Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

Or go and play a game were a footsies focused character gets actually rewarded for playing footsies.


It’s not in a tournament (exhibition), but this is first time I’ve seen NL use Cammy since the nerfs and it didn’t look great. Looks like he is forced to take more risks and is heavily relying on the opponent not reacting in time to get the win.

Birdie’s VT2 is just ridiculous. 2 bars, 3 charges, huge damage/stun off each hit and leads into 50/50 follow ups, makes his unsafe specials safe and turns them into frame traps slash 50/50s on block, anti airs for 354 damage with 500 stun for one charge and no meter, and it can hit low from 3/4 screen away. Yet Birdie players still say it sucks. What am I missing here?

Just compare 0:44 vs 1:14. In the first one NL is making a hard read to punish the back dash, otherwise he’s giving up his turn or risking being whiff punished, and gets 236 damage using a VT charge use. In the second Fuudo is hitting a button in a -8 state because it’s stupid hard to punish birdie’s unsafe shit for some reason (FYI Cammy can’t punish this except for CA) and getting rewarded with better than CA damage using no meter and still has a charge left to use that allows him to get back in and frame trap or 50/50 off a normally unsafe bullhead. Imagine if Cammy could do a spiral arrow (blocked) and then do a VTII dash to make it safe. People would lose their shit. Of all the changes made for S4 I have no idea how the changes to Birdie’s VT2 made it through.

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How do you all find the falke match up. I really really hate it.

I hate it as much as the Birdie match up.

I’m not seeing many Falkes honestly. I’ve played one or two and it feels a lot like facing Menat but Falke’s keep out game isn’t as strong imo. What do you find you are having trouble dealing with against her? If you have a replay ID I can check it out.

The Birdie match up is basically played the same as last season. It’s just more predictable and easier to read on your end due to restrictions to Cammy’s pressure game.

The flood of new Zangief player’s is what is killing me right now. You had to play that match up so lame as it was and now with the st mp buff it just makes it that much more annoying to try and keep him out. There’s just so many things you have to look out and space for against him in the neutral. I feel like I’m constantly trying to adjust for this while he is just throwing out st mp, cr lp, armor freely like it doesn’t matter. Cr mp used to be good as buffer against him spamming jab, but now if you throw it out you are going to get whiff punished yourself with the extra recovery frames. St mk was good but now it loses to his st mp with the buff to the hitbox. There’s something about poking and anti airing him 20 times to just get grabbed by some random ex SPD from 25% of the screen away and then lose the next 50/50 guess on wake up that doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting outplayed. I’m having to play footsies and react to him while he just has to make me guess a coin flip. It’s even worse when he has CA as you literally can’t even risk pressuring at that point if you have less than 60% life left.

I think the most annoying thing about fighting Gief and some grapplers in general is you are forced to make a decision in rapid succession where there is no trade option. One of the main complaints about Cammy is that she forced you to have to guess rapidly between the throw, shimmy or frame trap making it difficult for you to react in time. I don’t see how Gief’s meatie cr lp strings into cmd grabs aren’t basically the same thing only better considering you can’t tech a command grab. From my perspective these situations are just as lucrative for Gief as it is for Cammy to do a DP to interrupt a frame trap. The only difference is command grabs aren’t crush counterable on whiff. Also in one I can block and in the other I have to jump or back dash and in general jumping is more unsafe and harder to do then block. The argument would be well it’s easier for Cammy to get in due to her oki, but is armoring a normal or jump into ex SPD really that hard?

Smh… Some Urien player whose claim to fame was beating Xiaohai and overrates Cammy said that Cammy’s 4th frame is the one that anti airs… despite the fact that it’s the 5th frame that does. And that it doesn’t matter that it got nerfed because she can cross cut… So i guess everyone who can autocorrect an anti air special should have their anti air normals nerfed.

Powell looked helpless against Fuudos birdie.

Like how I look against my friend’s super diamond birdie. Smh.

lol I always hated playing against Birdie as Cammy.

Full Results

  1. Victrix|Momochi (Zeku, Kolin)
  2. CYG|Fuudo (Birdie, R. Mika)

3. Powell (Bottom of the Barrel; made it to winners finals)

  1. REC|Punk (Karin, Nash)
  2. Yoshimoto|Jyobin (Necalli)
  3. Liquid|Nemo (Urien, Kolin)
  4. UYU|OilKing (Rashid)
  5. Crusher (Birdie)
  6. YG|Machabo (Necalli)
    UYU|NL (Akuma)
    Pugera (Ibuki, Balrog)

9. Mago (Bottom of the Barrel)

I guess Powell didn’t watch the exhibition match against Fuudo (birdie) vs NL (Cammy) earlier this year. Cammy can’t punish Birdie’s VTII activation off first block of EX bullhead with anything except CA even though it’s -8 due to spacing. If she does anything Birdie gets like 600 damage into a 50/50 follow up to stun which Fuudo landed in that match. You could see on Powell’s face how annoyed he was after that.

I fucking hate Birdie. The amount of bullshit he gets away with is sickening. And people who main him downplay so hard. I remember when his sweep was made more punishable and they cried like he was Dan tier.

They did cry about that sweep that’s still pretty good.

What does Bottom of the Barrel mean here? Are you saying Cammy is bottom of the barrel now with the nerfs?

He is saying Cammy and Mago are the bottom of the barrel as in they are both an accumulation of concentrated trash that can’t make Top 3 or win an event. If you aren’t in Grand Finals then you and your character are irrelevant. Mago hasn’t performed great since CVS2 so he can no longer perform well since Cammy has been dethrone from her fluff capabilities.

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Well TBF Winners Finals automatically qualifies you for 3rd place, but if you’re not first you’re last any way.

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So if any Cammy makes it to top 8 there are still calls to nerf her but Karin gets stupidly buffed and all of a sudden Punk is the best player fucking ever? This community is fucked.

Demon you have to let it go man and just adapt. If you feel she’s just too busted now with the nerfs play someone else. Karin is better than Cammy this season for sure, but there is something Punk has with Karin that no one else does and you cannot deny that. I think even if they reverted the buffs Karin got this season he still would be winning with her.

I’m not trying to take away from Punk, but KBrad started winning all of a sudden after massive buffs, then I would be saying the same thing about Cammy.

I’m just annoyed about the hypocrisy from players when it comes to Cammy, overvaluing her buffs while completely ignoring her nerfs. You got people still crying about throw loops when Cammy was one of the few that didn’t even have one. They are still crying about but ignore Balrog and Birdie. People complain about tick throws but ignore Karin who retains her BS and got buffed on top of it.

All I’m asking for is some consistency when it comes to balance. Our arrow doesn’t even hit low but Balrog gets a dash low that can be made safe without meter? We have the most linear character besides Guile and our gameplan is still the same rock paper scissors of hit, throw, or shimmy, that everybody else has or is done better by others.

I don’t want to be “that guy”, but you guys are funny if you think Cammy has it bad.

She ain’t even close to being bad.

The fact that she got nerfs while others barely got touched ( if at all ) sucks,but she is incredibly solid.I think you don’t know what struggle is.

I mean they had to nerf her, so Akuma and Rashid had less concurence running around like nothing ever happend. :man_shrugging: