Cammy in Bison clothes


Psycho Power Cammy!

Did this in about an hour so I’m not 100% that happy with it. The cape in here hand pissed my off so I just threw it together real quick, but otherwise it should be ok.


she looks a bit manly.:lol: but it’s still very nice.
good job.:cool:


looks pretty good. i like the coloring.

i think her head maybe be a bit big tho. also her shoulder pads aren’t in proper perspective, we should be able to see inside of them. and her hand could use a bit of work, the thumb seems off.

other than that nice work.



Her neck is as big as her waste. You definately need to crack open an anatomy book… jeez… her head is huge even by anime standards… no wonder her neck is soo thick. I agree that she looks way too manly to be cammy… try using mor curves when drawing females. There should be very little sharpe edges in her body. But christ!!! here head is friggin’ HUGE!!!


This is creative talent, the head seems to be alot bigger than the body.

This is one picture to be proud of, the creative style of art is nicely well done, good job!


I’ll admit I only draw females a tenth as much as I do guys, so that might explain her big headed manliness.