Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee



Someone got the video link of vesper saying isn’t made for aa and cr.lp can still frame trap.


This was posted in the comments section. Credit to DigitalHalftones

The video here:


If anyone asks why Cammy got 950 stun or says she didn’t need it. Have them watch this video. It’s the difference between being able to make 1 wrong guess vs 2 in a round. Just 1 wrong guess of waking up with ex dp to save yourself from dealing with a 50/50 or pressure string = KO. How can you justify this when Cammy requires making 3 right guesses at minimum on the opponent to just stun, not even KO. It’s not like she has crazy mix ups or 50/50s to do it either. She legitimately has to catch you 3 times in quick succession to stun. If you go for a throw instead at any point this just slows it all down as it resets the neutral and will not lead to stun. You’ll still need 3 legitimate hits to stun the opponent. Her stun damage is so low now you can do a combo string into either special, grab, another combo string into either special, grab, and then another combo string before you will stun the opponent. The grabs just delay the stun and actually help them more than hurt them now due to the range nerf. You’re better off just baiting a counter hit with varying st mp timings to harass them into contesting and hope for a counter hit as going for grabs are pretty shitty now as a way to open them up even in the corner.

EDIT: The OC of the video just told me this actually only works on Cammy and not even Akuma, because of the longer delay on his EX DP bringing his stun down. Cammy is actually worse on defense than Akuma. :woman_facepalming:


You need to submit that to eventhubs exactly the way you posted it here. Vesper’s new video just made the front page and the comments section is the usual echo chamber anti Cammy self.



Tell me how the fuck Justin Wong says Cammy is still top 5. And Kbrad who’s been performing like shit says Cammy is top 5 in every iteration (including season 4)

And the Cammy discord is garbage right now.


Jwong is saying that to get the public sheeps to agree so Capcom wont have a second thought about her changes.

Kbrad on the other hand is saying that for attention. He will probably try SFV again with Cammy then get bodied and disappear again.


Justin couldn’t care less. He wasn’t losing to Cammy’s. That said the video showcased him using numerous nerfed things he wasn’t checked for as well as online gimmicks to win against lower tier characters for the most part, so it didn’t prove much. People hadn’t adapted to her changes when he made that video. But today if you try to pressure with cr lp they will hit a button. Use b+mp to anti air once and watch them start trying to cross you up like a nut. I’ve adapted to the cr lp and b mp nerf. But the nerf to her stun and her stun damage on specials has fucking sucked. Feels like I have to put a lot of more work in to get the KO as stuns barely happen anymore. Yet they can catch me once and stun me from 60% health and get the KO. Just feels like for how glass cannon she is her damage or stun should be better.


I just realised I hardly stunned anyone since s4 started and I got stunned many more times…

Really. Top 5 my ass.
I respect Justin and really like kbrads personality but Urgh. Calling Cammy top 5 in s4 is just stupid.


I wouldn’t even call her top 5 in S3 meanwhile everyone was saying she was top 2 or 3.


Her tier placement had nothing to do with her nerfs, it was the scrubs and eventscrub users crying.


I still can’t believe Birdie is slept on as he gets away with murder. Somehow this is balanced.


I don’t think anyone is sleeping on Birdie. Didn’t Japan just put him in top 5? I don’t see how they can keep his VTII how it is right now. One easy to confirm st hp or st hk hit into chain allows for two charge uses for 394 damage and 608 stun and he still has a third use for only 2 bars. For reference Cammys VT Divekick into VT SA into EX DP does 380 damage and 537 stun. Even if she does it from a jump in hp to TC xx Dp, air SA to ex DP she gets 424 damage and 584 stun. This uses up both her charges and costs 1 bar of meter. Birdies should definitely be a 3 bar with how it currently stands and/or made so he can’t cancel the chains so easily together into a 50/50 setup unless he has to spend meter so he can’t CA immediately after. I find it kind of funny because at the start of S4 I still saw Birdies bitching about VTII sucking. I wish Cammy’s v-trigger II was as good as Birdies.


Who do think is cammy’s worst match up?

For me it’s birdie.
I also hate falke, gief and abigail.


I don’t think she has a worst matchup as she has the tools to deal with almost everything. It just comes down to you not screwing up and your tendencies as a player. Some will find certain matchups worse then others just based on that. That said playing against grapplers or zoners is definitely a more uphill battle as she has no fireball and needs to get close to really get something going.

I’m currently having an issue against Cody right now. His EX Zonk mixed with VTII is a problem. EX zonk is better than Cammy’s EX divekick from season 1 at getting in and applying pressure. You can cancel into it from a string and be plus 3 on block and it can lead right back into itself. If he has VTII he can force you to guess a 50/50 with essentially zero risk required to get in which is frustrating to say the least. It’s like doing Urien’s EX tackle into Aegis activation, but he gets to do it up to 3 times into a 50/50 for huge damage if he has full bar. I just don’t understand why this is in the game. I mean I don’t mind it regularly as you can block or tech after but when he has that VTII command grab it’s OD.


I would definitely say Abigail, Birdie, Dhalsim, Menat, and Falke. Traditionally Cammy loses to characters that can keep her out and grapplers. Falke, despite not being very good, was a solid counter to Cammy and got some good buffs. Menat received a slap on the wrist and will still be a problem.

Dhalsim is ignored but I know better. That bastard is tricky as hell. Slides can avoid cannon strikes, anti air jab for any other jump. With all the fireball, teleport and drill shenanigans, I swear I feel like I’m playing Marvel.

Abigail and Birdie are damn near zoners with the range they got on their normals while still being the threat of grapplers. At least with Zangief you can out poke him, but those 2 dominate the ground, stop the air, do stupid damage, and walk you to the corner towards your doom.


I’ve lost over 2000 LP this month. It makes me sick. How did Menat, Guile, Akuma, and Ibuki avoid the nerf bat? This is just straight up bullshit.


You need to adapt to the changes. She can still win. It’s just much harder too. If you can’t get over the fact that she got nerfed play someone else like Birdie. He’ll be a good secondary for Cammy’s bad match ups and you won’t be cursing the screen every time you lose to something you didn’t lose to before because of a nerf.


I’m pretty much just playing Akuma at this point.


Not a bad choice either but he has the same bad matchups as Cammy. I don’t think Akuma can survive the next balance update to be honest.