Cammy-Friendly Teams

I haven’t seen a whole lot of this covered in the other Cammy threads, so I wanted to make a thread specifically for Cammy-friendly teams.

Personally, I find Cammy-b/Doom-b/Morrigan-a to be a favorite.

Doom’s rocks give Cammy the chance to go in and out wothout much of a worry unless pushblocked, and even then, the opponent runs the risk of getting hit by any stray rock or Cammy’s attack. By having Doom, Cammy’s meter gets built up faster than normally.

With Morrigan, Cammy has a cover assist if someone happens to rush her. Morrigan’s Shadow Blade comes out about as fast as Psylocke’s Psy Blade, so the person may not see it coming unless they have good reflexes.

For any useful DHCs, Cammy can do her standing LP, standing LK, then her Spin Drive Smasher DHCed into Doom’s Electric Ball. If super is left, then DHC into either Morrigan’s Soul Eraser or Morrigan’s DI.

As an assist, Cammy’s Cannon Drill helps to set for any combos with Doom and Morrigan. It’s not entirely as effective as Cammy’s AA in that it can’t go through supers (Storm’s Hailstorm, CapCom’s Captain Sword, etc.), but all honesty, you’ll end up using either Doom’s assist or Morrigan’s assist. Cammy’s is somewhat like a last resort, and it also helps keep the opponent grounded.

Well, if there are any other teams that you all would like to add, feel free to. I’m getting back into Cammy, and I know most of her basic things, but I think that seeing others’ opinions on her more effective teams may help me in seeing where to go from here.


I would use:




I suck…

All the teams sHiNeRiK posted are good.

If your Sentinel is decent, go with one of the Sent-based teams.

I use

Storm cable cammy

Psylocke Storm Cammy

Storm Cammy Doom

anyone have a suggestion for cammy teams? A non tier based teams. i’m just interested in fun and nothing competitive

I read on the gamefaq character guide that Cammy/Doom/Iron Man is alright. Anything else? The first post’s team suggestion interests me alot (cammy/morrigan/doom)

I’m new at this…but Cammy/Morigan/Doom was pretty fun. Right now i’m experimenting with Cammy/Doom/Bison

Bison and Doom have some killer combos (bison,, Doom AA, Slide into Psycho Field jump into Psycho crusher)

Doom’s AA helps cammy get inside to deal damage

I bought this game today, and WOW do I suck!!! I’m almost tempted to not play it again, but I keep hearing how great Cammy is in it and it makes me want to get better. It just seems like it’s a much harder game to grasp than say, SF4 or ST. Anyone else having trouble adjusting?

I’m no expert, but I do know that you’ll have a harder time improving if you just jump in and start playing guys way above your level. Find someone to learn the game with, use the SRK resources, and drill in the basic concepts of the game (combos, air jugs, DHC, etc.)

I’d also advise to choose a team that interests you. Don’t feel like you HAVE to have people on your team cause that’s what the top-tiers are… just have fun and you’ll begin to pick it up big time. Be warned tho that there are definitely BAD TEAMS. As in Cammy won’t mesh with certain chars.

Wow…it’s been a long time since I’ve visited these forums…last visit it says was in 04. Been playing for even longer than that. Although I wouldnt say I was pro, I like to think I have a pretty darn decent grasp of this game. And Cammy is kinda my front runner.

My most often used team is Cammy/T. Bonne/Cable.

I generally jump over my opponent and call T. Bonne as an assist (or with a quick reaction, throw the opponent if they jump too), crossing them up and hopefully confusing their blocking direction. When on the other side I go for a,, c.hp, magic series, cannon drill xx KBA. If possible, I otg after that and either do a sj.lp,,, pause, and throw, so I can reset…or just another magic series, cannon drill xx KBA.

T. Bonne’s assist is abusable for it’s glitched extra damage but she is fairly vulnerable to attack, luckily Cammy is pretty quick in responding to save her team mate.

Honestly…I didnt know who else to put in the team but I noticed that I dont often need to use Cammy’s super meter all that often…and who better to use up stored super meter than Cable?

As for assists like Doom’s rocks…I always found that his rocks dont really set up much for Cammy when they hit. And when they do hit, it’s tough to combo because the extra rocks will generally hit the opponent out of what ever you’re doing since they cause them to bounce. Doom, in my opinion, belongs to Strider. :stuck_out_tongue:

cammy, cable, and…

Who would be good to throw in with cammy and cable? I don’t feel like learning mags, and sentinel is a ton of work too?

Tron-Y would work well. Extra block stun will help out a bunch. However, it seems like it’d get stomped on by Sent/Cyke.

If you can block well, I think Cammy/Cable/Commando would be a pretty frustrating team to play against. I can just picture someone like Eddie Lee picking that. :rofl:

Mixup used to mess around with her:

Any sort of assist that covers Cammy’s approach or pins the opponent work well, eg. Sent drones, Tron rings are excellent. A common and effective tactic is to cannon drill in the air while calling Sent drones since if they block the drill, the drones will prevent them from punishing. A well, you can cannon drill over their head to cross them over and have the drones hit. Of course, don’t be too predictable with it.

