Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



Its not an issue of the DP coming out, its an issue of the DP whiffing. Since you can’t always predict where their body will be after a hit you can sometimes whiff it, hence why it’s a higher risk to use.

People are switching to Cammy because it’s her meta right now. Rock/Paper/Scissor vs last seasons 50/50 blendfest. She has fast buttons, fast movement and a divekick to vary jump ins. Because she has all of this still while everyone else got stuff taken away she is considered the best.

The divekick used should always depend on the setup. You either need to know your spacing exactly or have a setup to guarantee the spacing as best you can. I find lk divekick is best used to meaty slow get ups or to even bait a grab after a two button light string. They are all the same on block now so it really just comes down to distance.

The cr lp nerf whiffing does suck, but it did give us a solid 3 frame tic throw and the ability to combo cr lp (CH), cr mp, cr mp so I can’t really complain about that change. You can either just doing st lp or even cr mp to combo after the divekick if you are too are out that cr lp will whiff on hit.


I disagree with Abigail having MU’s. It’s literaly the same against every character with him.
He hits you with his BS, you die.
He doesn’t hit you with his BS, he dies.
Thats pretty much every “MU” of Abigail, he’s worse than Azrael in that area.