Cammy Combos and Glitches

Redone on 9/24/09


**Q:**Got a bit of a problem with her regular > c.lp > > cannon drill

after the last her cannon drill dont wanna come out unless i go into neutral after the c.lp. Do you have to go to neutral, or is it just something about timing?

Have had this problem with other chars to

A: It’s because you cannot cancel a C.LK into a spiral arrow, or any special attack for that matter, unless it’s either a stand-alone attack, or it’s linked.

For example: [cLK XX Spiral Arrow] works, [cLK > cLK XX Spiral Arrow] fails because you’re cancelling the cLK into the proceeding cLK. When performing her [cLK > cLP > cLK XX Spiral Arrow] you want to perform the final cLK late in comparison to the other attacks so that it links as opposed to cancelling. When you go to neutral all you’re really doing is giving it enough time to link. So suffice to say, if going to neutral works for you, then stick to that, but if not then you can perform the combo like this:

cLK, cLP, pause slightly (no need to go to neutral), cLK XX Spiral Arrow.


Just because you can execute a combo doesn’t make you a great player. You must learn your character in and out…learn pokes and throw setups. Learning combos will not magically turn you into a Daigo or Justin Wong.

for the noobs
Cr. =Crouching
cs. =Close Standing
xx =cancel
> =link,(2F) is 2 frames to hit it
HSA= Heavy Spiral Arrow (QCF+K)
Cannon Strike (jump forward QCB+K or the tiger knee motion+K)
Cannon Spike (DP + Kick)
Super (QCF x2+ K)
Ultra (QCF x2+ K)
FADC= Focus Attack Dash Cancel. Hold mp+mk then Dash forward or back requires 2 ex bars

Scrub-level Combos


(??) mash around with jabs and kicks to make stuff up

The BNB Combo, Cr.lp (2f)> xx HSA

Learn this

If the first is blocked, then chain the 3 hits for a SAFE block string. You can also tick throw your opponent between the one of the blocked normals. Another technique is focus attacking (dash forward into another block string and cammy’s pressure game or back to see how they react). Yet another (risky) option is going into a TKCannon strike for more pressure…the possibilites are huge so use your imagination!

Highest damaging combos:

-cannon strike,cr hp > cr mk xx HSA
350,5 dmg 580 stun
-canon strike,cr hp > cr mk xx HSA xx super
630,5 dmg 580 stun
-ex cannon strike,canon strike,cr hp > cr mk xx HSA
385 dmg 680 stun
-focus attack lvl3,canon strike,cr hp > cr mk xx HSA
400,5 dmg 780 stun (360,5 with lvl2 focus)
When landing a focus attack all consequent hits will scale and will do less damage! It is recommended not to use ex cannon strike after a focus attack and to keep hits to a (strong)minimum.

Visual tips for landing the ( > mk) link:the moment u see cammy redraw her fist from the hit is when u need to the cr mk link

-cannon strike, cs hp xx h canon spike
305 dmg 500 stun
-cannon strike, cs hp xx h cannon spike FADC h cannon spike
425 dmg 700 stun
-cannon strike, cs hp xx h cannon spike FADCB ultra
585 dmg 500 stun
-cannon strike, cs hp xx h cannon spike FADC h.cannon spike FADCB ultra
635 dmg 700 stun

Crossup Combos:
Cammy’s Jump Low Kick Cross ups WILL NOT cross up the following:

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile, Dhalsim, Dan, El Fuerte, Rose and Vega under normal situations.

Everyone else can be crossed up by her jump low kick easily.

However, for those select characters, I have found that they can all be crossed up as they are getting up from a knock down.

-Crossover, cr lk, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx HSA
186 dmg 380 stun
-Crossover, xx H. Cannon Spike
dmg stun
-Crossover, xx H.Cannon Spike FADC H.Cannon Spike
dmg stun
-Crossover, xx H.Cannon Spike FADCB Ultra
dmg stun
-Crossover, xx H.Cannon Spike FADC H.Cannon Spike FADCB Ultra
dmg stun
-Crossover, xx HSA
dmg stun
Crossover, xx HSA FADC into mixup game or into insane combo (scroll down)
dmg and stun will vary greatly

Hit Confirm Combos:
-cannon strike, cr lk, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx HSA
226 dmg 430 stun
-cannon strike, cr lp, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx HSA
221 dmg 430 stun

Visual tips for landing the link:

-cannon strike, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx h cannon spike
208,5 dmg 400 stun
-cannon strike, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx h cannon spike FADC h canon spike
313,5 dmg 600 stun
-ex cannon strike, cr lp (2f)> cr lk xx h cannon spike FADC ultra
428,5 dmg 400 stun

