Cammy Guide (K, C grooves)

Hi! Now I write stuff about Cammy. ok

Here’s the outline and then I’ll take billions of years to fill it all in.

  1. Overview

  2. Scrub Cammy Play

  3. Normals

  4. Specials/Supers

  5. General strategy
    5a. Zoning/footsies
    5b. Mixups
    5c. Air/ground game
    5d. Basic combos

  6. Specific vs. match-ups
    6a. Blanka
    6b. Sagat
    6c. Sakura
    6d. Bison
    6e. Cammy


Cammy is probably the scrubbiest top tier character. She has superb normals with no recovery, easy pressure strings, easier combos, the easiest super combo in the game, air throws, and a crappy roll.

Use Cammy if:

  • You want to win
  • You want to win without using much effort
  • You want to win without using much effort and can’t do repeated DP CCs
  • You want to piss other people off

Cammy can play zoning and rushdown equally well. Her weaknesses are that she can’t take much damage (and therefore shouldn’t trade much, unlike Sagat or Blanka) and her normal jump is one of the slower ones in the game. Oh and she has a bad roll.

Scrub Cammy play

First off, if you want to be good with Cammy, it helps knowing how scrub Cammy is played. This serves two purposes: it acquaints you with some of her useful moves, and it shows you what to look out for and how to vary your patterns.

Here’s the Scrub Cammy Pressure String (SCPS for short):

(optional crossup lk), close hp, low mk -> lk spiral arrow, lk cannon spike, lk cannon spike… repeat

If you’re playing against losers and want them off the machine as quickly as possible, you can just do this thing every round and probably OCV them. So it helps to learn this to save yourself time and energy.

Why does this work? Let’s go through each move in turn and see where the vulnerabilities are.

Firstly, the crossup lk. Cammy’s jump lk has ungodly priority and stays out forever (more in the ‘normals’ section). After crossup then the close hp hits. This is bar none the best normal in the game, and there’s no gap between this and the low mk.

The low mk -> lk spiral arrow is something you will be using occasionally because it’s not entirely safe. For the moment, though, observe what happens here because this is representative of Cammy. There is a tiny gap between these moves where you can DP her out of it, however, most people will either block or mess up their timing on it. Then the two cannon spikes at the end punish any attempted retaliation.

Cammy has a lot of these strings which don’t combo but only have a small amount of ‘empty’ time in between. (an example is close hp, far hp, far hk) Against good players, you won’t be able to use these much because they will be punished almost every time.

Anyway, that’s how the scrub Cammy is played. It’s not a bad template at all. The following sections will show you how to improve upon this template and turn Cammy into a cheap annoying character whom your opponents will fear even more than Blanka!


Cammy has the best set of normals in the game. Let’s begin!

Cammy has two ground throws and two air throws. For both, the kick throw leaves you in a better position after the throw.

After a punch throw on a ground, you do not recover from the throw in time to punish a safe fall. After a kick throw on the ground, you can run/dash and do a roundhouse kick. We prefer to use the kick throw for this reason. If you’re lazy though you will sometimes still get the punch throw when you’re going for an ambiguous close fierce/throw thing. In this case, just run/dash up and continue the pressure as you would normally.

Cammy’s air throws are roughly equivalent in usage but the kick throw is better because if you miss, you get jump roundhouse which is a better overall attack than jump fierce. Not much else to say about this move.


Cammy has good punches. For convenience, LP = jab, MP = strong, and HP = fierce.

Jumping: The only jump punch you’ll occasionally be using is the fierce punch. It stays out longer than a normal heavy attack will stay out and also has the same motion as a punch throw. It’s your most damage jump attack as well so you can use this to punish dizzied opponents.

Good when used on a hop because you maintain frame advantage afterwards, and you can combo to L3 super on reaction if it hits.

Crouching: crouching MP is an insanely good move. It’s used in her bread and butter combo (cr mp, cr mk -> spiral arrow) and it gives you much frame advantage afterwards. In a run groove you can do repeated run cr MP to do some guard crushing. It comes out fast, too. It stuffs many things in a similar way to Sagat or Ryu’s cr MP moves.

Crouch HP is a mediocre anti-air and is super cancellable. I don’t use this move much at all but some people seem to like it. Can’t recommend it as Cammy has other normals which are better.

Standing (close): Cammy’s close LP can be used to set up the standard whiff throws (e.g. crossup LK, st LP, throw or cr LK, st LP throw). No use otherwise.

Close MP is an uppercut move. Can hit crossups but if on the ground, don’t use it as it leaves you at frame disadvantage. I prefer close HK for anti-crossup purposes, so I never use this.

Close HP is Cammy’s best normal move bar none. This is a punch that gives you three gazilliona frames. You can do anything after this move.

Basically this is your standard in-close game to stuff whatever they want to do with the huge threat potential the punch has. Then after you have them whimpering and cowering before your close HP you can do the other mixups.

Standing (far): Only useful one is far HP. The first part does 1000 damage and is cancellable, the tip of the punch does 1100 and isn’t. Another move with insanely high priority. Do this in preference to st roundhouse if you’re at that range, because it gives you lots more frame advantage. Also, you can do the level 3 link with this move as you could with your close HP. Scary! Stuffs jumps that are starting more often, too. Highly recommended.


Cammy has good kicks. Maybe those boots are special high-priority boots or something.

Jumping: Jump LK is a good move. You want to do this almost always when you jump. It will stuff absolutley everything for air-air and outprioritizes an insane amount of things on the ground.

It also crosses up. The tip of the boot has the most priority but the whole leg has great priority. Just do it a lot. A great move for hops/small jumps, too.

Jump HK is good air-air that is more damaging than jump LK. It also shares the motion with kick throw. So if you’re sure they will jump, do this move instead for the extra damage.

Crouching: crouch LK is like every other cr LK in the game. Three of these will combo into super. A useful combo to practice to add extra sting to your Cammy.

Crouch MK is another great poke that hits low and reaches far and is cancellable. This is another move that makes up the basis of Cammy’s poke game. Many people can’t do much against this move and the companion st MK. You recover in time to punish rolls, so against those people just do this all you want. Not sure about the frame advantage but it’s somewhere around even, I think.

Crouch HK is a sweep. Boring

Standing (close): close HK is a double-boot to the sky. Good against some crossups. Also if you’re against an annoying C groove back-jump in corner type of player, dash/run in and do this and it’ll kick them every time.

Standing (far): st MK is another insanely prioritized kick move. It comes out really quickly and retracts quickly. Have no hesitation in throwing out millions of these as it’s safe if blocked/rolled. Stuffs jumps that are coming out, too, because of the angle. No one can duck this move.

St HK is another of Cammy’s insanely good normals. Use in the same way you’d use Sagat’s cr HP. However, in addition, it also seems to be a good anti-air in the vein of Vega’s cr HP, let them land on your boot. Many characters (e.g. Sagat) have no jump attack that will hit Cammy at some jump angles.

Also super-cancellable. If you have fast fingers, you can train yourself to cancel into super after you see whether it hits or not. Also links from a close HP.

Can be punished if rolled. However, don’t let that discourage you from throwing out this kick as much as you want because it controls space superbly.

cammy’s fp throw has HELLA range man…screw punishing safe falls…thats like using dahlsim’s kick throw instead of noogie…

That’s good stuff, Burghy. Keep it comin’. Thanks.

  • Archer


Luckily, this section will be short because Cammy only has two super moves and two special moves.


Cannon spike - dp+K

This move is useful. You should use it a lot.

All versions have similar priority but the dp+LK version is safer than the others and the difference between moves is only 100 damage points. Unfortunately the dp+LK can sometimes be punished after a successful air JD, it depends on if the other guy has a far-reaching horizontal move.

Wait until as late as possible to kick them out of the air, otherwise you’ll trade and/or get the crappy damage part of the move.

