Cammy "glitch"?

Hey yall,
I found something odd with cammy in t mode. Normally c-hit 2jab combos into HP. I set the cammy dummy to block all and 2jab after block which is 3f startup. The HP will combo if you do this at closest distance from dummy ALSO NOT IN THE CORNER:

LK, 2JAB, 2JAB, 2MP, 2HP, IA light divekick (+1), 2JAB (c-hit) x HP

But if you remove 2HP, the divekick is still +1 and the 2jab still c-hits but the hp is blocked. Is this supposed to happen? You should be closer if you remove the 2HP so in theory you should not be too far away…

EDIT: actually now that I think about it 2HP karas so the knockback may be negative, leaving you closer, that might be why

Let me know if you do land this, i can nail it every time by including the 2HP for spacing but if i remove it from the string i can never get it to connect. ALSO FYI IT DOES WORK IN THE CORNER WITHOUT THE 2HP, i nail it everytime in the corner

Also please note that when I say +1 it may actually be even more plus, not 100% sure

crHP does leaves you closer to the opponent indeed.

Its not a bug btw.
crLP on counter hit is +6 and stHP has 6f of startup with 2 active frames. The tricky part is that the second active frame of the fierce has much more range than the first, so whats happening here is that on the 6th frame after the crLP your fierce’s 1st active frame doesn’t reach the opponent, but the second does… and the second happens on frame 7, which by then your opponent already recovered from the jab.

Hmm if it hits meaty can you get a new frame trap off it then? Its max range so i imagine the only possibility is 2MK, a hooligan cancel might be good here too after HP