Cammy Guardbreaks?

Do you guys know any guardbreaks for Cammy? It seems rather difficult for her since all her specials are non-projectile and she recovers too slowly to actually guardbreak someone.

Well ya it is pretty godamn tough to do a guardbreak with her unless you have like a psy aa assist or something, usually if u jump forward with a fierce right when the opponents come out and then d+fierce or s.roundhouse you can sometimes get them. But heres another way, sj.fierce, QCB+K (cannon strike hits opp.) fierce grab, throw towards wall(if they dont tech out)before opp. hits ground, c.jab, c.jab. back roundhouse, tigerknee motion cannondrill, then infinite :wow: or you can just finish off with a regular air combo, up to you to do anything you want after the throw :badboy:

^lol. I just wrote that in an older thread I was reading. Few things new under the sun. :slight_smile: