Cammy Combo/Tech Thread: Target Confirmed!

Welcome to Cammys Combo and Tech Thread
Here you will find a list of Combos for Cammy.
Below the Combos you will find tech to level your gameplay up.
I will try to add every usefull Combo for her.And as much Tech as possible too.
Have fun discussing. Maybe you can find characterspecific Combos or Setups and Oki.

Informations you might have to know to understand the Combos:

  • ->= Link. You connect one Normal with another. Works only if the move you did has enough frameadvantage to link into other moves.
  • xx = Cancel. This means that you cancel your Normal/Special into a Special/CA Move.
    -CC = Crush Counter. In general a counter that leaves the opponent open for a long time.
    -CH = Counterhit. You hit the opponent the moment he want’s to do a move.
  • CA = Critical Art. This is the name of the Super Moves in SFV
  • st. = standing, self explaining
  • cr. = crouching, self explaining
  • (999/999)= The first number shows the damage the Combo will deal, the second number shows the stun the Combo will deal.

Bread and Butter Combos: -> cr.lp xxHK Arrow (118/253)
cr.lp -> b+mp xx HK Arrow (154/293) -> cr.lp xx HK DP (154/280)
V-Skill -> st.hp xx HK Arrow (212/355)
V-Skill -> st.hp xx HK DP (228/ 395) -> cr.lp -> st.lp xx HK Arrow (141/294) /croucher only -> cr.lp -> st.lp xx HK DP (146/329) /croucher only

Punish Combos: -> xx HK Arrow (194/310) -> xx HK DP (210/350) -> st.hp xx HK Arrow (212/355) -> st.hp xx HK DP (228/395)
cr.lp -> TC xx HK DP (222/380)
cr.lp -> TC xx MK Arrow (195/345) -> b+mp xx HK Arrow (194/310) /croucher only -> TC xx HK DP (262/410) /croucher only -> TC xx MK Arrow ( 241/375) /croucher only

V-Trigger Combos: -> st.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP (340/530)
cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> xx Arrow -> DP (312/457)
CC -> cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel-> xx Arrow -> DP (376/575)
F+hk -> xx V-Trigger Cancel -> st.hp xx Arrow xx DP (342/485)
cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP (326/497)

Crush Counter Combos:
CC -> f+hk -> xx HK Arrow( 298/455)
CC -> f+hk -> xx HK DP (312/490)
CC -> cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel-> xx Arrow -> DP (376/575)
CC xx DP (216/360)
CC xx MK Arrow (189/315)
CC -> (198/315)
CC -> st.lp
CC> f+hk-> XX V-Trigger Cancel->st.hp xx arrow DP (402/597)
CC -> cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel-> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP (397/610)
CC -> walk forward ->, st.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> slight walk forward -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP (400/637)
CC -> walk forward/dash -> TC xx L Arrow -> EX DP (371/575) Corner only

Counterhit Combos:
CH -> -> xx MK Arrow (229/395)
CH cr.lp -> -> xx MK Arrow (181/359)
CH Hooligan Slide xx DP (228/360) / corner only
CH ->cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel ->st.hp xx Arrow -> DP (361/550)
CH -> TC xx M Arrow (222/359)
CH -> TC xx HK DP (250/394)
CH -> TC xx L Arrow -> EX DP (311/479) Corner only
CH back + mp -> st.hp xx HK Arrow (210/375)
CH back + mp -> st.hp xx HK DP (240/415)

EX Meter Combos:
TC xx EX Hooligan xx Grab (252/350)
TC xx EX Hooligan xx Cannon Strike -> HK DP (264/410) -> TC xx EX Hooligan throw (283/410) /croucher and corner only -> TC xx EX Hooligan xx Cannon Strike -> HK DP (292/460)
Hooligan Slide xx EX DP (244/330) /corner only
V-Skill -> st.hp xx EX DP (260/395) /tends to whiff
V-Trigger Cannon Strike -> -> st.hp xx Arrow -> EX DP (380/537)
EX Cannon Strike -> HK DP (168/380)
CC -> f+hk -> xx EX Arrow (312/490)

The V-Skill BnB Combos are mainly used after either meaty V-Skills or as projektile counter, they’re pretty much useless raw unless your opponent is drunk or sleeps.
All combos can be finished with CA for extra damage. The Super deals raw 320 damage, in most Combos it scales to 80% for 256 damage. It will never do less than 50% of it’s damage, so you will allways deal at least 160 damage with it, no matter how long the Combo was.
If you want to combo into CA, use M for Combos that end with SA and H CA for Combos that end with DP.

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Great, well then.
I will collect the tech here. You can either post the stuff or send me a PM, I will add it later.

Whiffpunish tech:


Cammy “Vortex”


Frametraps :dizzy:


Some Cammy Stuff,including a 4f safejump


Ririks playlist( includes everything for Cammy)


Instant Air Divekick


Ririks Okis

[details=Spoiler]Some MISC. Oki setups:

  1. TC > Hooligan
    -Staple vortex, control cross up with MP and HP versions and same side with LP version.
    -Divekick back to the same side for more mixups
    -Razor’s edge will auto-correct.
    -Regardless of follow up you can always get a safe meaty.
    -Not DP safe.

  2. TC > MK Spiral Arrow
    -Sets up cross j.LK on neutral tech
    -Will cross up some reversals
    -Misses on no tech and back tech but you can at least get a meaty on landing.

  3. TC > EX Hooligan CS > Neutral j.HP
    -Can safejump 6 frame reversals (Ex. Cammy HK DP)

  4. EX CS (TK or regular are fine) > Neutral Jump j.HP
    -This can safejump some reversals but has a lot of trouble with 4 frame or faster.
    -You can for sure neutral empty jump and land c.LP/c.LK to meaty.

  5. DP
    -You get no oki midscreen :’/
    -Corner, you get to walk up and perform any meaty of choice.
    -You can cross up j.LK in the corner which can cross up some DPs.

  6. Spiral Arrow
    -Anywhere you get to walk up and get any meaty of choice.
    -Midscreen after HK Spiral Arrow, tap back and then jump forward j.LK for cross up.
    -Midscreen after EX Spiral Arrow, jump forward j.LK for cross up.
    -You can cross up j.LK in the corner which can cross up some DPs.
    -HP Hooligan to cross to the other side.

  7. Midscreen Backthrow vs Neutral Tech
    -MK Spiral Arrow can meaty vs neutral tech but is unsafe on block.
    -Dash up c.MK is your best option without taking a major risk but its not a real meaty.
    -Alternatively you can tap forward a bit and then LK Spiral Arrow to get a safe spiral arrow, but this also isn’t a real meaty.

  8. Midscreen Forwardthrow vs Neutral Tech
    -LK Spiral Arrow can meaty vs neutral tech but is unsafe on block.

  9. Corner Forward Throw vs Neutral Tech
    -Slight Delay s.HP/walk a bit s.MP are good

  10. Post-Super Arts > Spiral Arrow LK/MK > c.LP meaty

  11. CC c.HK > Dash Up c.LP whiff > neutral jump + whatever button
    -Safejump vs 4 Frame DPs

Other neat things I found:
-s.LK has VERY little knock back. From point blank you can do s.LK and you will still be in range for a throw. s.LK > Throw without any walking is really good tick throw.
-s.LK and s.LP both hit crouching opponents which is a first for Cammy (I think)
-Good way to bait throw techs is just to use Hooligan Grab. ex. s.LP > Hooligan > Grab to beat their tech attempt like a god. But otherwise just frame trapping is easier.[/details]

OKi against all 3 wakeup Options:


Throwtech tech:


Corner Setup after MK Arrow:


Framegaps for Frametraps from Necrotrophic:

We need more,could someone send me a full list with all possible framegaps pls?
3 frames

4 frames

5 frames:
cr.lp stmp

6 frames:

7 frames:

8 frames:

Leandro Joses “How to punish character X” Playlist:


Instant Overhead and Fuzzy Guard:


Easts Meatys for normal quickrise:


Easts Meatys for backrise:


Mixup tutorial:


EX Hooligan vs untrue fireball blockstrings:


Anti-Jump Throwtech BS:


Our CA has 3f startup:


Tweet with all Knockdown framedata:


Cammy Stuff V2:


Easts Spiral Arrow Set-ups:


V-Skill crossup tutorial:




Meaty MK divekick,after LK SA



And just in case.

Well for basics Bafael’s post is pretty good, I have a few notes on the video though.

Notes on standing HK crush counter in to V-Trigger as a reversal specific punish. Walk forward cr HP xx V-Trigger, st HP xx… I like better than dash back strong xx…

Notes on standing HK at mid-screen. I managed to crush counter a Bison several times in the same match, he tried from long range dash in to his dwn-fwrd HP and st HK. The max punish at this range is just MK/HK spiral arrow. CC st HK xx V-trigger dash stHP/crMK should work at that range.

I guess most of the combos should work when the game launches. Now’s just waiting on release day to test.

Probably should have a standard link library as well as normal counter hit link library.


Standard Links Library:

St. Mp, st. Fp
Vt spiral arrow, vt canon spike

Normal Counter Hit Links Library:

Cr. Jp,

Guys, wait for the release. I will hit the lab before I will start playing and try a bit. I WILL NOT PUT BETA COMBOS IN!
Just for the simple reason that they might not work, have different damage/stun or similar things.

Still 5 days to go.

I did some work.

Does cr.lp, b+mp xx st. Hk xx ex hooligan>k, dp/ex dp Still work?

I didn’t get it to work. On the other hand I never did this before, so it might just me fucking the timing up.

Yea, still works. Its highly meter wasteful, though.
Ending it with simply targetcombo - dp is just 30 dmg less, for no meter.

Edit: Although, it DOES look flashy as fuck :smiley:

CC -> walk forward -> st.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> slight walk forward -> -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP
396 damage
632 stun
works on everyone standing

cross up j. LK can combo into st. LP if done low enough, so you can combo st. LP into her target combo. At least it’s something.

Cc shk f hk crmp vt sthp xx arrow , dp. Still higher damage at 402 stun is lower tho 597.

Lol max range stmk vt links into super directly. No need ch. might lead to nice setups using vt strikes /

st. LP x3 xx Special Works on crouchers as well.


After arrow knockdown:

  1. vs normal quickstand: immediate lp hooligan (cancel later into strike/grab) will force whiff reversals and they auto correct in the wrong direction. You can either strike them into the ground or cancel the hooligan early to land and fully punish. Some reversals u can hooligan grab while they are still in mid air.

  2. back roll recover: use mp hooligan it would replicate the above scenario.

I will continue testing … It works on anything above 3frames reversals.

Dive Kick after EX Razor Edge Slicer will cause Ryu’s DPs to whiff at the very least.

What do you mean by cancel the hooligan early?

Reminds me of how we used to force wrong input or force wrong reversal directions in sf4 hahaha.

Basically after arrow go for immediate lp/mp hooligan and set wakeup dps. And watch them fly in the wrong direction with u. Hhaha depends on the char and reversal u can strike or grab. Or cancel the hooligan into whiff strike and land then punish with cc sthk

You mean waiting until the hooligan crosses up and then using the divekick to go back to the original side thus making the reversal whiff? Does this hit the opponent if they do nothing or you just whiff?
Making people DP towards the sky or eat a setup was the funniest part of sf4 Cammy. I’ll love if this is back in.

The hooligan itself is what makes the reversal wiff because they end up dping the wrong way. Depending on how it happens the dive kick can hit them out of the air or just wiff and make you reach the ground faster. There are times that you can air throw people out of their reversal and you can also just wiff the air grab and land if you feel like it.