at me (seth/chun) or whatever I just feel lost. I guess what I mean is that with makoto, there is a clear goal: land Karakusa. All roads lead it it. All damage options exist for the sole purpose of Karakusa. And the thing about it is, Karakusa punishes the one defensive option that is fool proof–blocking. Cammy seems to have different goals and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with it. Im trying to figure it out… I feel like I’m being unclear…

Just inexperience with the character that’s all. When I first started Cammy, there was no dive kick at all. I would die with full meter and Ultra. lol

Wat WL said. Makoto may have a clear goal when u are playing but Cammy differs depending on who wat character you r fighting against. In general I try to get a knockdown cause thats when my CS and mixup game starts this however doesnt work on everyone.

So like others have said keep playing and eventually u will get it

3/4 of the combos you listed under “simple” require 1 frame links.

Although > and fs.lp > are fairly simple, I’m struggling with the cs.hp > link, although I plink every time.

I’d say c.lp c.lp > and > are “simple” combos, the others you listed are medium/advanced.

Hell, I feel like the “sako” combo is easier than some of those

You think so? Lol I find them so simple. Sako is easier unless you’re using CHP>sMP which works on the entire cast (I think). Also I don’t know about you but I can only do Sako asfter a EX TKCS. Otherwise the cMK whiffs. Besides cammy has only one simple combo, really IMO, and it doesn’t do much damage. You’re right though, I was thinking about simple for me lol. May be a little misleading, hmmm…

What do you think I should switch them out with? Ben practicing for a few weeks and got them down pretty well…

EDIT-also I I’ll admit that the sHP>cMK is the most difficult of the links. I think it is essential that a cammy player maximizes damage at all times though and start from the beginning trying the one frame links. By doing this they can advance their game more quickly IMO. In this case, I think it’s simple. But in no way do I mean easy I guess.

I’d say

Easy: c.lp and and c.lp cs.hp
Medium: fs.lp and
pretty hard: cs.hp and sako combo

Ok I modified the combo section. Let me know if you have any other suggestions… Thanks, man.

It’s absolutely not essential a cammy player maximizes damage at every combo, especially if you’re just starting the character. Instead think about what movements you can do to reliably keep your pressure up.

Something like > cr.lp > and it’s variations are great combos for every level of play. Has good mix up potential in between the light/shorts, good cross up potential after the 2nd or 3rd attack and hit confirmable into arrow. Plenty of damage and sets you up for a good wake up(better than most high damage combos because they tend to push you further away).

Well that’s just me lol. I think all players should maximize all combos at all times! However I think movement is the largest stumbling block for anyone not used to the walkspeed. (makoto main…). That was the first thing I had a hard time working on. Newer players like myself and don’t get in that often, so… when we do, IMO its time to maximize that damage to make the effort count. That’s me though… ol’ full steam ahead. But you’re totally right about most other new players though.

So you want to maximize your damage because it’s rare for you to get in. I’m with you on that but what about maximizing your mix up potential? I think a lot depends on match up or situation.

Another food for thought- I don’t always know if my ex cannon strike is going to hit or be blocked. If it’s blocked I very much prefer to go into my light block strings so I can open them up better.

I agree with m2thebrady. ‘Experience, match up knowledge > ability to maximize combo’ anywhere, everytime.

But maximizing combos all the time gives you an extra edge over your opponent which I personally favour a lot. It boosts a lot of confidence in you and instilled fear and pressure on your opponent. You do not necessarily have to give up damage for mix ups. I’m not good enough to say which combos work since I always go for maximum, character specific combos and assumes the mix up works in my favour after that. lol xD But Olympian post a guile scenario which I perceive to be an excellent example of what I mean. By saying that, I’m stealing it and posting it here.


Think Sako’s vs Kindevu’s Cammy. It’s all down to style really.

Oh wow man good points and thanks for reposting that in here. Man that’s a good set of templates I can use on other characters… Awesome.

Ok so there are two types of cammys (at least) damage and mixup oriented. I have the 1f links so it’s time to hit that lab to work on getting that EX Strike in. I like that! Remember in my OP I was looking for a goal? Well it seems that finding a way to land EX CS is that goal I need work on now. Everything else is experience/practice to make sure I do the right combo in the right situation.

Thanks so far guys you’re really helping this along.

If your goal is going to be to land excs your going to get predictable and your going to waste meter for nothing. I think your goal should be to figure out how to open up your opponent. I think at the simpliest Cammys goals are the following 1)Getting in on the opponent 2)knocking them down 3)Mixing them Up. Landing EXCS is just an option to acomplish 1 or 3 which isnt always worth doing depending on the situation and opponent.

I’m not saying i’m going to be doing EX TKCS all day that’s crazy talk. there’s a goal, and there’s a way to get to that goal.

For instance, you won’t see me doing karakusa all day with makoto. that’s stupid. Any makoto knows you need to work your way up to it… the same with EX TKCS. The point is to make that the goal and work to get there. Does she have a stronger option?

Good discussion here. Just to share, an exercise I do in training mode is stick on my opponent without dropping anything then challenge myself by doing stuff that it outside the pattern I’ve just established. Keep making patterns that link then break them in ways that make sense such as going for a cross up instead of arrow knock down at the appropriate time or cutting your combo short to ex strike at certain moments, maybe also stopping your combo to throw too.

It should prepare you to mix your combos up without much hesitation come match times.

I may very well try cammy for a while to better learn how to win against her… Koto vs Cammy is one of my biggest hurdles. along with Koto vs Cody

Mossad, thanks a ton for posting this information. Like you I am new to Cammy and am looking for ways to level up with her. My question for you is how do you train with her? Personally I spend a lot of time practicing combos and a few setups, however I know that isn’t enough. When it comes time for gameplay I usually have issues getting in on the opponent to start the mixup and I’m left looking like I have no business playing this game. Any advice…question is for the group as a whole. Thanks in advance

To tell the truth, My friend has a really good Cammy, and we just sat in endless for a few days. the info i posted was a combination of his advice, watching matches (especially Alioune), and reading the boards searching for 2012 stuff. IMO the most important thing to practice at the beginning is how to move with her, and how to space her footsies. I find that in most matches, cammy spends about 2/3 of the match trying to bait out a mistake during footsies. So learning things like the distance of c.MK, learning how to do safe arrows, or important links like c.HP>c.MK take up most of my time. Also, i think one thing that’s really important is trying to find counter hit c.HP setups since they link directly to ultra, and spending time working on jLK or strike setups after HKSA.

The majority of that stuff can be worked on in training room, but for the most part, you’re going to have to work on reflexes… knowing when XU jLK connects and what to do is very important. Knowing when to use stike is important.Knowing the distance of buffer pokes and how to bait out CHs is really important, especially against characters that have quick horizontal movement like Adon, Makoto, or Bison. I’m still working on her, although i’m now splitting my time between her, Makoto, Seth, and Juri, so i’ll update this list when i have some time.