Doesn’t work too well against Sagat’s jump HK but I’ll explain how to own Mr. Sagat in the vs section. Against almost all other characters this is your basic anti-air.

You can also use for punishing pokes. If you’re playing against a scrub, usually they will be too slow when punishing this move and you can hit them with another one afterwards. Ahahaha! How scrubby. Anyway think of this as punishable (because it is, if your opponent knows what he’s doing) and don’t stick it out at random.

Siu a.k.a cannon strike (qcb+K in air)

This move is great because it changes your jump arc and has high priority. Does 800 damage or so. It has piteously little stun time whether hit or blocked so if you hit their head with it expect to get DPed. If you hit their foot, you can combo from it.

When I’m not paying attention or playing scrubs, I like to do a cannon strik that hits their chest and then do dp+K immediately to catch their mis-timed retaliation! Ha ha! I’m so skilled. Anyway, I don’t recommend doing that.

However, a blocked foot-kicking cannon strike is something you will like because it gets you into Cammy’s optimal range. You should try to do this. Also an elementary mix-up is foot-kick cannon strike to close HP, or whiffed cannon strike to punch throw. The different strenghts vary the angle so you can go nuts with this when you know Cammy sufficiently well.

Spio Aro (qcf+K)

This move should only be used in combos or very, very rarely you can do a max range cr MK -> qcf+LK. Not recommended though. Never stick this move out on its own, it’s a sign of desperation.

Also some crazy people have been saying you can RC this and use it as an anti-air. More power to you if you do that, but with non-RC spiral arrow being a poor anti-air and Cammy’s roll being so vulnerable, I’d say you must have at least 80-90% RC consistency before you try this.

Rolling thing (db, qcf, uf + P)

Never use this.

Hop punch (hcb+P)

Never use this. No, seriously. It’s safe if blocked and you can tag on a super in the corner if it hits. But if you can get this thing to hit, this means that you’re playing some loser scrub. Therefore, you could win without any effort at all just doing the scrub technique I mentioned above.


Spin Dive Smasher (qcfx2+K)

Never use at level 1.

You can combo this from a billion things, and you should use it only in combos. I see I have a basic combos section later, so it can wait until then!

Ok an exception to comboing from basic things is an absolutely guaranteed hit. For example if Ryu does cr MK -> hadoken you kick his ass between the hits. But generally, save it for combos because having meter makes Cammy scary.

For your interest, here’s a partial list of things Cammy can punish with a L3 spin dive smasher:

Hibiki any qcf+P, hit or blocked
M. Bison L3 kicky super
E. Honda headbutt blocked on ground
Yamazaki snake arm at any range, hit or blocked
Ryu hurricane kick super (the other super punishes too so just spaz in one direction)
Vega cr. MP/cr. HP
Shoto cr HK, Geese cr HK
Blanka direct lightning super, any level
Eagle hcf+K, any strength

In K groove you can run your fingers over all three kick buttons to get more kick inputs and more likelihood of reversal timing.

If you’re in K groove, don’t worry about your meter running out and having to spaz your super. You should aim to guard crush and then combo into super, instead of being like some hyper monkey eating billions of scissors. (Ow! These scissors make my monkey throat hurt!)

Targeto Brulee (qcbx2+K)

The real name is Reverse Shaft Breaker, which sounds thoroughly disgusting so I won’t use it.

Use this move only if they are horrendously predictable with their jumping, and only at level 3. Otherwise, stick with the other super.

Misc: against really tall characters such as Sagat, a level 1 blocked targeto brulee is mostly safe (in the same way as Ryu’s hurricane kick super). Since this isn’t an S groove guide this info is useless to you.

I disagree about this…you shouldn’t use this move all the time, but there are chances to catch people off guard, since you can throw from it.

