Cammy, Blanka haoh?

Okay maybe thats just a bit off as far as teir goes but i can’t help but think haoh is such a good character to use.I for one happen to think he is a better character then most of the characters in the game…depending on the grove you use. Mainly im talking about k grove but also p haoh is a great pick as well.

The reason i say this is because (mind you i don’t use p grove so most of what i talk about will be k) From what i see most people don’t truely know how to deal with him, they may say they know how to, but when k haoh start putting the pressure on most people fold. Example lets say you wanna play a chill haoh ( you don’t wanna move much) me alls i do is fake a fireball and because most people know hoahs fire ball is crappy they come in for the attack, 9 out of 10 times you’ll be able to catch them as they come in …if they jump c hp (works just about every time) if its a fire ball you could easily jd it. Rush downs are easily stopped by a poke or two from the sword and lets say they block the pokes at least your getting some distance betwen you and you opponet. If you catch em with the frist poke toss out another one that what i do because most people i play with try and toss out one of there attacks but because of how quickly his poke comes out they cach it first. By now they are crouching and blocking thats when you catch em with the c qcb lp. After that ill just back off to show em that im not up for rushing em down, oh and when you back off make sure you do a short jump back with a mp…just in case they still want more…its pretty simple to catch people with this type of stuff and for the most part they fall for it cause they don’t expect it to happen. After you all nice and comfy in your spot become a wall…just don’t move let em come to you jd any fire ball they toss and for cross overs ( gotta be good at jding to do this i guess after awhile i just got good at it)) jd it then let out some crouching pokes or beter yet the monet they jump chp…in anycase im gonna post how i play my rush down haoh later as i kinda gotta leave for the moment