Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee





@SunTzu81 is switching up your stance from standing to crouching while walking foward and using standing pokes and crouching pokes that have to be blocked low pre emptively a good strategy ?


is this a good string to use with cammy

st lk st p cr lp


c MP, c LP no longer reaches! c LP, c MP, s LP, s HP works now, but isn’t very good because the s LP will trade with 3f buttons from the opposition.


Two questions.

  1. why would anyone do, cr.lp if you can just do

  2. Going from which is +2 to st.lp what has 4f startup and loseing to a 3f is kinda impossible, unless you fuck the timing up, or have a spaceing issue. The st.hp would lose to 3f one way or another.



  1. cr mp to cr mp is a 4 frame gap. 3 framers can hit it out if they see you using it a lot, so you can do cr mp cr lp to counter hit them into st hp, but now that cr lp completely whiffs it could be a riskier option.

  2. cr mp is +1 not 2 on block. st lp doesn’t lose, it trades in that situation, but it still stops your pressure string. st lp does have a new property this season in where it becomes a 3 frame move if it’s chain cancelled from a light attack, otherwise it’s 4 frame and is why cr mp to st lp trades.

I’m not sure if using cr lp to cr mp than st lp is better than say cr lp to b mp to st lp as if you get the counter hit on cr mp you can’t combo the st lp into st hp, so you’d either have to confirm off the jab into an ender or confirm the cr mp hit and go straight to st hp but that’s a pretty fast confirm. With cr lp to b mp to st lp you have extra time to confirm b mp counter hit and can go into st hp xx SA fairly easily and you can still go into st lp on block but it still trades. At least that’s how I think about it, but @forest31 may have a different reason for using this string he figured out.

Oh I also forgot to mention you can do cr lp, b mp, cr lp if they are crouch blocking and it will reach so you can get a true frame trap there, but the 2nd cr lp will whiff if they are standing so you have to be aware.


Can’t remember beeing +1 on block, I even wrote this into the guide.

So I was playing 2 years now thinking it was +2 and it just worked, because I belived it works.
I always knew the game would bow to my will as soon as I tried it!


lol there is no way that you play cammy and never got 3f’ed between crMP crMP


Actualy no, can’t remember this ever happend


Kazunoko, if you’re reading this, I was only wondering if s HK was viable at all as a meaty! I see you using it as a meaty a lot! It’s duckable! Personally s MP into c MP is my favorite meaty. If the c MP is a counter hit, s HP, drill!

Great post Suntzu! Yeah, Suntzu, c MP after c LP has better range. I see people say s LK, b+MP x2 works as a blockstring, but, it doesn’t. A micro-walk is required to allow the second b+MP to reach.


Yeah I see what you are saying. If you weren’t point blank then b+mp would whiff so cr mp would be the right call. Also slk b+mp x 2 was viable last season (and still is to an extent) as it was a 3 frame trap throughout, but it does whiff on standing opponents, however now that cr lp has less push back it’s not necessary as you can do st lk, cr lp, b+mp to get the same 3 frame traps. I’m just happy we can confirm cr lp, b+mp (CH) into something now as it wouldn’t combo the st hp last season. I had to do st lk, b+mp to get it to combo, but if I didn’t get the counter hit on st lk I couldn’t go into TC. Now I can guarantee a TC on cr lp hitting or a combo off of b+mp getting a counter hit.