What i do sometimes after knock down is other than the close fp, far fp, hk block string, is to go close fp, far fp xx rolling thing with fp…and depending on how your opponents reacts…

a) they where expecting rh, so they block, then you throw them
b) if they look like they going to try and retaliate, switch it to the dive kick, then continue with block strings
c) do nothing if you did the lp version and land for a safe trip (though this doesn’t happen very often)

you can also mix up the distance with different punchs, with lp version being easy to dive kick right in front of them for more pressure/throw

This move you can probrably catch your opponent off guard a couple of times in the match

edit: you got alot of good stuff here, thanks!

Tonight I traded a close st hp with something from Ken(not sure what move), and was still able to combo into super. I don’t know if this is common knowledge or works every time but i haven’t seen it before so I thought I’d mention that. Also her TK punch move is far from useless and against certain people cannon drill should be abused.

BBQ, it depends on what you trade WITH, if you recover from hit stun before your opponent does. that is, if the FP gives more hit stun then whatever you traded with then you may be able to combo a super, because you finish reeling from their hit but theyre still in hit stun so you can hit them again. so it probably isn’t “consistent” unless youre up against some idiot who does only 1 move all game.

Yeah I know that but I can’t think of many moves with longer hit stun than Cammy’s st hp, and since the super comes out so fast it seems like it would work more often than not. However, since her hp has so much priority it doesn’t seem to trade with too many things.

but wait everyone is forgetting reverse spin punchy move goes through fireballs (i find useful VS shotos and Guile)!!! and has slight invincibility on start up!! WTF never use Hooligan combo??? that’s the most retarded thing i’ve ever heard. i’ve never seen a great or good cammy that doesnt use it. It’s insanely good for mix ups. St fp cr mkXX fierce hooligan combo can grab, or cancel into dive kick which hits foot then leads more pressure or combo. Also after comboed or hit spiral arrow fierce hooligan combo after you recover, and it grabs all attempted safe falls and you can cancel into cannon strike and it crosses up tactical recoveries or normal recovery. AMAZING. i see that in your sig you use c cammy. Combo into lvl2 spin drive samsher wiff cannon strike cancel DEEP st fpXXfierce hooligan combo. They get hit the frame they come out of hit stun for extra damage. Along with her corpse hops her hooligan combo is big part of mixup game. Peace.

K-Cammy: Power of d.MP

You all know how Chun-li is considered a top character because of her whiff punishing ability right? All Chun has to do it stay just outside the range of the opponent’s most likely to be used poke. If the opponent whiffs, Chun presses s.MP and counter hits the opponents limb as they bring it back. Chun gets like +9 and has plenty of time to cancel into her kick super before the opponent’s hit stun wears off. Cammy has the same ability. Only her’s gives you an even bigger window to attack and, if you’re in K-groove, a whole lot scarier.

Pick computer Ryu. Have him do repeated d.MK’s and set him to "All Guard " as well. Now with K-Cammy, stand just outside the range of Ryu’s attack. After Ryu’s kick comes out and whiffs, press d.MP with Cammy. Notice you just hit Ryu’s limb from like half screen away? Also note that since you just scored a counter hit, Cammy is now at like +12 or something ridiculous like that. Plenty of time to LINK an instant level 3 afterwards. A Chun player has to CANCEL into her super on the last frames when they do this with s.MP. The Cammy player on the other hand, can punish the whiffed limb, take a ten minute horse porn break, then come back and do the level 3 for it to all combo.

d.MP is for punishing those low and mid pokes (Chun-li’s ahem…), s.HP and s.HK for everything else. With s.HP you can link the super. With s.HK, you have to use it like Chun’s s.MP.

Conclusion? Practice your Cammy jiggling! Everytime I press d.MP, low jump HK, s.HP, far s.HP. or s.HK I’m always buffering in a qcf, qcf motion now. If I see my attack connect, all I have to do is double tap HK and I’ll link (or cancel in s.HK 's case) a free raged super everytime. Cammy gets MAJOR frames on every counter hit. There’s no reason for a player not to link the level three afterwards everytime it’s so freakin easy. Cammy is the true scrub character… :lol: :lol:

Indeed totally scrubby.

