Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



Most none cammy players don’t realize how shitty her DP is as an anti air now. B+mp and St HK are better in almost all regards as an anti air except for a few character specific situations. B+Mp deals with most close jump ins and even cross ups and allows for a cross under mix up on hit. St Hk deals with far or slow/floaty jump ins and can be crush countered into DP/CA. MK DP can deal with some jump ins B+mp and st HK can’t handle but it comes at a terrible risk, tighter timing, and more execution for less reward. Basically if you use it in the wrong space or time you are totally fucked as they are landing the easiest CC combo in the game. Even worse is LK DP and HK DP have the same flaws but trade or get beat out by air attacks, so those are even worse as an anti air. LK DP should be her air invincible DP as it hits in the proper space but honestly the move isn’t worth the risk compared to the other options she has.


Uber lurker posting for the first time here. :who_me:

I find MK DP more consistent than b+MP in situations where the opponent has air attacks that change timing/trajectory, like Cammy/Necalli dive, Mika’s splash, etc. The upward trajectory of the DP makes it safer in my experience compared to missing b+mp timing and eating a combo - probably something I need to work on. Against Akuma, I sometimes prefer the DP too because getting caught on the ground doing b+MP by an air fireball can be really painful. I sometimes just backdash/SA away when I see an Akuma jump in to avoid the follow up. The best answer should be to dash under but my reactions just aren’t there yet.

BTW @SunTzu81 I think I was in a ranked mirror with you the other day - was fun! Appreciate the work you and others have put into the Cammy forums, it’s been a fantastic resource. :tup:


Hey guys, been a while.

Any confirmation/rumors on her vt2 so far? Sakura + thinking Cammy might get some kind dirt/comeback potential made me hard for the game again.

@stinkytofu Yep, MK DP is far more forgiving when it comes to timing your AA. The main reason it sucks is because it’s not unusual to end up whiffing it against closer jump-ins.


@SunTzu81 im getting a hitbox controller are they any advantages of playing on hitbox with cammy from execution stand point


Yeah these were the few exceptions I was referring too, but in general the B+mp is her more universal anti air with less risk. For example even in those situations where they can make her whiff the b+mp and you end up eating a combo it is still just a standard jump in combo, but if they bait and make you whiff the MK DP they get a CC combo almost guaranteed to lead to a stun. Even Mikas splash can be done earlier or later and make her MK DP whiff instead of the b+mp. The issue is the way that MK DP lounges forward and it’s startup frames. The first 6 frames of MK DP are invincible to air attacks only, but her active frame doesn’t start until frame 5, so that means she is lunging forward with her MK DP the majority of her invincibility frames and then only hits the opponent near the end of them. The issue from this is you can’t time attacks to beat anti air attacks when they are right on top of you like a stardard Ken, Ryu, Akuma DP because if you do she will literally go right through them which means you get CC punished. So in order for you to guarantee the MK DP hits you have to do it earlier. This means less time to react and more of a chance the move will trade as it’s passed it’s 2 frame window to hit and be invincible (this is why you’ll trade or lose against Akuma’s air fireball with it). Her original LK DP worked as it should before the change as it hits closer and has a 4 frame startup which means you could use it to anti air when the opponent got closer and it connected sooner making it less likely you’d whiff through them. So yes while MK DP works better in those situations to deal with those delayed moves, it’s also riskier because now I know you’ll do it so I can switch to the MK DP bait and land a 400 damage combo with 600 stun most likely winning me the round. It’s just not worth the risk. There are still other ways to deal with those air attacks that are safer than MK DP and lead to a better punish. Against Mika, just block (it’s -6) so she’s risking a lot to bait that b+mp if she’s wrong, against Necalli just delay b+mp a bit and it will still hit his divekick, against Akuma just walk under and punish. They have to do it at the peak of their arc at a specific distance from you for it not to whiff the fireball or be negative so at that range expect it. When they are up close it is more likely a mk or lk trying to cross you up.

Are you DONUT-ESPRESSO? It’s the only new Cammy I’ve seen lately online.


You ginxed it. Honestly though if they make the game more 50/50 for everyone I’m not going to like it. It would be cool for her to finally have something dirty so we can show them how it feels, but man it’s not as rewarding as whiff punishing or baiting your opponent to do something. I feel like I’ve won in those games, butI don’t feel like I’ve won if you guess wrong on a 50/50 that guarantees a win or lose situation.


The tool does not matter. In the end it still comes down to your timing and execution. I’ve personally had issues with spiral arrows on the hitbox going from down back to qcf as my finger doesn’t let go of the down button exactly on time so I get db d f and it misses the df so nothing comes out, but that’s just requires practice to fix. Overall hitbox gives you slightly faster reactions on executing moves as well as blocking since the stick doesn’t have to travel anywhere, but by no means does it make you a better player. It’s also a little more comfortable playing with charge characters as your hand doesn’t get tired from holding down back, but some people miss the forced feedback of the stick. In the end it just comes down to your preference.


Completely agree with all the above. I have an instant reaction to hitting b+mp on seeing someone do a forward air movement - I really need to learn to be patient and wait longer (at least till they near top of the arc as you mentioned). The priority is good enough that even on a late start I should be fine. Funny that I can’t get it out fast enough against Cammy EX CS’s though…!

