Cammy Frame Traps

This has essentially become a general chat about Cammy, her frame data, and frame traps. I’ll do my best to keep things updated here at the top, and give credit where it’s due.

Before I even get to the data, if you aren’t a 100% sure on how frame data works, or what frame traps are, please follow this link to a great pair of videos on the topic.

Frame Data Links:

Google Document from Prima Guide (Thanks @WydD)
Dantarion’s Frame Data from digging through the PC version

@WydD was awesome enough to put this together, so I’ll quote it here at the top.

Video demonstrating the frame traps above:



Cammy won’t be landing any Crush Counters most likely, but st. MP into c. MP is solid since it is an easy hit confirm. I need to hit the lab later.

Do we have the frame date for Cammy yet?

The only frame data floating around right now is from the beta’s. I doubt all of it is reliable at the moment…


I set the AI Ryu to mash jab on guard recovery and when I got a counter I assumed that was a frame trap. Here’s what I got (on day -3 lol)

Beats 3 frame jabs:




Hope that’s easy to understand, it was just for my own personal use and didn’t think anybody else would want my notes. It’s basically on the top line is a move and anything that’s put under it x/y/z stops people trying to mash jab.

EDIT: I just assumed Ryu’s cr. jab was 3f, it might be 4. I don’t know lol.

DP as frame trap? heh
fHK is -2, you can’t frame trap people after a negative move in this game.

Meh, what can I say. I like my gimmicks lol. I don’t have the frame data, but I know it works since the DP is invincible. In MK counts as a frame trap if you do something safe but negative then follow up with an armoured attack to beat an opponent pressing any button - wasn’t sure if it translated to SF, but hey ho I tried haha.

@ScottTheScot cr.lp is 4 frames on ryu, his st. lp is 3f

Positive on block normals are:
[] st. lp: +2
] st. mp: +2
[] v-skill: +2
] st. lk: +1
[] cr. lp: +1
] cr. mp: +1

(all the rest is negative!)

cr. mp is definitely a strong candidate for the trap because of the range, has a startup of 5f, and is of higher priority (it’s still a thing right?). These are 3f traps
[] v-skill cr. mp
] st. mp cr. mp
[*] st. lp cr. mp (if st. lp hits counter, the link still works)
On counter hit: can link to cr. mk, cr. hk or st. hp if the range allows it

b. mp is another option (4f startup) that works on +1 but its range is very short. You can do
[*] (cr.) lp, and confirm
Out of range: v-skill, lp,

If the situation allows it, you have also 4f traps by including st. mp or st. hp (6f startups) or using +1 normals with cr. mp. As a recall, st. mp outputs +7 and +9 counter, meaning cr. hp can land (with v-trigger cancel or CA)

For light traps, on cammy, cr. lp is 3f and all the others are 4f. So the only guaranteed 2f trap is
[] st. mp (cr.) light
] v-skill (cr.) light
[*] cr. mp cr. lp
The rest can be beaten by jab equality.
Note that all jabs can link up to 6f on counter, so cr. mp, st. mp and st. hp are possible.


Awesome. Thank you for putting that together.

@WydD Good information to know, thank you! I didn’t have frame data so it was hard to be accurate with my tests.

Do you have a link to the frame data? Is there frame data for all characters available? I’d love to get stuck into some lab work with it.

Download the VFrames app (its free on android, don’t know about the other platforms). It is the most accurate and useful so far.

The official frame data is given in the official guide from Prima Games. They published a frame data app for phone which is what I’m based on (at least for ios but I think there’s one for android).

I just found out that someone gave the Frame Data for all characters based on the guide

Thanks guys, I have IOS but that google doc seems good to me! :slight_smile:

I’ve been quoting and linking all the relevant info up top. If there’s anything you would like to add, post it here in the body, or shot me a message.

Ok after some tests in the lab, here’s what works and what don’t

In the cr. mp list everything works as expected basically. All cr. mp can follow-up with cr. mk and cannon spike or spiral arrow. However, st.lp with trap on does not work (on ryu at least), too much push back.
On the b. mp side, any traps with jab (cr. or not) works as expected but timing is really hard to confirm!
For light traps, unfortunately there is too much push back to make the link st. lp counter -> st. hp which is on block for some reason. Therefore, no clear damage can output from this. But, cr. mp cr. lp works as expected.

Now, I’ve fiddled with crossup lk which traps pretty easily on st. mp allowing cr. hp. This cr. hp is CA-cancelable and V-Trigger cancelable (with a cr. mk followup), so expect a ~350-400 damage from a trap :slight_smile:

So here’s the list of clear confirmed 3f traps with a strong enough followup
[] v-skill cr. mp (cr. mk or cr. hk)
] st. mp cr. mp (cr. mk or cr. hk)
[] st. lp cr. mp (cr. mk or cr. hk)
] (cr.) lp (xx hk if you’re fast enough)
[] cr. mp cr. lp (st. hp)
] crossup j. lk st. mp (cr. hp or cr. mk)

If you allow 4f traps for characters without a 3f light (birdie, dhalsim, fang, ken, bison, nash, zangief)
[] st. lp st. mp (cr. hp or cr. mk)
] st. mp st. mp (cr. hp or cr. mk)
[] v-skill st. mp (cr. hp or cr. mk)
] cr. mp cr. mp (cr. mk cr. hk)
[*] cr. lp cr. mp (cr. mk or cr. hk)

Other traps may exists but depends on the character. For instance, cr. lp cr. mp is a jab trap on ryu even thought it’s a 4f trap, but hurtbox of the jab against crouched cammy makes it alright.

@n0b34ts you can maybe put this two lists on top :slight_smile: I think i’ll do a quick video tomorrow to showcase those traps.

@WydD Done.

Hey everyone, I’ve put together a small video with all the discussed traps, enjoy

[quote=“WydD, post:17, topic:177955”]

Hey everyone, I’ve put together a small video with all the discussed traps, enjoy


I think I will put this into the Tech section.

Built in frame trap on Lsa knockdown

Mp, fp xx Lsa, jfwd + lk, mp, fp xx

For the jfwd + lk, i have been trying to hit just above waist, so it combos into mp if it hits.

NRec - crosses up
BRex - hits front

Have not tried using dk

Awesome collection! leveled up my cammy for sure. (finally picked a main haha)