Cammy combo timing

To be fair i havent played a street fighter game since super street fighter 2 turbo back in the 90s lol but street fighter 5 at e3 grabbed my attention big time. I am a huge Cammy fan so i was wondering what are the timing for the button inputs for her combos. i have been struggling with that since i got the game. I am used to other games like tekken, guilty gear, mortal kombat x and etc. so maybe i am just not used to this combo system that stret fighter v is. any suggestions is greatly appricated and thanks in advance for the help :).

Is there a combo in particular that you are having trouble with?

Go to training mode and set the dummy to block after the first hit. Make sure counterhit is not on and do NOT hit any button more than once. You’ll want your inputs to be as clean as possible, so fight the urge to spam. And just a little hint since you have tekken/gg/mk experience: You have to manually time your inputs so they’re just right and they will usually be much, much, slower than the timing on those games. Hit the second button only just before the animation of the previous one ends.

Try hitting the dummy with the, combo at first. If the dummy blocks the, you hit the button too late. If your input never came out, you did it too early. After you get this down move to, st.hp and then,
Just keep repeating it until you can get it right consistently.

Edit: Do you know how to special cancel reliably? Make sure you get them down first since every combo has one. The same training setup should work.

seems like you been out the loop, lets me help you out, first and for most, make sure your TV isn’t laggy, so pretty much you have to play on a 0 MS monitor, everybody does. Doesn’t matter how good your tv is, technology isn’t there, there is no 0 ms TV. the benq monitors are the best. they go for about 150-200.

this games combos are easy compared to sf4, they dummed down the combo’s so much. basically any basic combo should take you about 5 minutes to learn, Cammy’s basic one is standing MP to standing HP, to DP, or spiral arrow. If you can’t do that combo you shoudl sit in training until you can. once you can do that move on to her other ones.

are you using a regular controller, or a fighting game controller? or a arcade stick, ? if your serious i would strongly suggest a arcade stick or a fighting game controller. they do help a lot.

practice, doing a combo is muscle memory. If you have to think about the combo then you can’t think about the match, combos should be second nature, practice in training room, then go survival, or story. etc

have fun!

Thanks all. I guess it will take some practice :slight_smile: but i will practice

as for controllers i am playing on the playstation gamepad but i did order a hori stick just yesterday :slight_smile:
HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is what i snatched up for cheap