Anti air combo:
-cannon spike FADC h cannon spike
300 dmg 400 stun
-cannon spike FADC h cannon spike FADCB ultra
580 dmg 400stun

Punishing a Badly Spaced Fireball Combos:, xx HSA
305 dmg 480 stun
-J. hk,c. mk xx HSA xx super
625 dmg 480 stun

Punishing a Whiffed Special (ex. shoryuken) Combo:
-cr. mk xx HSA
205 dmg 208 stun
-cr. mk xx HSA xx super
565 dmg 208 stun

-cs hp xx h cannon spike
250 dmg 400 stun
-cs hp xx h cannon spike FADC cannon spike
385 dmg 600 stun
-cs hp xx h cannon spike FADCB ultra
530 dmg 400 stun
-cs hp xx h cannon spike FADC cannon spike FADCB ultra
630 dmg 600 stun

-cs hp xx HSA
dmg, stun
-cs hp xx HSA xx Super
dmg, stun
-cs hp xx HSA FADCF into mixup game or insane combo
dmg, stun

less usefull/other combos

-cannon strike,cs mp (2f)> cr mp xx HSA
310,5 dmg 480 stun
-cannon strike,cs mp (2f)> cr mp xx HSA xx super
590,5 dmg 480 stun
Visual tips for landing the link:the moment u see the character duck over from the hit is when u need to hit the cr mp

-mostly designed by ditn with additions and fixes by dodgers2213 and the community

Situational Combos


(1) On certain characters: (jump in attack or Focus Attack crumple) Crouching HP ->

LINK Cannon Spike then ->
a). FADC Cannon Spike
b). FADCb **Gyro Drive Smasher **

(2) In the corner:
a) Ex Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike , FADCb Gyro Drive Smasher
b) Spinning Back Fist, Cannon Spike (you can also FADCB into Ultra)

(3) If you manage to land it…Spinning Back Fist ->
a) Gyro Drive Smasher
b) xx Spin Drive Smasher

(4) Anti-Air Cannon Spike TRADE, dash forward Cannon Spike
A) FADCB Gyro Drive Smasher

(5) hooligan slide
A)h. canon spike
250 dmg 350 stun
B) h canon spike FADCB Ultra
530 dmg 350 stun

The Insane-level Combo


(1) (can sub a jump in Fierce Punch or roundhouse kick) Crouching HP, Crouching MK xx Hk Spiral Arrow FADCF LINK Close lp, cl.FP either…

A) xx Cannon Spike ->FADCf-> Cannon Spike (believe this does more damage/stun)
B) xx Hk Spiral Arrow->FADCf->Close lp, Close FP xx Spiral Arrow or Cannon Spike (flaaaaaasssh)

to add even more flash, maybe you want to do cl.lp, cl.MP, cr.MK xx MK Spiral Arrow (fairly certain Hk only gets 1 hit at this distance, so MK does more damage)

either version of the combo should do more than 500 damage and I believe if you jump into the Cannon Spike version it gives about 800+stun…only problem with this combo is the annoying Hk Spiral Arrow->FADC Close/Crouching LP one frame links

about cr. FP, Cannon Spike…it’s an easy link…cr.FP is +7 on hit and Cannon Spike comes out on the 5th frame…but it IS character specific

one final note is that standing close LP does 5 more damage than crouching LP, which is why I used it in this particular combo

-Scythe Master [/details]

The “impress a scrub” combos aka not very practical combos


(1) EX Tiger Knee Cannon Strike x4, Tiger Knee Cannon Strike, Crouching Hp, Crouching mk xx Hk Spiral Arrow

(2) EX Tiger Knee Cannon Strike x4, Tiger Knee Cannon Strike, **Gyro Drive Smasher **

(3) EX Tiger Knee Cannon Strikex2, Tiger Knee Cannon Strike, Standing HP xx Hk Cannon Spike , FADCf, Hk Cannon Spike

(4) EX Tiger Knee Cannon Strikex2, Tiger Knee Cannon Strike, Standing close HP xx Hk Cannon Spike, FADC backward, **Gyro Drive Smasher **

-why not use these? They use TOO much Ex Meter. You are going to want to SAVE that meter unless you are dominating a noob or feeling lucky

Trial mode with Cammy- combos


I ignored moves that did not end in specials

-HP, Cannon Spike

-J.HK,, HK Spiral Arrow xx Spin Drive Smasher- 10 hits

-Hooligan (Slide kick) xx Spin Drive Smasher- 5 hits

-Spinning Backfist xx Spin Drive Smasher- 8 hits

-Spinning Backfist-> juggle with **Gyro Drive Smasher **(won’t finish the ultra)- 6 hits

-J.HK,,,, HK Spiral Arrow xx Spin Drive Smasher- 12 hits

-Cannon Strike,, S.HP, Cannon Spike- 5 hits

-Ex Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, FA BACK Dash Cancel into **Gyro Drive Smasher **(won’t finish)- 6 hits

-Cannon Strike, S.HP, Cannon Spike FADC to Cannon* Spike *FA BACK Dash into **Gyro Drive Smasher **- 8 hits




-Cammy’s Ultra vs Blanka Ultra…

This happened to me twice and I was pretty pissed when they happened.

