Cammy - free DLC for iPhone Street Fighter IV




lol talk about a character that wont transition well to the iphone.

People said the same thing about the game itself.

too bad it ain’t for the Touch

lol playing Street Fighter on a phone

I’m pretty sure that the app works on iPod touches too.

Really? Cammy? I was hoping for Viper or even Hawk. But cammy’s kinda disappointing. Ah well, at least theyre supporting the game.

You guys doubting this game oughtta try it. Its a really good translation, and yes, it works on the iTouch too!


if it’s for the iphone, it’s for the ipod touch too.

It should be atleast.

Playing Viper with iphone controls.


They damn well better be expanding the cast, that was the most expensive App I’ve ever bought. It’s kind of entertaining but it really isn’t that great and sure as Hell isn’t a good way to practice while on the go. Either way, give us more for our money.