Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



I agree SunTzu. With the decrease in damage for her Gyro Clipper, opponents will likely take a throw, making it more difficult for us Cammy players to get something from corner pressure or shimmies. Also with the additional pushback from her normals, I guess that means say ‘good bye’ to some of her frametrap blockstrings, which is one of her main weapons. I also hate how her is slower, making it more punishable. I wish there is some compensation to make it balanced. Perhaps decrease the startup or increase damage. I just hope that, with these universal changes, Cammy still remains a top tier character.


When’s LK DP air invincibility on first active frames?




Happy Birthday to Cammy, my main character and (without a doubt) the best girl in Street Fighter!


Just got this response from Junkington who got the early copy of AE.

“Any chance you can check st lk (CH), cr lk, cr lp xx Spiral Arrow” - me

“Cr.lp misses . Out of range” - Junkington’s response

Edit: As not to spread panic.


Nah, stLK crLK stLP should still connect. stLP has way more range than crLP.

On AE stLK crLK crLP was going to be literally useless even if it worked because its completely outclassed by the stLP variant since it does less dmg.
It used to have the upside of crLK crLP being a blockstring while crLK stLP had a gap, but AE stLP being 3f on chains took away poor crLP appeal.

Btw I asked if stLK crLP bMP stHK still combo and it does.



Jesus christ, we aren’t Ryu players, there is no reason to spread panic and be overdramatic.


@Cipher Yeah I jumped the gun there. Just so used to checking people walking back with cr lp that I totally forgot about st lp as another option to test.

@Haztlan “Btw I asked if stLK crLP bMP stHK still combo and it does.” Against characters like Necalli the b+mp whiffs if they used a normal with extra counter hit pushback, but maybe they adjusted for that? There are so many hit and hurt box changes written in the notes so it’s hard to tell. Wish they’d just release them already.

#3369 already whiffed against Necalli so it’s not a big deal. You can’t use it against certain characters.

And I really wouldn’t count on Capcom fixing the extra pushback when counterhitting certain buttons as well.


Pretty sure they did, actually. And stLK crLP TC will work on everyone.


Well, the final patch notes for AE has been officially released.


[] Gyro Clipper: Reduced stun from 200 to 150
] Delta Through: Damage increased from 130 to 140
[*] Neck Spiral: Damage increased from 130 to 150

Standing LP:
[] Changed the hitbox
] Changed the collision boxes during the move
[] Increased the pushback on hit
] Increased the pushback on block
[*] Changed the startup from 4F to 3F for the rapid cancel version

Standing MK:
[*] Recovery increased from 13F to 15F (No changes in advantage/disadvantage)

Standing HK:
[] Increased the advantage on hit from +2F to +4F
] Changed the collision boxes during the move
[] Changed the hurtbox
] Changed so that it can hit opponents who are behind Cammy

Crouching LP:
[] Changed the hitbox and hurtbox
] Increased the pushback on hit and block (The rapid canceled version has a larger pushback distance than the regular)
[*] Changed the collision boxes during the move

Crouching LK:
[] Changed the collision boxes during the move
] Increase pushback on hit and block

Crouching HP, Crouching HK:
[*] Changed the hurtbox

Jumping MP, Jumping HP, Jumping HK, Lift Upper:
[*] Changed the hitbox and hurtbox

Quick Spin Knuckle (V-Skill):
[*] Advantage on hit increased from +6F to +7F

Strike Back (V-Reversal):
[*] Disadvantage on block changed from -2F to -4F

Delta Drive (V-Trigger):
[] Extended the V-Timer active duration
] Increased the amount of gauge each V-Trigger move uses

During the Capcom Unity stream, they briefly went over Cammy’s 2nd V-Trigger. I hate to say that it’s not looking too good, compared to her 1st. While they did show us some combos off of Cammy’s overhead and command throw, her jump-in can be easily and quickly interrupted (i.e. Rashid’s The dash doesn’t look that frightening and only covers a short distance. We can now do cr.hp > Right VT > cr.hp. Even so, it’s a pretty straightfoward VT which you can’t really surprise opponents.

I did find Cammy’s Vol. 3 trials that’ll feature her 2nd VT and it looks like we do have some combos upon activation. Check it out. Video below as well showing Cammy’s trials.


Her DP is the same? Damn. Was also hoping they’d restore her super to 350 damage.

Why would they nerf s MK? They buffed it before!

