Cammy Figure Box Art

I’m looking for a scan or some kind of image online of the box art for this Cammy figure:

It’s done by Akiman and I’d love to turn it into a wallpaper or something. I’ve looked everywhere, but the only things I can find are photos from sites selling the figure. No one seems to have the art itself.

Anyone know where I can find it? :shake:

That is the best looking cammy art I’ve ever seen.

So you appreciate my quest… :rofl:

I have that model, kept the box just for that art, I dont think you can find that art anywhere though, might be on Akiman web page but I doubt it now since its old.

erm yea sorry not much help.

Dang… The statue was released only about a year and a half ago. I’d scan the box that I have, but it arrived kinda banged up and the corner crease might be hard to touch up. I tore through Akiman’s blog site but he doesn’t post too much of his own work. I’ve hit almost every image gallery and depository that I know of. If I’m really lucky, someone around this board might know somewhere to look that I haven’t…

Can you scan the box? I want it now.

Its late here in the UK im about to hit bed, when I get up I’ll give it a scan for you guys.

I owe ya, man! Thanks! Like I said, if nothing else, it will make sweet wallpaper!

OMFG !!!

totally takes of pant :encore:

Yea gave it a scan guys, had to do some touching up in PS obviously the box was not really meant to be bent so it has a line down the middle I did my best to get rid of it, hopefully you wont notice lol.

Doing that taught me a few things since Im an arty person, you wont believe the amount of different colours that are in cammys hat alone, opened my eyes about painting for sure.

Anyway enough talk here you go, enjoy.

You forgot to link it :sad:

Yea my mom called me just as I was about to post it :lol:

Thanks so much, man!! It looks gorgeous! :lovin:

Now that we have this awesome piece of art to work with… Anyone care to attempt making a sweet wallpaper with it? Here’s a quick one I made for my laptop: