Cammy Faq

The Cammy Thread!!!

Lp=cyan blue,yellow hair
lk=light green,yellow hair
hp=drk blue, yellow hair
hk= i think it’s purpule, with orange hair
a1=i think its pink, with yellow hair
a2= black, with pink hair(the “black” cammy)

special moves

Cannon drill= qcf k
cannon spike= z-motion k
cannon kick=qcb k
hoolagin combonation=hcb p
k=to do the cannon kick
p=to grab
pressing nothing=cammy will slide to trip the opp.
psycho punch=qcf p


Killer Bee Assult AKA maximum cammy=qcb pp
um dunno wut this is called but’s the 1 that goes strait uo=qcb kk
cannon axel spike(smtin like day)=qcf kk

ill be back later to post the combos

i’m trying to use the cannon spike (in the air qcb w/ k) at the end of an AC to land right next to the opponent so i can throw them. is this possible? for instance, if i have no meter or want to do a funky resent, do an AC, end with cannon spike (deliberately blocked) and then land to throw. i do it on the computer and it works, but never really got the chance on a human opponent. does it work?

no that doesnt work because if u do the cannon kick(qcb k) and hits the opp she bounces off and nothin connects. see if u do that on advance players they can easly counter it and punish so don’t do it. do it on less skillful players


sj=super jump
lp=light punch button
lk=light kick button
hp=hard punch
hk=hard kick
otg=off the ground
dhc=delayed hyper combo
ocv=one charecter victory
C.D=cannon drill
C.S=cannon spike
KBA=killer bee assult
qcf=quarter circle forward
qcb=" " back
hcf=half " forward
hcb=" " back

lp,lk,c hp, sj lp,lk,lp,lk, hk cannon drill, kba

The uselles combo=lp,lk,c hp, lp,lp,lp,lp, rj lp,lp,lp,lp, cannon drill, kba(does like no dmg but fun to do:D)(dont do this combo if ur tryin to make a comeback)

  • after the kba is over, u can dash lk, c hp and do another A.C.

lp,c lk, c hp, lp,lk,lp,throw(punch), lk(juggle), cannon drill, kba

Ramy is teaching ppl how to use cammy?!?!?!?


Does Cable go well with Cammy? What assist should I use her with him? Lates. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, i’m trying to get back into cammy, so i’m trying to make a team kinda focused around her. right now, it’s cammy, doom, sent. this is just for practice (to get better with cammy) and if somebody challenges me, i switch sent in first. is this an ok team?

Can someone explain Cam’s double throw air combo. I remember seeing it in some of Justin’s old vids. It was done on Sent., so I don’t know if it’s only possible on smaller characters. I know it has something to do with connecting hits after her -->fp throw. The timing is really critical though and hard to get. Any tips or help on this guys?

is cammy’s corner infinite considered practical in a real match?

first cable and cammy are evil together. i use storm cable cammy thats a pretty good so yes cammyu is good with cble

sent doom cammy is a good team but cable counters the hole team um i recomend to either use storm or cable instead of doom but over all thats a godd team and yes cammy goes last

cammy dbl throw combo is sorta usefull but mad techble so not recomended but good to know

J.S shut the fuck up and get lost:mad:

i’m sorry, but i couldn’t stop laughing to see u teaching ppl how to use cammy.
mainly cuz u suck and u come in last place in almost all tournaments, and u do not know what ur talking about.

btw, find ur own team instead of copying mine.
stupid scrub :bluu:

this is my team ive been using from like sept


CAmmy fears Sent, cable, Magneto, Storm, and the rest of the fuckin world. If you think you guys have a really good cammy come down and play mines. The only person who can beat my cammy is wong (cammy vs. cammy) :slight_smile:

This is not shogun BTW im just bored and fuckin around… figure me out

Shogun has the best Cammy in the West Coast… thats my 2 cents

LOL, now i have to laugh even harder!!!
cuz i thought u come in last becuz u didn’t know how to use this team, or ur juss experienting this team. :lol:

I just picked up cammy and am having trouble connecting her cannon drill into super in an air combo. Is there any special way to get it to connect?! Everytime I do the dirll and the super, it will miss. Is the timing on it really that tight?!

not really. Make sure you do a hk cannon drill, and cancil as soon as you see it hit. It is a fast cancil…but make sure you don’t cancil too fast, or the cannon drill doesn’t come out, and you won’t pop the guy into blue flames.

I know that the combo is very techable, but I’d still like to know the timing on it. Can you post it anyway please:D

Thanks, yeah I was using LK. Tried it today and got on the first try with HK, was even able to follow up with an OTG into another!

ok instead of .c hp lp lk lp lk qcf HK xx qcb 2p just do

. c hp lp lp qcf HK xx qcb 2p because its easir and does a little more damage.

launch, XX fk cannon drill XX KBA does max damage.