Setup: I did a canon spike as Blanka starts his ultra, with canon spike’s invincible frames, I went through blanka’s ultra ending up on the other side, blanka on the other hand, holds his ultra stationary on ground, so from behind him, I started Cammy’s ultra. (I use this strategy quite often, after a knock down, I intentionally bait Blanka Ultra by walking right next to him performing my C.Spike on his wake up knowing my C.Spike invincible frames will allow me to pass through him).

Normally (99% of the time) this should own blanka’s ultra and deal full damage to him, but once in a blue moon, Cammy’s ultra will only hit Blanka EXACTLY ONE HIT in his ultra dealing minimal damage and knocking blanka down while going THROUGH blanka so she ended up in front of blanka again.

I know for sure Blanka player was holding his ultra roll during his ultra in these freak occurrences.

-El Fuerte with Cammy (Could be with others too but I don’t know).


I was 1/2 screen away, El Fuerte starts his Ultra, I back dashed…

Normally you would think, El Fuerte is going to miss so badly its not even funny since I was 1/2 screen away…

BUT!!! While I was in the cart wheel, El Fuerte TRAVELED almost 3/4 of the screen from where he started and STOMPED me!!! WTF??? I have never seen El Fuerte’s Ultra traveled THAT far away. Anyways this happened to me TWICE with 2 different El Fuertes both times I was back dashing… Either Cammy has a stray hit box or there’s something messed up…[/details]

Special thanks to the entire community for making all this possible

getting ahead of the game i see

does not work, but if you C.Spike into the corner, the ultra will hit 2-3. but it’ll not launch into air at all.

Hooligan into Slide > Ultra has a better chance of connecting and will work mid-screen.

this combo was demonstrated on the 1up gamenight. Timing must be good but its hardly worth the trouble
Would look decently cool against a scrubby opponent though

it’d be nice to see a video reference…

i got it to work mid screen with 5 hits as a really-iffy juggle but does pretty good damage regardless, but the cammy won’t launch the opponent into the air. at all. Judging about the actual properties of the ultra, if the opponent isn’t grounded i dont think it’ll ever launch from either the slide or c.spike. The only other possibility is if it the other guy has a larger hitbox…

around the 18 min mark

yeah, he did the same 5-hit that i did, and it wont launch. so sorry cammy, can’t link it into a combo. at least it seems to have ok startup…

that’s why i said it may not finish…which i should have wrote it wont finish instead

Besides, the finish does unimpressive damage anyway

aw thats so depressing! doesnt finish :frowning:

made me laugh how one guy couldn’t bust an ultra off of fei longs command grab. that and some of their execution was just… crap. I wish i could test out SF4 before the release :frowning:

i agree with the above poster. Alot of them said alot of things i don’t agree with. I haven’t played the game yet, but i think those guys were just sucking heh. I’ll definately be trying to ultra off the grab myself before i take anyone’s word for it.

just added a ton of combos. Correct any mistakes that you see

PS- I put in colors to help just in case somebody reads a combo wrong.
For Example…
Cannon Spike =/= Cannon Strike

Thanks for the vid. Every time she does a combo that ends with the Ultra, I’m hoping she’d finish it at least once. lol

I can dream. :rofl:

What part of Cammy’s ultra that needs to hit for her to finish up to the throw?

the end cannon spike

Then why doesn’t she finish it up in the video in the “Cammy’s Videos” thread the full trial/challenge one?

Thanks for the combos!


Nice read and i am so pumped to play this girl she may have alot of potential :wgrin:

from what I gather, there’s actually 2 hits in-between the first four hits from the spiral arrow portion of it and the cannon spike where she does a little spin on the floor (kinda like the first fer hits of her super in CvS2 where she goes straight up…can’t remember the name) looks like she goes into the cutscene cannon spike from that second hit.

still it doesn’t do terrible damage without the cutscene LOOKs like comparable damage to metsu hadouken…could be wrong on that

i didnt notice if anyone posted it but with cammy you can tiger knee her dive kick to punish lows and get a free super if you have the meter. i didnt get to test it out tonight for ultra but if you do it low enough it makes for good combo starters and block strings on people without good AAA.

by the way its more of a qcb to uf+k since you cant do the dive jumping backwards. but good for meaty attacks on wakeup.