Cammy Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Cammy, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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Cool, what are your thoughts impressions as she is now.

To be honest her lack of ability to use cc on tick throw, as well as, her only real threat on a down-back opponent is throw, is of some concern to me.

Compounded with her throw reseting the game back to neutral, does not help the situation.

Perhaps i am over thinking it, cause offense to me, in street fighter starts from cr. Jp, throw and branches off from there.

I’m currently really curious which strength of her divekick are the most commonly used ones? Anything that has more + frames than the other? Also, has someone specific setups to land a close divekick for c.lp targetcombo?

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I feel yah Yunity. I ran into that same problem when labbing Cammy. Her throw game feels like ass since she throws people back into neutral. Yet she has problems with people who downback all day. The answer to people who downback as a char with no natural overhead is to throw. Cammy gets punished by throws though as from what I can see she doesn’t have any frame advantage from some one who quick rises after a throw. That coupled with how far she throws them is very off putting. What stops char’s with superior footsies from just taking the throw? If you have a better footsies char then Cammy getting thrown back in neutral helps you out way more than it helps her. The only throw where I feel she gets actual pressure is from her air hooligan throws against an airborne opponent. Dhalsim for instance would love to get thrown by Cammy. It finally relieves the pressure of having her in his face.

I agree that sitting in down back seems like a strong position, but I doubt most players would stay in that position for long. Even if they do, I think as long as we keep the pressure on the grey health mechanic will convince them to do something sooner rather than later. Hopefully something that gets them caught in a frame trap.

The other thing I am thinking is Spin knuckle and Hooligan Strike (once Cammy has flown behind them) can hit them while crouched blocking as long as they don’t switch sides too. Both moves are slow and risky so they need to be used sparingly, probably after a healthy dose of the conditioning she mentions in her intro. The rightside-leftside mindgames seem to be what her tools are suggesting.

The throw does seem a bit odd. Generally my default game plan is push them in the corner and punish them for trying to leave. Using the throw’s distance and direction for positional advantage is the way I am using it for the time being till we come up with something better.

Like everyone, I was having problems last night with my friend who plays Chun just sitting back in defensive crouch. It was hard to get in on him because of this. I REALLY wish Cammy’s Hooligan combo throw connected on crouching opponents like in ST!

I was getting good results by mixing in Hooligan Strikes and spin knuckle, but they’re SO risky.

I have the most succes using hooligans after moves like or after blockstrings.
It’s harder to stop them and with the right version used you can creat chaotic situtaions.

If someone is only holding downback try different approches. Or poke from max range for grey chip.
Dance around, be ready for anything, try to land a throw, bait them out and make them nervous.

Most Cammys I saw allways got destroyed if they tried to hard to get in, it was in SFIV the same, I annihalted all Cammys that tried to hard to get in.

You have 99secs on the clock use them.

Cammy is gonna suffer a bit from downback players…she has no overhead, no command grab. Best thing you can do is grey life them patiently.

Also, I’m whipping up some nice throw tech baits.

Hey guys may i know which situation is best suited to do a crossup or the hooligan? I seen poongko and maximilian videos of cammy but i still dont understand when to use those moves

What’s the best method to deal with people who mash jab on wake-up? Meaty s.MP?

Meaty is good for people mashing anything on wakeup and is her best meaty. You can jab, as well. Combos on ch and is a frame trap on block.

Thank you sir!

I prefer cr. MP as a meaty. You can follow it up with st. MP > cr. MK.

stMP crMP whiffs on some characters though. Like Ken and R. Mika.

Anybody can help out with what i posted?

I don’t think Cross-up Hooligan is going to be a long term tool to capitalize on. You can already see people became wise to it and just LP her out of it. Hooligan and V-Skill are very gimmicky.

That said, it’s not something you want to be using in round 1. You want to see what your opponent does and decide whether or not the tool is worth using.

I’ve gotten stmp > crmp to work on Ken easily in training mode not sure what you mean about it wiffing.

How do you guys train anti-airing. That is by far the worst part of my game. I’m pretty good at blocking and punishing unsafe strings for a noob, but if someone jumps against me I am toast.

Try to AA with bMP then, don’t punish yourself for not DPing every jump. Start by trying to play footsies with crMP and stMP crMK only. If you only have MP in mind its much easier to react with bMP when they jump.
And keep looking above the waist of your opponent, even if you’re aiming for crMKs. This way its easier to track them when they jump. If you keep focusing in the very ground they will vanish for you when they press upforward.
As you get more familiar with the game you will be able to play with all your buttons while bMPing everything above your head. And eventually be able to choose between DP and bMP judging what is best for each situation.