Ever since season 1 I’ve always had this question about which spiral arrow to use after Cammy’s TC combo. Mk spiral arrow always seemed to be the preferred ender as it did the most damage and gave a good amount of corner carry over LK SA and HK SA, so I figured that was the best option. Then season 2 dropped and we were giving the lk spiral arrow into EX dp that tends to only work in corner, so I started using that when in the corner, but stuck with MK SA when in mid screen. Then season 3 drops and we get VTII which relies heavily on TC combos and I started to notice a pattern of random follow up meaty combos dropping or whiffing entirely after MK SA from a TC combo. Sometimes the st mp to cr mk would work and sometimes the cr mk would whiff. It seemed like if I was one frame off on my meaty and they back rolled I was gambling if my combo would connect and I couldn’t safely go for a st lk combo or grab if they back rolled as well to do range. So I started looking for alternatives and it reminded me of some matches I saw with Osayu where he would use LK SA after TC and everyone was wondering why as there didn’t seem to be any meaty setups following it besides jump lk cross up on quick rise and it appeared he was sacrificing damage and corner carry. So on a whim I decided to switch over to LK SA instead and it made a significant difference. While MK SA did give me additional corner carry it gave up any mix up pressure if they back rolled. There is no threat of a grab and if I went for a st mp all follow up pressure was negligible leaving me in this awkward position of cr mk sometimes whiffing or sometimes getting blocked. As soon as I switched to LK SA after TC I was able to maintain st lk or cr lp meaty pressure that allowed for mix ups vs just a st mp with an ambigious follow up that could whiff or be blocked if I was just a frame or two off or if they were standing or crouching. This small changed ended up netting me more follow up pressure and near the same corner carry as MK SA after you factor in pushback from the blocked moves. I now believe after this revelation that LK SA after TC is actually the better choice even in the neutral regardless of corner carry and damage. Thoughts?


TC LK SA is better than TC MK SA by a large margin.

Not only it gives you the safe jump option, but as you pointed out it actually allows you to point blank meaty stLK backrolls. Or double dash 2x crLP to cover both wakeups etc. Or even go for the cheeky meaty lk dive to fake the jiLK and get another TC if they quickrise (unsafe vs backrise because the dive whiffs, but its a really strong oki that can steal rounds if you’re in a pinch).

Downside is less dmg. But come on, LK SA does 10 less dmg as MK SA, TEN, and thats even before all the scaling. In the end you’re giving up 6~7dmg. Who cares? They also deal the same stun and have equal meter gain.
“Less corner carry” isnt really true. As if you finish your string on back rise off a LK SA you’ll push the opponent more than a backrise off MK SA into stMP only.


Is hold UF, j LK the only safe jump, or can you use other buttons like j HK?

I can’t speak about v trigger 2 combos at all because I’ve stopped trying to use it entirely. But, yeah, c MK dropping after a 3 bar v trigger combo sounds amazing lmao.

While I definitely agree that meatying with s LK or newly buffed and nerfed c LP is ideal for meaty blockstrings, especially to set up grabs, I personally like s MP.

s MP is a few frames slower, so you need to already know in your head that you’re trying to time s MP instead of s LK for the timing alone.

s MP produces grey life on block. I really like the grey life mechanic in SFV and my Cammy’s style revolves around stacking it up with lots of medium and hard strength buttons and v reversals. Just my style.

I do use s LK to meaty often, though. Its grab or s HK followup mixup is very powerful.

All that said, I levelled up my game, thanks! I think I’ll start using b+MP>HK, LK Drill sometimes to see if I like it more :slight_smile:


We’re live. Who’s still around?


is playing random good.


Sometimes as it can throw off your opponent.


any examples ?


“Playing random” means to do something with your particular character that your opponent wouldn’t expect. In some cases it is considered stupid, like doing sweep on wake up as it’s easily punished. The opponent doesn’t expect you to sweep on wake up, but since they went for a shimmy that time they got caught. This can sometimes throw them off their game as they are expecting you to play smart, but you are really playing dumb. Another example is to play a certain way for long enough to condition your opponent to expect something to happen. For example say on every knockdown when the opponent is getting up you did st lk, cr lp walk forward grab. After awhile the opponent will either tech the grab, jab you out of your grab or walk back to try and get away. Going random here would just mean doing something completely unexpected for a Cammy player to do in this situation. Maybe st lk, cr lp xx mp hooligan. This random change in the block string may surprise the opponent throwing them off allowing you to get a hooligan grab as they walk back or a cross up hooligan dive kick as they watched you flip over them stunned by the randomness of it.


how do u reset pressure with cammy