Cammy fanart


Havent done street fighter fanart for ages, so decided to make a cammy fanart since shes an old favourite (picked her up in sf IV to).

Picture is of Cammy sitting on a defeated boxer:


Damn, she’s looking apprehensive as hell, like she’s scared she killed a dude.

Maybe you should have her kill off a character no one likes and have her be gloating about it. Like Ken. Like Rufus.

Drawing could be just a huge zoomed in Cammy ass plastered across the screen, maybe a description letting people know the occasion.


not bad

the right arm looks a little small and the left arm looks a bit strange near the elbow same with the right knee

downed balrog looks great though


And here i thought nobody liked Balrog XD

Gonna try and fix her right arm onse i get home, its been bothering me to =)


Good stuff :tup:

Since SF4 I think Balrog Popularity went up


And i thought SF4 would make him less popular, hes a pain to fight against haha

Made a few changes to the picture, fixed her right arm =)


Does cammy ever fart?