Replies have been noted and valid contributions will be included in revision after the guide has been completed along with proper credit. Thank you.

I’ve been playing Cammy for like 3 days now. Or whenever Burghy started this thread… I forget. Anyway, here’s some more stuff I found.

Useful Combos:

These were all practiced and used in versus with K-groove if it matters…

d.MP, far s.HP, link level 3
No point ever canceling the far s.HP. Linking the super afterwards does just as much damage without the risk of not knowing whether your moves are hitting or not. Linking after the d.MP is fast. 2x tap your buttons

d.LP, close s.HP, link level 3
Same idea as the first combo. Jab comes out quicker than a strong punch, so at certain times this is the better option up close. Linking after the d.LP is normal speed.

far s.HK xx level 3
Always buffer in a qcf, qcf motion anytime you press this button. If you get a counter hit, you have plenty of time to react and cancel into super that way. It’s even easier than Chun’s. If you’re a decent Cammy player, there’s not reason you should ever mess this up.

close s.HP, far s.HK xx level 3
Simply an exercise in linking after a close s.HP. Link timing is slow. 2x tap this for sure.

d.MP, d.MP xx qcf+K
I like this better as a bnb combo than the d.MK one actually. d.MK and d.MP both do the same damage. d.MK hits low, but nevertheless, I still like d.MP better. d.MP give you much longer time to react to see whether your attacks are hitting or not, and as a result, whether or not to finish your combo. With the same idea in mind, if the opponent blocks, I would much rather be making him block d.MP, d.MP than d.MP, d.MK. d.MP gives you like +6, letting you do whatever you want afterwards. d.MK leaves you at even frames. See the math? d.MP is better in my opinion.

d.LK, d.LP, d.MK xx level 3
Hey, I’m cool like Ryu.

close s.HP, far s.MP
This is good against the big guys. You’re left at even frames, whereas s.HK would leave you at negative something.

Great stuff, it’s nice to see that people are playing Cammy again, no matter how scrubby she is. I just added Cammy to my K team and have a few questions.

  • My current K team is Honda, Geese 2, Cammy. Should Cammy get the r2 instead of Geese?

-I have seen and heard alot about Cannon Strike(the dive kick)xxL3 Reverse Shaft Breaker as a safe block string. Obviously I wouldn’t abuse it since it uses a L3, but for chip or GC damage. Is it that safe?


Thats the worst block string I’ve ever heard…

Saying you should combo Cammy’s S.Roundhouse XX Super everytime it hits on reaction is essentially saying you should combo every poke in the game into super everytime…it’s definetly not a slow cancel…

just use it like Sagat’s S Fierce.
Stay just outside Cammy’s S.Roundhouse range. Press roundhouse XX QCFx2 + Roundhouse…if they don’t move forward you wiff a roundhouse(super won’t come out because you can’t cancel a wiffed move) if they walk into the roundhouse or press a button they aren’t blocking and will get hit(unless the S.roundhouse loses to a the poke…which never happens) by the roundhouse XX super.

unfortunately, like Sagat’s S Fierce, if they jump they get hit by the roundhouse and you miss the super…so you have to learn how to see them jumping before the roundhouse hits…

**so another thing you should always be doing when attempting S.Roundhouse xx super is watch what your opponent is doing as your roundhouse is coming out, which allows you to react better

Dude do you mean me or kcxj? Because I didn’t say anything about a s.HK.

Did you even read what KCXJ said? Just do empty qcfx2 every time you hit the fierce kick button and if it hits and they don’t block, super. EVERY other normal doesnt have the range cammys st RH chun lis st mp and sagat fierce has! Thats why this is very effective. And top decent players use this as a large advantage. I don’t think I EVER saw INO miss a chun li st mp or cammy st RH into super EVEN ON AMERICAN STICKS!. I find it easier to do the motion actually if your walking backwards as well. So zone your opponent by walking out of their range and then throwing out the attackxx super. I find this works very well and the motion is easier to do.