Yep, that’s me - don’t watch my replays (shame), especially against Rashid or Laura. I always get steamrolled in those matches pressing buttons at the wrong time - need to hit up the lab.


Yeah I remember you, Me and Ducky were giving you props on his stream the other day. I could tell you learn quick, and have really good reactions and solid confirms. I had a hard time getting a read on you. I don’t think I baited a shimmy on you once. You caught me with this crazy instant lk divekick right after a hk spiral arrow on my wake up. I totally thought it was going to go over me and then it came down perfect.


Thanks, appreciate the kind words! The instant LK dive is def fun when it lands, though I’ve found in longer runs folks get wise to it pretty quickly since a true cross up dive pretty difficult. I have to lab more but suspect it may be character/situation specific, since I can count on one hand the number of times where it did cross up and even I was surprised. I have to admit something like this is definitely a result of bad habits from my SFIV days with Yun. :lol:


@SunTzu81 do u know any trade combos


Cammy’s DP+MK is SUPPOSED to never lose to an air attack except if the air attack crossed up! It was at 7:30 when VS Abigail Cammy’s DP+MK Loses to a j HK! Game Almost Crashes! I swear I did DP+MK! Total BS!


@mobbdeep Not that I know of.

@forest31 It looks like you screwed up your input and got spiral arrow instead of DP at 7:30. Slow down to 0.25 speed and you can see she does the start up for the spiral arrow.


You 100% did MK SA. When confronted with such things go into the replay and see frame-by-frame with inputs on But in this case… come on man, she even says Spiral Arrow after you get hit by the jiHK lol


You did Spiral Arrow at 7:30, she even shouts Spiral Arrow.
Clean your inputs.


True. In my brain I did MK DP aaaaaa. But there’s also the game’s weirdness after the incident. That kind of spike almost never happens to me.


Check it out. X-Kira has released a video regarding the V-Systems, as well as voice clips from the characters. Here’s Cammy’s @ 43:32

Now I may not know Japanese, but here are a few things I picked up on. Some of the voice clips include Cammy grunting from a crumbling KO or moaning as in an actual KO. So if Cammy does get KOed, we may hear more than hear her scream “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

The next thing I noticed is Cammy shouting some moves. I heard “Spin Knuckle”, which most of us should be familiar with. But another one I heard was “Cannon Sting!” Is this what her newest V-Trigger will be? Or will she receive another move?

What else have you noticed in the voice clips?


Meh, I like her vo as it is. The stun vo doe lol. There was one like “smellmyfeet!”


Here we are again. This time, X-Kira has posted the V-System video with English voice overs. Check out Cammy at @ 1:03:33

God, Caitlin Glass does an excellent job of Cammy’s voice. Some of the things she says in this video are absolutely amazing.

“My cat can beat you.”
“Tea team is over.”
“This is a snore.”
“Target acquired!”
“CQC!” (Oh ho!) :wink:
“Hahaha! What are you trying to do?”
“Can I go home now?”

From my understanding, these voice clips have indicated a few things. First of all, Cammy may receive more victory poses and quotes. Like in SFIV, she will probably perform a different pose when she wins a round. So instead of her turning around (showing her ass :wink: ) and saying “Mission Complete”, she may do something else; showing off her sexiness and looking pretty, but still kicking ass while doing so. Same thing when she is less than 20% health. And maybe perhaps when she wins via Time Over, she may perform another victory pose and say something else, rather than her usual slumping and muttering “Not yet…”

On the flip side, she’ll also have multiple voice clips when she loses, via crumble (“I wasn’t expecting this…”, “Blast…”) or KO. Same thing when she’s in stun. Another thing I’m assuming is she’ll have multiple quotes when she taunts besides “I’ll make a move if you won’t.” Perhaps that was it in the first set of voice clips (the tea team and the cat beating you.)

Now there are some I’m taking a wild guess on. “I won’t give up after defeat!” “I’ll regain my honor!” My guess is that if she loses in Arcade mode and the player has to Continue, that’s when those voice clips will come around. But there are some voice clips I’m trying to figure out. “I will be the winner this time.” “Correct, I will never forgive you all.” “Can I go home now?” Hopefully we’ll see in just over a month.

Forgive me for overanalyzing this. But Cammy is my favorite character. Not just because of her gameplay, but how she’s portrayed, especially with the voice clips. Caitlin Glass has done a fantastic job and has delivered again. Thoughts everyone?


Well Cammy players, here it is! Cammy’s second V-Trigger has been revealed.

It’s called Delta Ambush. According to the description,

"Press HP + HK for Delta Ambush, where Cammy flies towards her opponent.

Press forward plus HP + HK for Delta Step, a quick forward dash. Although there are no move variations from Delta Step, Cammy can cancel her normal moves from the dash. Use it in combos, or to help her keep up a fast-paced offensive rush.

Press kick during Delta Ambush for the downward kick move Reverse Edge, or press punch for the command throw Delta Twist."

What do you think, everyone? Do you think this alternative be a huge improvement for Cammy?