Off topic, VS Abigail KK Run, her HK DP seems like a good option. Abigail’s armor absorbs the damage but its recovery sends Cammy over the KK Run’s grab and punch, but should still lose to the flip option since it’s meant to hit airborne opponents. But therein lies the mixup since the flip option is very bad on block.


cough cough


What’s up Cammy players? So in the video below, Street Fighter has presented a showcase of all of the V-Trigger II for each character. Check out Cammy’s as 3:12

Looks like this V-Trigger does have some promise after all for Cammy. The damage potential, resets and mixups will have the opponents on their heels, allowing Cammy to close in an open them up.


Here’s some more stuff I found for Cammy in Arcade Edition.

In this video, Cammy can now combo or throw from when her cr.lp is blocked. This may be useful for Cammy since a few of her moves are getting increased pushback on hit/block. It’ll be nice to have some kind of tool for her tick throw game.

(Cammy portion starts @ 2:11:25)

So the duration for Cammy’s VT2 seems to be very long. After activation, Cammy can use her aerial dash at least 3 more times. Her ground dash, however, does consume more V-Gauge, so Cammy can likely use her dash at least twice.

Now, I’m more convinced with Cammy’s 2nd V-Trigger than I ever was before. First of all, she can do slightly more damage with one of her V-Trigger combos, than her best VT1 combo. And not only that, she still has a lot of gauge to work with.

For her VT2, Cammy players now have to play patiently to get the most out of this V-Trigger, instead of just throwing it out there and flying at recklessly at the opponents. You’re gonna have players scared and pushing buttons. So on a successful cr.hp whiff punish, she do so much damage on activation and still have plenty of VT resources to use.

I’m sold. Her VT2 > VT1


@Happy_Birthday_Rika Thanks for taking the time to post everything recently. I’m not sure about VT2 just yet. It’s an easily interrupted and punished moveset on a 3 bar trigger. One more hit/punish most likely means KO. Everything brent showed in that video is only slightly better than a standard combo or v trigger 1 charge variant. He mentioned he could activate from a whiff punish cr hp activation for 269 (vs 326 for VT1 if you use both charges) then I can shimmy and whiff punish again. The shimmy combo he shows does 253-274. A st mp st hp shimmy combo does 240. St mp is also 6 frame move that is +3 on block vs a cr hp that is 9 frames and -2 on block. If you attempt that cr hp shimmy you are sacrificing your entire turn and putting yourself at higher risk to get counter hit by an opponents longer range normal since most in general are faster than 9 frames. Cr hp is a good move to whiff punish with but its also a great move to get whiff punished by as well. Also I believe they adjusted the hit and hurt box to make it even easier to whiff punish this season.

To me VT2 is like adding EX damage onto her combos, but they all have to come from a cr hp when she’s already at 30% life or less. IMO it’s 2-3 more chances for them to block something so you can get rekt vs a VT1 divekick that is plus on block and can lead into comparable damage. I’m sure this will come down to play-style and how well you are at reading and reacting to your opponent, but in general putting people into negative situations to make them guess is what has been winning out in this game. Doing something that is that slow and/or relies on a 9 frame -2 on block move to use safely and also ends up either -2 at point blank range or fully punishable while I’m already near KO is a tough trade to swallow. I’m definitely going to try it out, but I’m not sure I’ll like the idea of being reliant on cr hp or a slow ass hop attack to use it.


@SunTzu81 I totally agree. My problem with Cammy’s VT1 is how predicatable it can be. Upon activation, opponents will be expecting us to throw in her divekick. Even if it is plus on block, Cammy’s options are limited and easily readable.

Whereas VT2 not only adds damage to her combos, but it gives us more tools and options to work with. Her command dash is most likely what we’re going to utilize to continue the pressure. True that Cammy must sacrifice a great amount of damage to acquire her VT2. And I agree that also puts her at risk where one more combo can finish her. However, I think this new ability gives her an aggressive option. Combined that with reads and shimmies, there is a potential comeback factor in this.


Yeah I’m not sold on the new v-trigger either.

I think it all comes down to how good people are on stopping fake offensive. We’re two years in, no reason to still pretend fake shit doesn’t have a huge mileage in this game. Especially if you’re not super high level. Still, betting your whole comeback mechanic on it might be too much.


… and trying to land a cr hp isn’t? I have more control of how or when to use v trigger dive kick then I do cr hp.


can someone link me to a good Cammy discord?

also anything on AE blockstrings?