Cammy cheaper than Sagat?

Hi, don’t let the title fool you I don’t by any means believe that Cammy is ‘cheaper’ than Sagat.

My friend on the other hand, thinks Blanka, Zangief, Cammy, Balrog are the cheapest characters in the game. He first played as Sakura and couldn’t play her very well so he switched to Ken and Ryu, then just Ryu. He has played as Ryu for the last couple of months now, but he has plateaued recently in Championship Mode. From what I understand Sagat is God-Tier; I’m no rookie to Street Fighter and it’s not new that Sagat is considered a god tier character as he has in prior titles.

He uses Sagat as his main character now that he has plateaued in Championship Mode and has gotten his Tournament Edition Fight Stick, he openly admits to needing a crutch because he can’t beat Blankas and Zangiefs. (In general he hates charge characters, and often just groups the characters he hates and feels are imba as “the charge characters”)


“you play as cammy/boxer/bison/gouken all have lame homing attacks that’s what you rely on. when bison you rely on head stomp, from head stomp you go into a flip kick or slide kick, when you pick gouken you rely on his unblockable air whatever, with cammy you rely on her spinning grab move, you play chars with cheezball moves.”

"its alright to bitch if I’m sagat, but I cannot bitch if your a char like sagat, such as Cammy? fast attacks with no recovery, counters pretty much everything in the game, unbalanced combos.

turtle chars, I have to wait either till

(A) you attack me once your charge up
(B) come in sagat and destroy your block game"

My friends gamertag will remain Anonymous, as I’m sure he wouldn’t post what he thinks on here himself.

The sad thing is even when he’s Sagat he still wins maybe 4/10 of our matches, as opposed to 1-2/10 when playing as other characters. In a nutshell I want someone to just counter his arguement that all the charge characters and Cammy in particular are ‘cheaper characters’ than Sagat.

You scrubs keep these topics coming don’t ya? LOL.

:rofl: silly scrubs topic button is for smart people!

I’m also available to play either of you on live at any time. Adding you both if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I’d also like to mention he spends hours watching Daigo videos.

Learn to play Sagat and shut him up, or just deal with it.
It’s not like he’s forming his opinions based on some sort of logical analysis.

“fast attacks with no recovery” ROFLMAO

That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve read today. Clearly he has little to no understanding of Cammy… or Sagat for that matter… maybe the game all together. Honestly… he doesn’t need a crutch, nor does he need to spend hours watching Daigo videos. What he needs… is practice.

Please, tell your friend to give away his copy of SFIV. He has no business playing if he’s going to spew such retarded nonsenses.

That first post was hard as fuck to read because off all the bullshit statements.

Your friend sounds like a troll tbh. He needs to read up more on the forums.

the counter is that ur friend is an average player at best…sounds like he has trouble with punishing correctly.

also, any bad cammy will die to psychic uppercuts(aka DPing between “uncomboed” blockstrings and the sorts). if ur friend watches a lot of daigo video, he prolly learned to “random uppercut” because you can’t learn how to play like daigo from watching vids. his uppercuts come from experience…

if cammy is doing random arrow, i’m like 95% sure that you can punish with reversal uppercut on all the non-max range ones. my guess, he tries to throw.

and i guess the main counter is…he needs to watch how real players beat random cammy’s.

if you’re sagat and you’re dying to hooligan combo, you have serious problems. hooligan is a cute trick and all (esp the tech trap), but it’s VERY VERY easily avoidable if that shit is being spammed. c.fierce rapes random hooligan attempts, and wakeup DP rapes tech trap hooligan setups. if you’re eating ex hooligan because you’re throwing full screen tiger shots too obviously…then yea that’s ur fault, not cammy being cheap.

sorry my retort isnt’ very organized, just throwing it out as it comes to my mind. but in summary, it’s probably because he’s an average player and average players always have flaws against dumb tactics. dumb shit just works sometimes, learn to deal with it…not complain about it.

my favorite tactic is to steal their dumb tricks and keep abusing it until someone shows me how to counter it…then i steal their counter. if that dumb trick continues to work, i continue using it. and hey i’m beating even more people!

play dirty…no shame in it, imo.

lol, your friend sucks.

They could give Cammy CS overhead, have drill be safe and break focus, spike be safe, a great cross up, and she still wouldn’t be in his league. Close though.

But I wish she were cheaper than Sagat. :slight_smile:

Your friend is a giant baby and should leave the fighting games to grown ups.

lol, u and your friend are horrible. :] please bring him to evo for money matches.

Your friend is quite humorous.

I bet next he’ll start saying that Dan is cheap, if you played him like a charge character by turtling, wouldn’t he?

Here’s what you do:
laugh in his face, read this to him:

“Just because a character is a higher tier does not mean you should play them. You’re best off picking characters you like because of how they play.”

Then show him this:

Finally, ask him, “Logically, based on this list, if ANYONE could be considered cheap without any bias, who would be the the obvious first candidate ?”

I guarantee that’ll shut him up.

that list is crap IMO <.<

Scythe - it may be crap, but I think it is fair to say that Sagat is a beast and Cammy is low-mid tier.

Your friend’s logic is a bit off, he chooses Sagat and you choose Cammy and he thinks you are the cheap one? If he can’t beat you with a high tier character then he just isn’t good. It’s not you it is him.

Case in point. He says “zomg Cammy’s Hooligan is SO cheap!”…ummm all you have to do is duck or block low and bam…Hooligan is neutralized. Or he could just do roundhouse and you are toast.

Fast with no recovery? Give me a break all of Cammy’s specials are highly punishable.

I see where you’re coming from. The tier list is kinda whack…

BUT! The point of me putting it there was only to compare two characters, Sagat and Cammy.
No matter how bad this list is, there’s no denying that the gap between these two nullifies any argument from a Sagat player that Cammy is cheap.

all theory fighting aside, i’m pretty sure she’d be S+ tier if all those were true.

lol. no. just no.