Cammy CONFIRMED to be in Street Fighter x Tekken!



Ok, I might be 2000 and LATE but this news has got me all hot and bothered…I randomly decided to check up on Street Fighter x Tekken today and found a video posted TODAY which is a teaser for the game. Have a look for yourself!!! Can you say EPIC!!!



that’s cammy allright


I took 2 min out of my day because I was curious, so if anyone cares:

far.lp 3F (same)
cr.lp 3F (same) 3F (same) 5F (same)
far hk 8F (same) 7F (same) can crossup (way more easily)

Spiral Arrow 15F startup, old 2-hit hk arrow distance from SSF4, seems ~-10 to -12 on block (similar to SSF4)
Cannon Strike 12F startup (same)
Spin Knuckle ~32-34F startup (same)
Throw range: still garbage


Wow did you play the game or just get this from videos? That’s amazing man great stuff


Wrong, throw range for Cammy in SFxT is normal. Throw ranges have been “nerfed” period in SFxT so it’s nice that everyone now has to play with Cammy throw ranges in SFxT. Even Ken’s godly Kara throw is out or severely toned down (but despite that he’s looking a top character atm since his normals and moveset suit this engine).

Anyway if you don’t mind I’ll be posting that info in the Cammy thread I made in the SFxT section.


Do you have any proof, video or picture wise? Just asking.


Ever since Captivate players who tested the game @ events have mentioned the throw range being ass in general. Here’s one of the more later impressions.

Seth and Ono have mentioned the “nerfed” throw range in interviews as well.