Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



SF4 fucked people up so bad capcom would rather give cammy a command dash and command throw rather than giving her a proper divekick.


Ok how many uses though? This is 3 bars right? Sounds like a combo extender or if not done in a combo something similar to one of Akuma’s demon flip or Young Zeku’s dash mix ups with overhead/grab, so maybe she has an overhead now? If it’s one charge for 3 bars though there’s no way it’s better than what she has now.


Wait, don’t just speculate she’ll have an overhead out of nowhere. This looks like a sure-fire way to feel let down.

Any confirmation on it being 3 bars? I’m sure one of the first VT2 pics released had Cammy getting beat up in it. We can at least confirm how many bars it used to cost in previous builds.


I believe this will be 3 uses. Since Cammy’s first VT has 2 uses, I would believe this will have one more. What I want to know is will this 2nd VT for Cammy give her some kind of comeback potential? Will this give Cammy some kind of 50/50 option, as that of Ibuki and Urien and Karin? I cannot wait to try it out and see how other players utilize this to unlock Cammy’s utmost potential.


Carups the kick in the photo looks exactly like Zeku’s run into overhead kick. The move states she flies (in air) to the opponent and can either kick or grab (just like a hooligan). You trying to tell me that they gave her another hooligan move that cost v-bar? There’s no way. They’d have to make it like Akuma’s demon flip into palm or grab to be any good otherwise what’s the point of even having it since she already has a hooligan. If they made this move act just like a hooligan dive kick or grab then I’ll be let down.

I think the real potential is in the dash cancels though. If we get two charges it will be like the v-trigger we have now (probably an extra 100 damage per combo so 340 instead of 240) plus the delta ambush mix up into overhead or grab. Still seems shit compared to what Akuma has, but maybe they’ll buff Cammy’s health or stun she’s not the same character as Akuma but with less tools.


Cammy’s second VT confirmed being 3 bars


Here’s some footage of Cammy’s 2nd V-Trigger.

So apparently, Cammy now has an overhead with the Reverse Edge kick. And in the second clip, her command grab looks very badass. You can combo right from the command throw, giving Cammy some options. So I guess when Cammy is in her Delta Ambush, your opponent has to guess whether she’s gonna grab or kick because each option can lead to a damaging combo.


Rika coming through with the videos.

Looks like Cammy got her first true high low mixup where the opponent has to guess right. Also it looks like it has three uses. I didn’t see anyone combo after the overhead, but Velorean definitely hit with st hp after the command grab dive kick so there’s something there. Have you seen anyone else connect after the overhead kick? If so this v-trigger is looking like it has potential. As long as it’s not easy to anti air like hooligan it should be viable. Sadly no one tried the dash version as a combo extender to see how that works.


Ok so it’s as I suspected. Overhead is punishable on block, but does combo, but the real meat from this v-trigger will be from the dash combo extender I’m sure. So VT1 we get to connect both charges and VT2 we don’t get to connect any charges but we get more options. I think that’s the trade off. Oh man what if we can use it off cr mk to extend? cr mk, v trigger dash into combo. Nah that’d be too broken for her right? We’d basically be able to do cr mk confirms like Karin LOL. On a more serious note Karin’s VT2 counter scares the shit out of me. She wins in the neutral and now she can counter your pressure when you finally get in. How are we going to deal with this girl.


I think I understand why this was changed. Her st lk into tic throw was a committed movement, if you do it and they jabbed with a three frame after st lk you lost, but there was no time to confirm if st lk hit meaty so you’re grab would just whiff if the st lk hit. You had to either decide to do st lk tic grab or st lk into something else. Giving her jab tic throw that beats 3 frames takes out this guessing game and forces them to tech which is what I believe it was intended for. This gives her a little bit of stronger mix up game up close, but most will still just delay normal and take the grabs against her.

Now the question is, does this cr lp push back change mean cr lp (CH) combos won’t whiff on extra counter hit push back anymore?


Well here’s a little video of Cammy’s dash for her 2nd V-Trigger.

So it looks like that this is a way to keep up the pressure with her fast-paced attacks. I’m not sure if she can use it as a combo extender. But it’s a nice tool to get in close for combos or mixups with throws. To be honest, I was hoping something more flashy.

With all of this in mind, is have all of these tools for Cammy worth risking a bunch of her health? I mean, where’s the comeback factor? How can we use this to quickly turn the tide back into Cammy’s favor if we’re going to sacrifice almost 3/4 of her health bar?


Rika I think this means it will work off cr mk (although they showed cr hp). This gives her an option to confirm off her low from a distance and get good damage vs just the spiral arrow. This means people will have to respect walking back against her more just like they do with Balrogs VT currently.


FYI guys. Take all of this with a grain of salt. I’m seeing mixed results on everything being posted.


I agree. Also starting to consider whether it’ll be best to just stay with her V-Trigger 1. Yes Cammy has more options for offense, but it doesn’t seem like something that can strike fear into the opponents. I feel like Cammy’s dash can be easily interrupted with a 3-frame jab. Her overhead kicks are punishable, so she’ll be in trouble if we guess wrong.

Perhaps Cammy players can get the most out of this VT by connecting with an overhead or command grab, extend the combo with st.hp or, then instead of ending with SA or DP, she uses her dash for a reset and mixup with grab or another combo. You’re right, it has just been revealed so it’s too early to state whether this VT is a viable alternative to her first.

I’m assuming after the release of AE, we’ll see a lot of players posting videos on how to utilize Cammy’s VT to its utmost potential and that’s when we’ll make our opinions. But until then, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.


Well if it is a 3 bar VT it had better be damn good. Most 3 bar VTs last a long time, or in Necalli’s case, forever. I use her v reversal ssooo much as of now. Heck, I go rounds where I never VT because I’m using my v gauge on v reversals. I prefer 2 bar VTs because even after I v reversal twice in the round Cammy might still get a full v gauge to VT still. I’ll watch those footage videos soon, though. Obviously I’ll be using her first VT until I’m thoroughly impressed enough to try Cammy’s 3 bar VT.

I use Akuma a lot as a pseudo secondary, and when I use only 1 v reversal with Akuma, in my head I go, “fuck, now I probably can’t V Trigger this round. Why did I v reversal?” You almost never see Uriens v reversal.

Just off topic a bit, I’d like her Spinning Back Knuckle V Skill to be buffed in some way. Maybe projectile invincibility much sooner so Cammy can use it VS fast Guile Sonic Booms on reaction. Or, maybe reduce its total animation frames so it hits sooner and faster.

And of course, LK DP is her anti air DP and should be restored to its early Season 2 properties.


Wow, awesome, lol!

Just watched the video where it showed the v trigger overhead is punishable. Blah.


@forest31 I talked to some other people that were there and they said that cr lp to grab did not work, so we’ll have to wait and see come Jan. 16th.


You have so many anti-airs.

jumpback jab (yes that works great!)
Heck you can even airthrow people

It’s been so long since the 2.5 patch, you should have been able to adjust to the circumstances by now.


@Cipher You forgot air grab too. Jump back instant grab gets those cross ups man and gets you out of the corner. Have to be quick with it though otherwise it gets stuffed.


Am I the only one fears that Cammy’s Delta Ambush (VT2) looks very slow? After seeing a few videos of her 2nd V-Trigger in action, it seems like Cammy can be easily AA upon activation.