Cammy EVO 2K10 Thread

Is it too early to post this? I’m not sure, but whatever, I am hyped about this year’s EVO!

Mainly I think this will help everyone see who’s going this year.

I plan to (not competing, I can’t get that Friday off so I will head up Friday night), unless something drastically changes.

I’ve already met many of you IRL, but it would be cool to get some casuals in and cheer for you. Hopefully there will be some new faces as well.

I am going to EVO reppin Cammy all the way for SSF4 and HD Remix…

I will be bringing my PS3 and 2 of my dual modded sticks. My buddy will bring either an LCD or an LCD projector. Hope to see you guys in Vegas…

BTW, I have yet booked my room… My buddy and I are going in 1 car, so if anyone here wanna split the room cost with us let me know…
Last year, we have EvilDrakeFang hanging out with us and it was a blast and a really good training for my buddy and me.

I’m going… look for the handle ‘G’… i got a big true arcade stick with a lightning bolt pattern on it… say hi if you see me

… also Faux i got my room reserved and all that and most of my potential roommates bailed on me already, so far we just have me and my brother staying in the room, but our teammate from cali might showup and split it with us too but in all regards we got the room and we could use the $ assist… lemme know if you’re interested, pm me and we’ll talk it over…

I’m in the exact same situation as Barzaad. I got my room reserved and 4 people bailed on me because planes tickets aren’t cheap enough for them. I’m going to be using cammy the whole way regardless of the matchup. So wish me luck

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I’ll be in Vegas 3 weeks from today, I"m damn excited. Oh yeah, and I’ll be entering that tourney thingimajig. Only SSF4, I fell off the TvC boat when someone here just started destroying everyone with Zero, haha. I think I entered my handle the same as the my one here. Figured that would be most recognizable.

My city is bringing basically 1/4 of our scene, about 11 to 13 people I think? Can’t remember. We got rooms and I think we’ll be doing money matches and shit. Good amount of drinking too.

I’ll be there and using Cammy all the way. hope to get casuals in with you guys.

Ah the envy… I’m feeling it.

I want to go so bad, but money is the main problem. Delta Red Represent! Most of us Tennessee players are not going, but a really good Dudley player from our scene is going, and when I say good he’s pretty beast. Good luck to the Cammys!

Faux your going? Thats sweet. Steinmania is going and reppin his Cammy also.

I’ma play hard this year and see you all next year.

I’ll be headed there reppin cammy/akuma/fei. I use cammy for everyone but cammy/gief/fuerte/abel/thawk-those are akuma matches, and I use fei as a wildcard character just in case.

Im ready…just needed a plane ticket lol. Check it out Faux.



Wow, you guys are rollin’ deep. That is good stuff.


Nice, same thing is happening in my area, about 20 are going to evo. Sadly i am not one of them due to not being able to get the time off work.

I’ll be at EVO for sure. I don’t have any alts I feel comfortable with just yet, so I’ll be using Cammy the entire time. Can’t wait to get some offline matches with you guys.

Same here and I’ll be competing. Best of luck to all my fellow Cammy players, hopefully I’ll catch some of you there.

Where did you get the Cammy graphics for your 360?

I’ll 75% be there!

I heard a rumor that all the Fuerte’s @ Evo are gonna out for tacos.

Let’s find the Dudley’s and have a classy party, a gala if you will.

Sucks to live in the UK… and have very little spare money to spend.

Get those some videos up as soon as you can guys! Have fun!

DAMNIT I wish I had the loot to go to EVO. That sounds like it’s going to be a blast!:crybaby: