Cammy is the [BLEEP] character in AE



Cammy is the best character in AE by a clear mile, and Yun’s worst matchup.

I’m not going to say any more despite biting my nails wanting to. I want to be selfish with this knowledge and withhold it, in case I can get to make a name for myself with it.

All I’ll say is–don’t do what I nearly did and not buy AE. If you prefer the balance in super, keep playing it until you see the truth. There is a clear top tier in all versions of the game but they’re not occupied by the characters you’d ever guess to be at the top.

When someone busts the lid open on this, be it me or someone else, things are going to be seen very differently and the game will have a new burst of life, months or years down the line.


I broke cammy to…its just…I don’t want to tell you how because then you’ll know.



I did.


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My guess: caruga just CQC’d a divekick and felt like a true champ

(…but seriously, a hint would be nice)


You’ve got it. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you did, i think your just looking for a little attention. Prove me wrong please?


Why would I prove you wrong when my express intention is not to do that?

On the one hand I’m tempted to throw you all off by admitting to trolling, but look at it this way: given that until recently my posting history demonstrated that I wanted AE to be CAPCOM’s biggest flop, that either means that I spend my whole time being completely disingenuous, or that I at least think that what I’m saying is true.

I think you should all switch to Yun. He won’t be as stupidly good as you think in the end, he plays a lot like we all wanted Cammy to since vanilla, and he has a dress attire that I’d go gay for (no homo). It’s the reason he is in the game.


Looking for attention. Gotcha.


If you really did find something new, just come out with it so we can discuss it and why it is/isn’t being used. If it’s already out there then it’s not as good as you think since it would be seeing some kind of results so far in AE.

I mean, discussing strats and findings is what this forum is here for, yeah?


dont make a thread to brag about some shit you know that wont share.