Cammy in the air (amazing)

I agree cammy can be a little boring on the ground (but very effective). Cammy starts to become fun when u start utilizing her air moves. Down back to up forward is great for mind games. I play some really great players and very few are able to get away from my air game. The beauty comes from the fact that u can cancel her air grab into a down kick and follow up with dp or a HP, HK or better yet a grab (always pisses people off). I persoanlly usually do the long HP air grab as soon as people are getting up from a fall or at more unexpected times. She gets real tricky when u get comfortable enough distance wise to not do a grap or a diving kick. Just let her w.p air move run its course at the right distance and most people try to counter as if it were a HP air grab. The WP version stops real short and slips along the ground with quick recovery.

Whatever i dunno if that made sense to anyone but what im trying to say is that her air moves used properly are alot a fun effective and cool to watch.

I consider myself to be a solid cammy (shes in my top team). The only move of hers Ive yet to utilize is her half cirlce back Punch move. Ill do it for fun sometimes but have yet to do anything cool with it.
Any suggestions?

yea i always press p too soon to grab them while doing that rolling thingy move, but hcb+p has absolutely no use, whatsoever

press forward punch, it has great priority and even graps opponents out of the air.