Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



Vesper generaly is uninformed and/or makes shit up/overreacts.

Thats why I hate this guy.
I liked his Season 1 Tierlist.
Every Japanese Top Player ranked Cammy Top 5.
He put her into Lowtier, cause she had no overhead, what made it impossible for her to open people up.
Yeah I hate that guy, I think he should stop to make these videos and talk about stuff he doesn’t understand.


Oh don’t get me wrong I like Vesper’s videos and what he does. I just feel he wasn’t making a truly informed statement here, but it’s understandable considering he doesn’t really play her. I was just disappointed as his comments puts more fuel on the fire to hate her when she’s already on the top of everyone’s list to hate.


Yeah… Enjoy it while it lasts. Next season she’s getting deleted from the game.


That’s what you think


Phantom already on damage control. She’ll be fine as she’s the basis of what they want the game to be.


Not really on damage control, I’m just afraid because their previous balancing has been iffy as hell.

I don’t want to end up with 900 health and stun, and no light confirms, and a divekick that’s always punishable on block regardless of spacing.


If that were to happen it would have already happened a long time ago. Like Ibuki isn’t going to end up with a minus 2 on block EX kunai and a minus 5 on block f+HK. If you’ve been solid or had certain things in your data for a long time, odds are they are good with you having it.

Cammy works out nicely in that because she doesn’t have overheads or command grabs outside of VT2, they have to make her basic poking and offense at least solid. Otherwise Cammy could end up being worse than Ryu.


She may lose the stun buff, but honestly not a huge deal. It’s just nice to be able to ex DP once on wake up without getting instant stunned now. She will never lose her jab into b. mp. It’s her move so she’ll always have a light hit confirm. I highly doubt they will take away her low hit confirms either since she has no overhead. Capcom knows if all she has is a grab/shimmy to open people up they’ll all just walk away from her making her meaty pointless and her follow up pressure weak. It could happen but highly unlikely without compensating in some way, like cr mk being easier to confirm into SA or a safe option from a low confirm (ie new target combo from a low that’s -2).

Everything they did imo was just adjustments to things they made mistakes on (lk dp, VTII) and for the universal nerfs that effected her damage/stun output. Overall it’s made her have to think about each of her options more specifically and put in more work/hits to get the KO than before. Did you know with the CC nerf it’s better to do st mp, st hp, DP, CA when blocking a DP now unless you aren’t going into CA? All of her CC combos do less damage now and in some cases are worse than doing a normal combo so you have to be more aware of how to optimize her damage/follow up. The CC nerfs also effected her st hk CC anti air DP xx CA, so imo to compensate they gave her VT1 DP, Dive Kick, CA but it requires both charges of VT to do to the same damage as before. It’s no coincidence it only works at a height/range that the st hk combo would work. Her VT combos definitely took a hit with the scaling nerf also. It barely breaks 300 damage now using both charges unless you do it raw. So imo they thought same health, less damage, lets give her some stun to compensate.

Obviously anything can happen, but I think they thought her through and like what she is. It’s Rock, Paper, Scissors honest play. Make the right call and get rewarded, guess the same and reset or make the wrong one and get punished. The options for both players are = at all times vs her. No one right guess into a 50/50 blender or one hit into stun/ko. As long as this is what Capcom wants SFV to be Cammy will be fine.


If they take away the stun buff, that’s a huge deal for me. :frowning: I don’t see why they would anyway. I felt like she should have had that a long time ago. 900/950 with her tools and her gameplan sounds fair to me. Honestly, I think the universal nerfs to damage and her specific nerfs in AE justify the 950 stun. Like you said, her damage took a hit. Unlike most characters, her damage rarely if ever got above 300 before the universal nerfs, now its not even going to get close. And with her specific nerfs like increased pushback on lights, c.lp reduced range, v reversal -4, increased hurtbox/reduced hitbox, the 950 stun buff is definitely fair.


The stun buff is probably because of all the Abigail VS Cammy combo videos.


is using a poke once that is say is -2 or -1 has pushback has range a good strategy to employ in your game as a cammy player ?


Uh-oh. NL, a player who has amazing skills, used Cammy to win Combo Breaker. Please don’t take away Cammy’s stage Capcom!

NL made great use of c LP. c LP, s HK was cool. He also tends to use EX moves non-stop until he gets a good lead. Then, he saves for a super. But until then, man, EX after EX! A very aggressive player! The correct way to play Cammy.


This forum is like a graveyard by now.


The redesign made it so hard to keep track of all the different topics.


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I’m super diamond now btw lol. I’ve started using ex divekick more. I try to use NL’s meter usage strategy: use a bar at the start of the round usually because you’ll get it back by the time they’re stunned for a super.

I see lots of Cammys special cancel into ex hooligan off of a normal after a blocked blockstring. I personally just special cancel into LP or MP hooligan. I think ex divekick is still better than ex hooligan. I think Danslip started this whole ex hooligan divekick trend.

The Korean Cammys often use DP to combo after an ex divekick hits. Is there a specific crosscut method for that? Because Cammy can be on either side. I’m still just using s HP to combo after an ex divekick, then I hold forward to meaty with s MP, c MK for a hit confirm meaty or I just grab or shimmy.


Congrats on Super Diamond.

Ex hooligan has it’s uses. I tend to use it to throw people off more than anything but you can’t abuse it since it’s so easy to knock it out or CC it. It’s only better than regular divekick in that it gives you +2 frames on block so you don’t have to place it as well as normal ex divekick. It sucks having them walk back or forward a little and then you just wasted a bar or worse get jab punished for it.

There is no trick to consistently landing the DP after an ex divekick hits as far as I know. You just have to visualize it and determine which DP to use and at what time since they can flip out in so many different ways. I’ve gotten screwed a few times trying to DP after the ex divekick hit in the corner and had it whiff so I tend to just play it safe. There’s just too much risk there if it does whiff.

After watching CEO this weekend with a sea of Cammy’s I’m just waiting to see what gets nerfed or if they finally buff the rest of the cast. Either way I think Cammy is in trouble come season 4.


No it’s df,db,df+K to OS a DP post ex divekick I think.

There are lots of Cammys because a lot of top players are switching to her because apparently she should equal free wins. But as punk gamerbee mago etc. are realizing, this isn’t the case. If those same top players had just picked their longtime mains, they would’ve had the same or more success.

I’m using the LK divekick the most now. But because its angle is steep, seeing whether you need to combo into c LP or c MP or s HP is harder. The range nerf on c LP is a big deal.

I’m seeing a new blockstring: c LP c MP s LP s HP. Good for a well spaced but blocked divekick.


I kinda miss the “this is such a bad MU!” after every new character release.
It was one of the more entertaining things in this graveyard.


It will still happen we just haven’t gotten a bad MU since Abigail/Menat is all.