She also works well with Psylocke/Cyclops/SonSon AAAs because they set up combo opportunities for big damage.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I’ll try to throw sent in there and use his drones. Only problem is i’m building my sent game up from scratch; Tron would be nice too, but i frankly just don’t want to play someone from megaman legends…who’s not servbot. I might eventually try psylock, cyk, or capcom if i give up on sent. I took almost a decade break from this game and wanna start building up some other top tier guys, so i think sent would be a good fit for my cable and cammy. Getting back is rough.

I’ve been having fun with a Cammy-A/Blackheart-B/CapCom-B team. DHCs all over the place, and Cammy and Blackheart’s styles compliment each other really well. The fullscreen coverage of Blackheart/CapCom’s AAA’s is generally awesome too.

I use Cammy/CapCom/Tron - Makes certain matchups nearly impossible to beat (3 beam chars usually f’ me up) but I have a hell of a lot of fun playing this team.

Cyclops, Cammy, Mega Man…

Heres some basic tips for Cammy on point vs. the 4 god tiers.

Vs. Cable
I like this match up personally.
Point vs. Point, its pretty easy to keep pressure on Cable. What I mainly wait for is a nj. Forward. When they nj, just jump up and Fp throw, follow up with a c.fpxx whatever.
It’s techable, but its a damn fast throw, and most people wont catch it at first.

This is if you have two bars. If you manage to block an AHVB with another character (i.e. Sent) and you have cammy backed up as an assist (AA). While ur blocking the AHVB Assist counter (?), basically hadouken + Cammy Assist. And Cammy will fly right through the AHVB, then just KBA once ur above the AHVB.

Be careful when doing the B&B combo against cable as he is one of the characters that drops from the KBA more frequently. I find that if you keep the CannondrillxxKBA low the drop rate is less. So instead of magic series CDxxKBA, just sj.lp sj.lp CDxxKBA or cdxxKBA.

vs. Sentinel
Try catching sent in the air as he attempts to chase you, catch with a lk. Fromt here just CDxxKBA. Vary your movements in the air with Cammy’s DJ.

ON THE GROUND = D, D/B, B + FK, cancel with FP Is an unblockable throw against sent, Cant really do anything off of it but the lil bit of dmg helps.

If sent is flying low, and you manage to fall on him (From a SJ or NJ) with a lk. lk. then immediately nj. FP throw. Really quick, Hard for them to tech out, and leads to easy C.FP Whatever.

Vs. Storm
A tougher battle for Cammy.

When Storm gears up for a Hailstorm you can KBA through it as long as you begin the KBA while shes still flying up/away.

While when storm goes for HIGH triangle jumps towards you (i.e. When she Sjs. Fierce, AD/DF towards you and Fierce) You can punish most of the time with the D, D/B, B + KK Super. I’ve been experimenting with her D/F HK Launcher as a possible counter but its difficult to time.

Vs. Magneto
IMO the toughest god tier battle for Cammy.

Try to punish High TJs just like with storm.

You can KBA through his Shockwave super but not through Tempest.

General Gameplay:

After a KBA most players roll, so that you cant connect the Dash C.FP after the KBA. Play a mix up game by: After the KBA, Dash towards the character, then as they roll towards you, Dash Backwards. If timed right, its pretty difficult to see which side Cammy will end up on as their character stands. You can even add another dash right as theyre at the end of their roll.

Its pretty difficult to Guardbreak with her.
You can do the j.lp land D/F HK launcher. But I have trouble with that.
Instead I Dash under as they’re character is entering the screen and D, D/B, B + KK Super. This crosses up sometimes esp. against sent.

If you manage to pressure to the corner, you can Tick throw with a FP throw which leads into unrollable C.FP. (I.E. Dash c.lp, wait a split sec, FP throw)

Cammy’s Snap has hardly any range, I never really use it.

Some people like to Canon Spike Downwards while in the air to keep pressure.

I prefer to cannon drill forward, Varying between the lk and HK, while being covered by an assist (Drones, Typhoon).

Um thats all I can remember for now.

I love this bitch

Awesome stuff, dude. :tup:

I’m playing Cammy/Cyclops/Commando right now. It works, but definitely has room for improvement. Cyclops is the weakest link, I probably would’ve dropped him by now, except he’s good at doing chip damage.

For fun I like Cammy/Ken-A or Y

Need a 3rd though… Anakaris? :confused:

Colossus and Cammy make a fun team, Shoulder Tackle assist and Cannon Drill in the air tends to be rather hard to block.

I usually have fun with Cammy-B (whichever one is the AAA, haven’t played in a while)/Sent-Y/Tron-Y. Tron helps set things up for Cammy, and when in doubt, Sent can cover some slack, plus…come on, it’s Sent. :rofl: