Cammy FADC combos



So I really want to go up a level, but I don’t get these FADC links.

Is there a trick to getting them easier?

Say for instance
cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mp, HK SA XX cr. lp, cr. hp, cr. mk, HK SA

Hitting the cr. lp to initiate the next combo, can plinking help? I don’t get the timing.


Yes its possible to Plink jabs with back/select.

I have modded my sticks and swapped 3p with back button. My friend uses pad and he blinks consistently without any changes to his pad. (st jab thu)

However, in most cases I would rather not go for the fadc combos. Unless it’s for a kill or for a specific setup that will leave me with a guaranteed advantage. Meter management is very important when playing this character.

Stun scenario. unblockable setup. Extra damage to win the round… Anything else I would save whatever meter I have.

Overall it’s good practice to get the fadc link down. (training mode)… And be able to use such combos when needed.